Monday, October 5, 2009

Pluto - Saturn cycles and oil/ market crises or a nuclear /Middle East crises

A Pluto/Saturn, which occurs this autumn, is a heavy time and a significant turning point (last time was 2001, backwards was 1991, 1982, 1974, 1966, 1956, 1947, 1939, 1931, 1922, 1914).
It frequently correlates with wars with Israel (1948, 1956, 1967, 1973) and crises in the Middle East, nuclear tensions (1956, 1973, 1982, 2000) or large wars (1939, 1914) or severe recessions (1982, 1973, 1947, 1939, 1931, 1922), so naturally, I predict that these could happen again.

If you check history, all these years include important socio-economic changes! Respectively:

1914- world war I begins
1922- severe recession post-war
1931- the economic depression become worse
1939- start of world war II, recession again
1947- the end of world war and Roswell, Israel claims independency and 1948-Arab-Israeli war
1956- Suez crises, oil embargo, China-Taiwan tension
1966- the sixties agitation start, Arab-Israeli Six-day war
1974- Yom Kippur War, a oil embargo and crises, nuclear tension US-Russia
1982- cold war tension between US-Russia, Israel attack Iraqui nuclear facilities, US recession, Iran-Iraq war, Soviet-Afghan war
1991- Sovietic fall, end of cold war!
2001- 911 terrorist attacks, India-Pakistan nuclear tensions
2009/2010- Next Pluto/Saturn square. Possible new Middle East/ nuclear/oil crises.

Think of Pluto/Saturn like a house of cards collapsing. Well, it depends on the alignment. At the least it causes a little bit of collapse, wars and recession. At the largest, if aspected by other outer planets or in critical degrees, it causes a full blown collapse. In late 2009 and 2010, as Pluto/Saturn square Uranus in a cardinal holy cross, the effect promises to be largescale, a full blown.

Its effects starts now, and extends into late 2011. It is usually a well-defined event or crisis. Pluto/Saturn shatter the collective foundations, it can be a heavy tension or a clear blast. In Capricorn the effects are global (corporations, money, banks, governments). Libra gives a need for diplomacy, arrangements, compromises, the global relationships. Nearly always, this aspect has clear implications to the worldwide economy, and strangely, connected to oil and the Middle East.

There is also relationship between Pluto/Saturn aspects and the secrecy behind alien contacts and disclosure (1947, 1954, 1980). Perhaps the first steps leading to a full disclosure somewhere in the next decades.

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