Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturn - Pluto :the nasty underground behind our governments

If Saturn opposition to Uranus was marked by the radical departure idealized in Barack Obama election (the one of a black afro-american president), and the tearing force of the global economical recession (should we say, depression), the Saturn square to Pluto is another thing.

The current square between Saturn and Pluto is not only observed by the forcing of vacinations (for a disease that in high likehood had a manmade cause) and the continuation of the high levels of unemployment despite the artificial-induced high of the economy, but this square is also observed in the far-reaching consequences of the current Copenhagen conference, in a fight between many sides, between scientific truth and distortion, between environment protection and the capitalism greed attempt to privatize our atmosphere and the right to pollute, in a concerted effort to exert more control over populations, by means of pollution, economic repression and forced vacinations. Or also worse, a full-move to the dangers of nuclear energy.

And because Uranus is nearly squaring Pluto, again we have the themes from the sixties: environmental worries and grassroot protests versus the "powers that be" and the economic corporations, and also in the islamic quest for more rights versus intolerance.

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