Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finding the best house system!

This is a call to all the astrologers reading this.

Perhaps we should consider a different approach:

- Instead of seeing which house method fits best, why don't we fit a house system by our own to fit our events in our lives?

My belief is clear: I think we should not follow mathematical models for house determination: we should discover this by first following our own life events. Then, we have to come with a system that works well for every chart. I am not seeking to use a house method as a tool, from which I can choose different options. I want to know what is the reality, what really happens, what is the truth. You can read my findings below.

Please leave your comments below or send me one email.

If you are interested in doing this with me, please mail me and we can see in both of our charts where one cusp ends and another begins. My mail is segurelha "AT"

- If you were born ABOVE 55ºN then I am really interested in hearing from you!


I have done extensively for my own chart. I have had Uranus and Neptune transiting my first house, so this lead me to observe some interesting things. I have followed transiting Mars and Sun to discover when inner shifts and events occur: most occur at degrees 16º and 28º of every sign, which are also where planets make aspects to my natal Sun and Moon! It seems that an equal 30º house method fits better in following my life events.

When Uranus crossed these exact points in my rising (16º and 28º Aquarius), these were the times of awakening and radical change. It's like first house activity began at 16º Aqu, and then climaxed at 28º Aqu. However, this is complicated because at both these points, Uranus was aspecting my natal Moon and Sun (by quincunx and sextile).

In my own case, I don't have an exact birth time (10-11am). I had a difficult birth with artificially assisted breathing.

When I tried to determine exact IC and MC, I used transiting Saturn and Pluto, because they were transiting those signs some years ago. Pluto could only transited it in 1990 or 2000 (degrees 16º Sco and 12º Sag), because these were the major events related to both father and career, respectively. Also, after 16º Sag, Pluto seems to have a more entered eleventh house theme.
A major difficult Saturn transit occurred in 2000, with two major difficult periods at 11º and 28º Taurus. Curiously, by 14º Gemini, I started with a new fifth house theme (new romance), so this degree (around 11-17º of each sign) seems to fit well.

But if I consider an ASC with either ~15º or ~28º Aquarius, the degrees of IC-MC would have to be different and don't fit these transits!!
Rather, the fourth and tenth house cusps (in square to ASC) seems to be the best indication for a strong change, and both 15º and 28º degrees fit with bursts of activity. If I consider a MC or IC to both two sensitive points (which is 5º and 12º Gem/Sag), then I also get an increase in inner change, like if the fourth house would climax into a fifth house theme, and the tenth house would climax into a more eleventh house theme.

I discovered also the following:
- the 12 houses seem to be really there, because I have followed this for all transits of every planet.
- there is a ~5-15º mix of energies of both houses, around a cusp, where the energy of one house merges into the next, then the energy of the house rises, climaxes and then decreases into the next one. This makes me think, whether it would not be more important to consider the climax point of each house instead of their cusps. In my own case, a new house theme starts at around 14-15º of each sign, and then climaxes at around 28-30º of that sign. I did not discover any other sensitive degrees like these.

So my empirical findings seem to undermine the ASC-MC assumption. The tenth house cusp seems to be really the square to first house system, and a 30º house method fits better. And this also FITS GOOD for people born above 55ºN.

What do does everyone think? Please comment or mail.

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