Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finding the best house system! (continuation)

After a couple of days, I again questioned old structures of astrology, and again the concepts of house determination, and the use of quadrants.

I have no intention to be lazy, close-minded, or attached to old concepts like many astrologers are (without asking "do things really work this way?")

The other thing I got tired of trusting mathematical models. Being employed in the science field, I am used to see the limitations of deriving models from proposed concepts: Theories fail!

And being a regular practicant of meditation, I am aware of the limitations of human mind. So, I have turned to my own intuition, within that free blank state, to grasp the workings of the houses in a natal chart. I am honest and humble, I assume my understanding is still under test.

The curious conclusion is that one theme of one house during a transit merges completely into the next house theme, like this would be a spectrum, a rainbow or a musical scale! Then, around the middle of the house the energy, the theme of that house comes into a climax and unfolds.
This looks so, for transiting Sun, inner planets, and also outer planets.

In this dance of one house into the next house, the solution evolves, from a personal view to a transpersonal perspective and the nature of the issues shift. Like after finding inner meaning under the twelfth house (water sign), there comes a need for self-determination and action under the first house (fire sign), and then it comes a test to the reliability of that impulse under the second house (earth sign), and then a new unwavering of the impulse that was self-contained under the third house (air sign), and so on

Though I am open for the different house systems, I feel mainly that equal degree houses it's the system that makes more sense. At least, when I look at my own chart and those of my closest ones.

There seems to be something confusing with the use of the quadrant system. The fourth and tenth house cusps, square to first house cusp houses, seem to be points of higher energy. But the calculated MC and IC no. Have you also, observed this in your chart?

Finally, and appologize me for my oppinion, but I think we, astrologers, put much emphasis in mathematical models. When someone derives a model, the model is a mental, conceptual view of reality. Models are often wrong, because they are done in the computer or in the paper. I feel that "meditating" in the energy of the sequence of the house and life events is a better way to go. And to register one huge ammount of life events and make sense of that.

Of course, how to put this into a consultation is impractical, because speaking about a continuum (rise-climax-fall) of themes is more undefined. People like fixed and well known boundaries and concepts. However, during the transition of one house into another, there seems to be a quite eventful transition, and this is particularly relevant in long-term transits where a event tends to mark for example the departure of a first house Uranus into a second house Uranus. The use of transiting Uranus and Mars are very precious tools. Uranus and Mars move so defined and clearly, that they help us to locate where are the cusps of our houses.
The same can be applied for transiting Sun, which can be observed simply by following the calendar, and if you have a diary of your daily events and moods, the best.

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