Thursday, January 21, 2010


Right now, the author of this blog (me!) has Uranus squaring his natal Sun, and Uranus about to square also natal Mercury and oppose natal Mars!
It is like I am now plugged to the 220 V electric current! Or like I took a super-strong coffee! I am so full of physical, mental and spiritual energy, but also so intense dilemmas and motivations!

There are very strong urges to change, to adventure, but it is all very difficult to choose. Everything between sports, arts, volunteer, travelling, going to exotic places, etc, quit my job and go somewhere else, meet new people, it's all in my mind. All urges point to something about my deepest inner psyche, to the essence of my soul and our purpose. Uranus feels like the lonely traveller, the hippie, the revolutionary man, the crazy innovator, all mix together. Why the pressure to quit? Why the pressure to move? Why the rush? Why I apply to your crazy opportunities and even then I am not selected. Why do I question, do I quest?

Both Neptune and Jupiter are also sextiling my natal Sun and still near my Aquarius ascendant. Talk about big dreams, big disatisfaction about life, big plans, and big feelings. Add Saturn transiting eighth house. Feels like I am trying to break my inner shell. And with the transiting Sun approaching my ascendant next month, this crazy party is just beginning.

Can I call you for a consultation, Uranus?
Shall we have a tea together?

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