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Astrological requirements for a REVOLUTION. Revolutionary waves occur in 2013-2015 and 2026-2030

The greatest requirements for a major revolutionary wave are:
  • Uranus in mid Aries, in mid Gemini, or less often near Libra or Capricorn cusp.
  • Triggering revolution is Mars in Aries or preferably in Gemini, and also often in Libra (and to a less degree in Leo)
  • Jupiter in mid Gemini (and less in mid Cancer) is another frequent but not required factor. Otherwise, it should be in Aries, Libra or Leo.
  • Transiting Sun: most often, they occur in early spring (March or April), or in autumn (September or October). Less often, there is strong activity around July.
  • Half of the times, revolutions appear around T-squares, aspects between Pluto and Uranus, and the entry of outer planets into a cardinal cusp.
  • To complete the big picture, Saturn should be in a cardinal sign!
Position of Uranus and Jupiter: Jupiter located in Gemini or Cancer helps. Degrees 10-15º of Gemini and also of Cancer. This is very recurrent!! But Uranus in 3-7º Capricorn also works well. Uranus around 10-15º Aries is a sign of great revolution unfolding. However, the final revolution occurs later in Gemini.

Position of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto: Saturn is very frequently in cardinal signs. Often in mid signs or in their cusps. Neptune in Libra is another very important position. Neptune or Pluto in watery signs seems also somewhat recurrent.

Position of Mars: Triggering factors are Mars progressing from Aries to Gemini: revolutionary waves! This is extremely recurrent!!!! Often there is also Mars in Libra (and less in Leo).
  • April 1989, grows in September to October: Uranus at 5º Capricorn, Neptune and Saturn at 13º Capricorn, Pluto in 15º Scorpio, Mars in mid Gemini, climax at Libra. Jupiter first in mid Gemini, then goes to mid Cancer. Widespread revolution in communist countries.
  • March 1968, grows in May: Uranus at 27º Virgo, Pluto at 22º Virgo, Neptune at 27º Scorpio, Saturn at 12º Aries, Mars transiting late Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Jupiter in late Leo. Widespread revolts around the world.
  • September 1945. Liberation post-war. Neptune and Jupiter in 0º Libra. Uranus and Mars in 16º Gemini at war end.
  • October 1929 and onwards. Saturn enters Capricorn. Jupiter in 13º Gemini. T-square between Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Worldwide economic depression and social unrest. Mars in Libra and Scorpio during market crash. Uranus in 10-14º Aries.
  • March/October 1917-23. Revolution in Russia and riots in Europe. Initially Mars in Pisces, then moves to Gemini and climax at Leo. Jupiter in mid Gemini.
  • January 1905-1910; Uranus also in 3º Capricorn, then goes to mid and late Capricorn. Revolutions in Russia, Argentine, Persia, Greece, Portugal, Mexico and China. Mars in Libra in Russia 1905 and Portugal 1910 revolutions. Jupiter in Aries and Libra, respectively.
  • April 1861: Uranus and Mars in 9º Gemini! Jupiter in mid Leo.
  • March 1848, Uranus at 15º Aries, Neptune at 0º Pisces, Saturn at 15º Pisces, Mars transiting Taurus and Gemini! Jupiter in mid Cancer. Widespread revolts in Europe.
  • 1830. Revolutions in Netherlands, France, Poland and Portugal.
  • 1808. Revolutions in much of the Latin America. Uranus entering Scorpio, Neptune entering Sagittarius, Pluto and Jupiter in mid Pisces.
  • July 1789. French Revolution. Again, Mars in mid Gemini. Uranus-Jupiter in 5º Leo. Neptune in mid Libra; Pluto in mid Aquarius. Saturn in late Pisces, near Aries cusp.
  • July 1776. America Revolution. Starts with stamp act protests in August 1765, with Uranus in 25º Aries and Mars in Leo, or even before with the Pontiac rebellion in early 1763, with both Mars and Uranus at 12º Aries. Jupiter was between Aries and Cancer. The America revolutionary war starts in April 1775, with Uranus in 2º Gemini. That year Jupiter moves into mid Gemini. in July 1776, declaration of independence was manifested, with Uranus in 10º Gemini and Mars in late Gemini! Saturn was in mid Libra.
  • October 1688. Glorious Revolution: Mars in Libra cusp; Saturn in late Libra; Uranus in 22º Taurus; Jupiter in 20º Capricorn; Neptune in 9º Pisces.
  • Spring 1524. Peasant war and revolts in Europe. Mars and Uranus in early Gemini; Jupiter in early Aries, Saturn about to enter Aries. Pluto in 16º Capricorn. Neptune in mid Pisces.
Next dates to watch preliminary signs in 2010:
  • 16 March 2010, Mars in Leo cusp again, a New Moon triggers the T-square between outer planets (just more building tension)
  • 1 August- 23 September 2010, Mars in Libra cusp joins and intensifies the T-square between outer planets (some sort of issue may worsen, the economy or some sort of international trouble, but wait, because this is just a very early beginning)
Stronger events come in 2011 and 2012:
  • 3-17 April 2011, Mars, Sun, Jupiter in mid Aries, Uranus in 3º Aries (could be initiatory of a unrest impulse, a mass event like failed revolts, or some sort of bigger crises. This crises will grow significant during the spring, this promises to be a "hot" year. However it will be not anything like a revolution - the next decade requires much dramatic events that will lead to the worldwide revolution 10 years from now). Neptune also enters Pisces.
  • 1 July 2011, Mars in Gemini, as Jupiter moves into Taurus, after a New Moon tiggers the square between Uranus and Pluto, at degree 5º (has the potencial for some significant crises or widespread revolt; remember Mars in is Gemini, watch out for some resemblance to 1848 or 1989 revolts, it is quite an agressive or assertive tension)
  • 12 September 2011, Mars in Leo cusp, and a Full Moon together with Saturn in Libra (still same as above)
The revolts of 2013-2015 (all requiresments fulfilled):
  • 18 July 2012. Mars now in Libra, triggers the Uranus/Pluto square, at 9º, already an important degree, during a New Moon in Cancer, and... Jupiter in 9º Gemini. Saturn in late Libra. This has even more than the April-July 2011, a potencial for a critical event, revolt or preliminary revolution. This will be an important date! Watch out as events grow since March 2012 because Neptune enters finally Pisces, and Uranus reaches 9º Aries. Uranus is not yet in the climax degrees of Aries, but much idealism may lead people to start taking the FIRST STEPS of strong assertive (and revolting) action.
  • 27 March 2013: Full Moon conjuncts Mars and Uranus in 9º Aries, which squares Pluto, and Jupiter is in 12º Gemini. Saturn in mid Scorpio. This will be a GRAND spring, as Uranus moves into 13º Aries, all activity will heat up to a climax!!! July is also a strong date.
  • September 2013-June 2014: there will be a climax of revolts and probable revolutions, like the autumn of 1989. Rapidly, the revolutions attempts will spread like fire, from one country to another.Mars moves from Leo to Libra and stays retrogade in Libra. Jupiter in mid Cancer. Saturn in mid Scorpio.
  • March-May 2015: Mars moves from Aries to Gemini, as the square Uranus/Pluto persists; together with the spring 2013, this can still be a climax spring, and probably the first big series of events is acomplished by later in the year. This is probably a TURNING POINT spring. The important events, this decade of novelty, will still last a few more years until 2020. The next revolutionary wave comes in mid 2020s.
Around 2019-2023, the first world change has occurred, another is prepared
  • April 2019. Jupiter, Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in Gemini, as Uranus moves out of Aries. This is when the signs of early revolutionary wave may start. This is a very cardinal moment.
  • April 2021. Saturn and Jupiter move to Aquarius. Mars again in Gemini. Uranus in 9º Taurus. Very early beginnings of small signs of revolution, idealism and group activity.
  • March 2023. Mars in Gemini. Jupiter in mid Aries! Uranus in 16º Taurus. Grand sense of impulse, independence grows more and more. Somewhere between now and 2026, a new revolutionary wave starts.
  • April-July 2024. First Mars in Aries, as Uranus-Jupiter occurs in Taurus. Then, Uranus-Mars in late Taurus. Jupiter in mid Gemini. Saturn in late Pisces
The great revolution of 2026-2030:
  • June 2026. Uranus-Mars in early Gemini. Jupiter in mid Cancer. Saturn in mid Aries. Probably, a big revolutionary wave begins now.
  • June 2028. Uranus-Mars in mid Gemini. Jupiter in late Virgo. Saturn in Taurus. Importantly, Neptune and Pluto are in 10º Aries and Aquarius. Revolution unfolds.
  • July 2029. Uranus in mid Gemini, while Mars-Jupiter in mid Libra. Saturn in Taurus. A continuation of the previous year activity.
  • June 2030. Uranus-Mars in mid Gemini, while Saturn is in early Gemini. Pluto now in 16º Aquarius. Neptune in 14º Aries. Revolution ends: structure.

