Monday, November 16, 2009

Transits Nodes and Outer planets

The transiting outer planets in aspect to lunar nodes often correlates with important mundane events, in our civilization. Nearly all big events of 20th century have their mark. The accuracy is amazing. For example:
  • Late April 1914: Saturn squares Nodes: about one month later World War I starts.
  • Mid October 1917: Pluto and Nodes: Russian Revolution
  • October 1930 to mid 1931: Grand cross between Nodes, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter: the Great Depression starts
  • Mid September 1939: Grand cross between Saturn/South Node and North Node, Pluto and Mars: World war II starts
  • Late May 1945: Saturn conjunct North Node, and is squared by Mars: Allied powers won the European side during World War II
  • Mid September 1945: Mars conjunct North Node, forms a T-square with Jupiter and Neptune, this is the celebrating mood (Jupiter) and liberation of masses (Neptune) at the very end of World War II (Mars)
  • Mid April 1961: Pluto conjunct North Node, US attempts to invade Cuba but fails: this prompts the next year nuclear crises (Pluto)
  • Mid October 1962: Mars and Saturn are conjuncted with nodes: the efforts, increased tension and restrain (Saturn in South Node) during the Cuban Missile Crises (Mars in North Node)
  • Early May 1968: Saturn conjunct North Node: the protests of May 68 start, in France and also in US.
  • Early 1969: South Node conjunct with Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto: the space run between US and Soviet Union is at its highest: These two years were famous for civil unrest, protests and revolutions, and the hippie movement.
  • Early October 1989: Uranus, Neptune and Saturn in Capricorn are opposed by Jupiter in Cancer and squared by Mars, Sun and Mercury in Libra: a revolutionary wave across East Europe occurs and the Berlin Wall falls. This time, the Nodes were not in aspect.
The next big configurations are at the end of 2010 and at the end of 2014:
  • Early August 2010: The rare and very strong cardinal T-square forms between Saturn and Mars, Uranus and Jupiter and Pluto (and Nodes, assuming a wide orb): this is a tense period, a wave of revolutions and protests is likely.
  • November and December 2010: North Node conjunct Pluto squares Uranus and Jupiter. In mid December, Mars joins the North Node and forms a trio with Pluto. A big event is very likely to occur now: such as outbreak of a big war, a nuclear crises, or an economic event (due to Pluto, Saturn and Mars). There is also energy for social protests and big technological news/events (due to Uranus and Jupiter).
  • August 2013: the Nodes form with most planets a rare spectacular hexagon configuration: this is likely to be a great opportunity, a positive event, something more spiritual than mundane.
  • Early 2015: Between November 2014 and March 2015, a tense square between Uranus and Pluto is joined by Nodes and Mars: this is a very tense and important energy!!

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