Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saturn and Pluto square: unified Europe, energy and nuclear crises, discovery at CERN

Saturn and Pluto were in square in 1907, 1922, 1939, 1956 and 1993. Now they form again a square. As you can read below, squares coincide with major events or crises, normally envolving war, but also related to energy crises, oil crises, nuclear crises, and economic treaties.

What we could predict for this square, is probably a new and major nuclear crises and/or in the Middle East, which calls us to our attention the problem in North Korea, Iran and Israel. Hopefully the crises could result in revolutions in those countries or in new world peace treaties. Saturn in Libra is very favourable to that direction.
The consequences for the oil and world economy could once again become dramatic. The oil crises would show how much problematic oil is, because is a ending resource. And the Middle East as a critical world point urgently needs stability.

Another major event is the start of the Big Bang CERN experiment. 2010 could be well have some important changes in terms of the world use of energy. A very decisive year. The association with the climatic changes, the sustainability of our energy needs, and the threat for global stability will be in great focus. Eventually, a new energy source may be announced. The whole issue will continue to grow during the next decade, until the Saturn reaches Capricorn and conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter in 2020.

Finally, the new EU presidency treaty, is probably the first step towards a unified Europe, and to world government. This is, itself, a major international treaty, another Saturn in Libra manifestation.

If the pattern does not fail, then the major events will happen around January 2010 and September 2010 (shortly after the exact aspect).
  • April 1907 and early 1908: Bank panic of 1907, Austria-Hungary Empire annexes Bosnia (first events leading to WWI)
  • October 1922: Hyperinflation in Germany, rise of Fascism in Italy (which would lead to WWII)
  • 1939 and 1940: start of WWII
  • September 1956: Suez Crises (major cold war crises)
  • September 1973 and June 1974: Oil crises and Middle East war (another major crises)
  • March 1993 and early 1994: EU single market starts, Iraq crises, Internet is born in CERN, North Korea leaves nuclear non-proliferation treaty, US and Russia sign treaties to end the nuclear threat
  • November 2009 and August 2010: Major crises in Middle East (Iran) and North Korea, new nuclear peace treaties, EU treaty (first EU president), Big Bang experiment starts in CERN (which will probably result in important discovery), Palestine becomes an independent state (or see fall of Jerusalem wall).

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