How is the work working?
Every time Uranus enters cardinal signs, the revolutionary wave advances. In 1429 (Uranus in Aries), Joan d'Arc was the heroine peasant that fight in a liberation war. Later, in 1524 (Uranus in Gemini), masses of peasants, probably inspired by her but also by the revolutionary Luther, lead the Europe into the Peasant war, a sort of failed French Revolution. In 1605 (Uranus in Taurus), in a age of monarchies, some people organized a movement to blow the English parliament but failed. However, in 1688 (Uranus in Taurus), the Glorious revolution was the first sucessful attempt to overthrow an absolute monarchy. Until now, we are observing all the growing transits of Uranus in Aries, at every cycle.
Later, in 1770s and 1780s, the revolutions were more dynamic and lead to the Independence of America, and to the failed French Revolution (Uranus in Gemini and Cancer). The movements started as Uranus transited Aries in 1760s. When Uranus transited Libra, things went wrong and Napoleon was trying to conquer Europe. Many independence revolutions followed in 1820s in South America (Uranus in Capricorn), while Europe was once dealing with the Napoleonic wars. In 1848, as Uranus moved into Aries again, the Europeans attempted a "year of revolutions" that failed; revolution were crushed, the masses were not prepared. However, more rights were adquired, and Marx manifesto was out. In 1861, the America civil war lead to the end of slavery (Uranus in Gemini). In 1905-1910 (Uranus again in Capricorn), revolutions occurred in the authoritarian regimes of Russia and China. Russia had another great revolution in 1917 (Uranus in Aquarius), but the people's revolution went into the wrong hands. Power corrupted. At the same time, many countries in Europe became Republics, but as Uranus entered Aries, a great Depression occured and the extreme nationalism lead to the World War (Uranus in Gemini), a big tragedy. Afterwards, two waves of revolts occurred in 1968 (Uranus near Libra) and in 1989 (Uranus in Capricorn) in the authoritarian communist regimes. The pattern seems to follow the previous centuries. A new revolutionary waves starts in 2015-2030.

Where are these domino theory revolutionary waves likely to occur:
- USA state-specific independent movements
- China/Tibet and spreads to Indochina, Koreas, Burma, Phillipines, and India
- Russia internal unrest, can lead to revolution in China
- Middle East revolutions, something leads to revolutions in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and all the rest of arabic world, possibly even in Israel
- Greece or Italy and leads to revolutions all over Europe, probable collapse of EU
- Africa democratic revolutions
- South America socialist movements spread around
- Japan and Australia internal unrest

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