Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some personal experiences.....

Sometimes in order to feel the entire scope of one decision/move to make on life, one can resort to astrological transits. We can follow how we feel along the different house transits and therefore establish more firmly the different aspects and possibilities of our choices.

For example, since last year I am thinking of quitting my job and move abroad to take a new direction. I followed how I was feeling when transiting sun moved along the different houses, in each month:

House 1: I had one exciting opportunity abroad, but we declined. We were unsure about it. If it was now, I would have take it.
House 2. Then, I began earning much less. I am free to find new opportunities.
House 3: I am currently sending local applications, but I am somewhat scattered. This is the main problem.
House 4: I thought that moving abroad could be one interesting improvement, this seems to become a more solid idea, but I did nothing right away, I only had a few ideas.
House 5: Travelled and then I came with a refreshed state of mind and looked at very exciting (volunteer) opportunities.
House 6: I was not accepted for some those applications. I am very active and taking action, but there seems to be no clear direction (I search a lot of different things) and no success.
House 7: Further continuation of above. Very excited, active but also stressed. After these months, the conclusion is that it I only want a short period of fun abroad in some exciting field (mainly environmental), to stir up a new inspiring new beggining. Quite an acomplishing already.
House 8: I was calm. The environmental idea got more solid and deep.
House 9: I was calm and open to change. A few exciting possibilities. One promising application (environment) and I got very excited, but it was later turned down.
House 10: Confused since we moved into a new appartment, and the move would create disruption on our life together as a relationship!
House 11: Angered by feeling neglected in my job, and somewhat stuck, I took action. Later applied for two new opportunities (environment) abroad!
House 12: One opportunity was initially turned down. So, I focused in improving current (local) life. Then I improved inner excitement, to let the flow and, thus, a few days later, I was accepted the two opportunities almost at the same time!!
House 1: One year after, I have another great opportunity: this time I will take it! But it will be a harsh time dealing with my local job and my emotions in our relationship. I must create steps to go forward: by letting run the flow of inner entusiasm and excitement!

Last month, after I received a positive opportunity to move abroad, I tracked how I was feeling afterwards when transiting moon moved along the different houses:
House 1: The month before I was applying for everything, but remaining open for everything. That was the reason I was stuck. I realized I must follow my wish of making a small experience abroad. I explored also new interests and local groups.
House 2: In a confused way, I also manifested (by the positive energy yesterday!) a new contract in my local job! What about our relationship? How it would work?
House 3: Some complicated financial issues motivate my quest to move abroad.
House 4: during a talk with a friend I realized I must allow the entusiasm to take me away. The following day, new possibilities were manifesting and I completely devoted to them (positive law of attraction!). I was having complicated financial feelings, so this was another motivating factor!
House 5: I was excited and motivated with the applications I was making the day before.
House 6: Surprisingly, I was accepted in two applications (positive energy effect!); I became shocked and excited; I look for advice; I try to convince myself and others about it!
House 7: Excited and talked positively with my partner. I am nearly decided to go. This is a 6 month in Europe + 12 months in South America. Strong but positive emotions! I feel that our relationship has all the potencial to endure a temporary distance.
House 8: I wish to quit my job, if others don't agree I will blow at them!
House 9: I researched much about adventure possible by those moves abroad! Motivated!
House 10: I had a raised at my current job (again, manifestation effect!), this made me a little bit confused... I expect to gain a little more money before moving abroad in spring.
House 11: I feel very confident but also independent and impulsive. I can't stand opposition! I must follow what I feel in the moment. I should not think about the future. This created some doubts in our relationship.
House 12: Suddently, I feel heavy, this seem to be a always-loses-something decision... I have doubts about my inner wishes. But that move abroad would be a great liberation from current situation. I am under heavy pressure in my job, I see that this job is not the right path. I feel confident to go, but for a shorter period. I should not have any time commitments.

In summary...

House 1 (a new big promise)
House 2 (changes/events provide a test to that promise)
House 3 (scattered, new ideas, lead to... next house)
House 4 (ideas go deeper and clear, inner revolution)
House 5 (entusiasm and excitement unfold)
House 6 (taking action, checking practical functionality, and my focus, leads to...
House 7 (balancing, active, conclusions/decisions achieved, stirs a new beggining/promise)
House 8 (those conclusions go deeper, exploring new details)
House 9 (further excitement and expansions unfolds)
House 10 (commitments, and realistic details exposed)
House 11 (this leads to new action, ideas, and opportunities...)
House 12 (seeing the sum, the global picture, everything, every detail, inner insight! leads to...)

Physical manifestation of new opportunities and shifts occurs in cardinal houses.

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