Friday, November 20, 2009

Revisiting Revolutions - The fall of Jerusalem Wall ? Peace between Jews and Arabs

Uranus meets Saturn and Pluto

Whenever Uranus meets Saturn or these with Pluto, a struggle between opression and freedom comes to the mainstream news.In 1989, 1968, 1945, 1848, the years that saw so much revolutionary waves, were years of aspects beween Uranus with Saturn or Pluto, just like now.

2010 could be well another "year of revolutions"

Where is the revolution or uprising likely to occur?
  • Fall of Jerusalem Wall; identically to the Berlin's Wall; Liberation of Palestinian people
  • Internal revolution in Iran; the religious-driven regime fails; democracy approaches the ones from the Western world
  • Uprisings follow in Turkey and in other Arabic regimes like Egypt (liberation of women, akin to the sixties in the western world; the power of religion decreases)
  • Peace is gradually established between Jews and Arabs, like it happened in Europe after WWII or in Ireland.
  • Internal uprising in Cuba and North Korea: chinese-like transitions
  • Liberation of Tibet!
  • Unrest in US, confronting the repressing authorities, against the power of banks, secrecy, corporations, and the military-industrial complex; unity of US could be challenged
  • Unrest in EU, against the burocratical self-imposing European Government, or within the etnical conflicts in Europe (Islam revolts against being a minority; later Europe becomes a mixed etnical union of states, similar to the US)
  • Uprisings in Indonesia, in Burma, and in Australia (Aborigenal rights)
  • Independence issues in Quebec, Basque region, and South Ossetia, or even in new regions in unexpected places (e.g. within Belgium, Italy, etc)
  • Revolutions, treaties and prosperity coming in several African nations


BB said...

This is not the wall that needs to come down and Israel does not want "Peace" with anyone. When are people going to stop believing propaganda and see things for what they truly are?

segurelha said...

What is for you the truth?

I have known people from both Palestine and from Israel, and they are in favour of peace and deal well with each other!! However there is also much tension between the two cultures, both at the governmental and people's level. The Cannes' movie Divine Intervention shows well what happens daily in both Israel and Palestine.

My post only reflects that the desire for a revolution becomes bigger when there is Uranus aspects another outer planet. The desire for the self-determination of a culture is necessary (Uranus) as it is the desire for security and safety (Saturn). This must be recognized by both parts.

accurate psychic readings said...

The fall of the Jerusalem wall would be another great mark in the history of human kind. What a great article.