Friday, January 22, 2010

Personal transits. 2- Saturn through each house

Saturn last only two and a half years, but they seem to last longer. Saturn tests our personal structures, commitments and goals.

Despite the pain, Saturn is a great teacher.

I include my own experiences and at which time they did occur.

10 Early 1984
I had this many years ago, I had confrontations in school and with my father. Saturn transiting the tenth refers to a climax in our focus in career and social goals. This can be a time of career restructuration, solidification or promotion, with many demands in our work and pratical life. Great responsability can come through a job or parental role.
11 Mid1986
I developed new long term ideals and hobbies at this time. It was a time of little social life and much introspective and individual living. This transit relates to the manifestation of long-term goals and creation of new hopes for the future.
12 Mid 1989
This was one of most difficult periods in my life. This is supposed to be a emotional heavier period, like all other transits of Saturn through water houses (4/8/12). But the degree of difficult, I think it depends a lot on fate, on what your soul has chosen. I had plenty of health and relationship complications at this time and it also deepen my compassive nature. Saturn transiting the twelfth means the end of a 28 year cycle, it's a time of retirement, of less social contact and much more introspection. We review our lives, as many of our structures are ending their time, making space for a new life structure as Saturn enters the first house.
1 Mid 1992
It was a little bit like new slow beginnings for me. A new place of living, new occupation, new friends and social contacts. And gradually a new way of being. But don't expect to be too extrovert at this time, you are testing your self-expression nature. I developed new interests at this time. Saturn transiting the first is a major period of change in our lives. We feel quite unsatisfied and wishing to create brand new interests and a brand new path for our life.
2 Mid 1994
Nothing special. A time of more effort in the working situation. I was confronting more the values of my relationships and intimacy. This can be a time of sorting out what we value in life. Life probably demands financial sacrifices as we make efforts to manifest the vision we created under the first house transit.
3 Mid 1997
A hard time of study, with a heavy toll in my mind! Much intellectual effort but also potential for much success. Inhibited (spoken) communication. I also had some depression at this time, because of not going deeper in my mind (I was not spiritually aware). This transit relates to education challenges, social contact and new activities, that demand effort from us.
4 July 1999 - August 2000 - May 2002
A very emotional and depressive time. Saturn is a test, and this is a test to your core identity. Although this was a difficult and heavy period, I have to thank this transit for rediscovering my essence. Moved into another city, new life (1999). A personal and difficult inner change; a core new being is established (2000). My spiritual awakening (2001). I had a great social time at this time because Uranus was also transiting my first house. This transit of Saturn is a major one, a period of emotional density, where we feel heavy and slowly create a new identity, and new roots. We may change place of residence or confront family issues. This is a great transit for deep spiritual meditation and self evaluation.
5 August 2001 - June 2003 - June 2004
Overall, this is a lighter transit. It is a natural continuation of the former one. Now, you get out of your shell and express towards the world. Our emotions are better handled. Our shyness and inhibitions too. Romance takes a new effort. But in my case, it was also a source of disappointing (2001, 2003). In two other years, I had very positive relationships (2002, 2004). And a complete new way of self-expression in social circles (2003). I also did theater (2004), a perfect fit for a fifth house transit. This is a transit focusing in how can we express more of ourselves to the outer world, what can make us happy. Probably relationships will be a major focus at this time.
6 October 2003 - July 2005 - August 2006
Working takes a new deeper sense, requiring much effort (2004), for me it was a source of some discontent and sorrow because of heavy requirements (2005-2006). Somewhat exhausting. In my own case, I question whether my job and career was adequate for me; they weren't. But I could not quit my job, so I became frustrated and I had no other alternatives. The good thing was that I start exploring other possibilities. Health discipline (2004), I became vegetarian at this time after frequent colds. This transit can be a demanding time, work demands, we constantly confront what we think it's worth and useful in life, and what is not. This can affect relationship and how we feel about our career. We may wish to establish firm practical steps to change our life.
7 November 2005 - August 2007 - September 2008
Saturn tests the way you approach relationships. Both if you are single or committed. I the transit started with one relationship which did not work (2005), but since I was learning the value of solid compromise and balance, the next year I started a new and serious relationship that is still lasting (2006). The relationship then got firmly established (2007 and 2008). I also confronted a lot my professional situation and goals. Overall, this transit is good for relationships because you don't get rose romantic visions, you get real with what you need, and what the other partner truly is. This Saturn transit is a major one: in all likely, relationships will be a great source of focus, challenge and learning experiences. Our personal, social and career life can also have a major shift at this time.
8 September 2008 - October 2009 - October 2010
In relationships, it marks a continuing deepening of emotional intensity. Some important issues may arise and must be dealt with. You become truly aware of what the others are and need, emotionally speaking. This applies to family, friends or job. In my own case, it was more the financial situation that got a motif of worry (2008). I became unemployed (2009) and I must learn how to be self-sufficient. I became aware of the harsh difficulty of living and sustaining ourselves in our society. This makes a person question life and (slowly) change our way of being. There is much confrontation with personal desires and the limitations of the wishes that do not work (2009); a confrontation with the non-practicality of the personal wishes, desires and motivations. There are some psychological subtle compulsions, and much psychological dealings (2009). You gain personal and relationship strength. Basically this transit challenge us to confront how we make a living with others, both in intimate and professional relationships.
9 October 2010 - September 2013
At this moment (2010), I quit my job, and manifested a major shift in my life. I finally understand I cannot do what I don't want to (under the previous 8th house transit). Because of this, I am applying effort to look for new frontiers, to learn new fields, and try new career possibilities (9th house). I am living abroad already for two years, and I am planning a major move to a different country. This transit is all about looking and establishing new frontiers, as preparation to a restructuration of who we stand in society, and how much responsability we stand for others, to occur when Saturn transits the tenth house.

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Michelle said...

You're right about Saturn in the 12th being one of the more difficult transits. Mine was terrible.

Saturn is in my 1st right now and "slow start" is an understatement, though, it has given me the opportunity to explore old interests in a new way.

segurelha said...

I would say Saturn transits in water houses are difficult. My 4th house transit was a painful one: I had a major depression but also awakening.
The 8th house which I am finishing now is also quite dense: lots of changes.

Saturn crossing the angles also marks big shifts, my DSC crossing was another major one.