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T-square on charts of several countries

2010 looks like a year of major chaos for Greece, and later, likely by 2011, for Iran, Russia and India. The UK will also be under significant strain. And some internal unrest in Japan, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Israel and Egypt (Uranus in 4º Aries).
By 2012,
the most difficult change comes to Iran, as well as India, China, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine and Canada (Uranus in 8º Aries). It is probable that the EU as a union will suffer greatly; either there will be great transformation, or great unrest and dissolution (this is 2012-2014). Some major difficulties will also occur within the EU countries; Germany and UK are particularly affected during the entire next decade.
By 2013
, it is an intense climax year, that affects the US, UK, Italy, Australia and many other countries around the world (Uranus in 12º Aries). After 2017, it will be the UK, Australia, Egypt and Israel that will change most significantly.

Major change now that continues in next 7 years:

: Hey, it's a major turning point! Uranus enters now the chart rising, Pluto entered the tenth house and Saturn has entered the descendant: just like we are seeing! Looks like a year of lots of national chaos for Greece, and a battle between a repressive state and internal unrest!
Iceland: Hey, another chart with major transits! Uranus enters now its descendant, Pluto the fourth house, and Saturn the ascendant! On this chart, the change is brought from the outside, from the international scene (Uranus transiting seventh house) while icelanders just try to find solutions to their economic situation.

Change now and in near future:

Portugal: Uranus conjuncts natal Piscean Sun and approaches tenth house, there is major political unrest and there could be sudden or unexpected political turns. But no major revolution is expected. There will be at least some financial trouble. Pluto transiting seventh house, could be linked to increased european pressure over the country situation.
Spain: two charts, on both Neptune has been transiting the first house since 1998. In one chart, Pluto has conjuncted Spain's 26º Sag Moon, and Uranus is now squaring it. On another chart, Pluto has just opposed the 0º Cancer Mars, and Uranus will square it this summer. Looks like temporary unstability, the economic situation could worsen more, and there is also likelyhood of major violence (maybe linked to independence movements of its several regions). This is even more reinforced since Neptune will square Spain's Moon in one chart, in the next 3 years. Nevertheless, the intensity of events does not seem as strong as for other countries.
Russia (3º Cap Sun): currently Neptune square Moon, and under major pressure, more heat will occur in 2011 as Uranus squares Sun, but after that it seem to be a calm decade. However, Russia seems to suffer from international scene, due to its Neptune transiting seventh house (in a similar way to Germany or Iceland charts)
Japan (3º Cap Moon, 9º Ari Venus): some national difficulties in 2011, then some financial trouble in 2013-2014, but overall the country will not change in any dramatic way.

Change to increase much during the years ahead:

Iran: This is another chart showing very strong events coming. Pluto has entered tenth house, and like Greece, there is a battle between internal unrest and a repressive government. Since, Uranus will enter the chart rising in 2011, the country will inflame even more in the next seven years! Watch out for the years ahead, Uranus will conjunct first house Moon (7º Aries): and there could be war or a revolution (this is 2012-2014).
China: the situation looks identical to that of Spain. Neptune has been transiting the first house, as huge dreams transform the country. Watch with care as in the next three years, Uranus will oppose the country natal Sun (7º Libra), which is being squared by Pluto now. There could be, at least, a full situation of national unrest. Watch in 2012-2014.
India: it depends on two charts. In one, there is a major turning point, similar to those of Iceland, Iran or Greece. Rising in 4º Aries is now squared by Pluto and will be transited by Uranus from 2011-2018. This could be a major period of national unrest and difficult complications. Again, in 2013, Uranus opposes natal Mars, which could mean war or major national unrest. The other chart does not show much trouble; Neptune transiting tenth house shows some government confusion, and Uranus square to Mars some unrest, war or violence this summer, but not later. With this chart, there are also several long-lasting changes in the decades ahead, as both Uranus and Pluto aspect many planets in Cancer.

Germany (7º Lib rising, depending on chart): major difficulties starting 2013 onwards, mostly from international events. It could be economics, world situation or also EU-related. The situation does not look better also. An early Libra (0º or 5º) will be soon opposed by Uranus, meaning war, popular unrest or some effort of some kind. Later, not only planets enter angular houses but they aspect heavily the Capricorn Sun (10º or 28º)!
Turkey (7º Can rising), Ukraine (9º Cap rising): major turning point around 2013 and after. Turkey might have government unrest and be under international pressure; Ukraine will probably change a lot in a hidden way, as it chooses to become closer to either Russia or the EU.
US (12º Can sun): major period of dramatic change around 2014; could be war, revolt or big social crises. Even though, this is not anything that has not already started.
Canada (both charts show a major period of change, starting somewhere next mid decade, depending on either a 7º Lib or 16º Ari rising). Probably the US will be a cause of change.
Italy (13º Lib rising, 10º Can sun, 7º Lib Mars): lots of trouble around 2012-2015 and onwards, probably a major change for the country, violence, uprising or some other major event. The country may become bankrupt, have a major revolt, or suffer from independency movements.
Ecuador, independence chart shows that also South America will be signficantly affected by the changes around 2013-2014. Natal Sun is aspected by both Uranus and Pluto, as outer planets transited in the angular houses.
The UK has a long series of hard hitting transits: first Moon in 30º Pisces is currently transited in a big way by Pluto, and in soon by Saturn and Uranus. Then, both Uranus and Pluto will transit the Sun by 2014, and then they will enter the ASC/MC, a major turning point, by 2016. For UK; the change is dramatic and a very long one.

Change most likely in 2017-2025:

Israel: Looks like not that bad. Pluto opposes natal Venus, pointing to some financial trouble, and Neptune squares natal Mars, which can mean a draining war somewhere in 2010-2012. However, there is no major indication of big change, except after 2018, when Uranus enters seventh house and Pluto in fourth house, then there will be major national strain caused by international relationships and surrounding neighbours.
Australia: in one chart, Neptune conjuncts Venus, which means some financial difficulties. More change comes after 2014, as Pluto and Uranus square both natal Sun, or natal Mars (in another alternative chart). Then, later, it looks like another major shift, and Uranus also enters the rising (in one chart later on the decade)
Egypt (27º Gem Sun, 3º Can Mars): could be some major difficulties related to violence in the next 3 years, but then it is a stable decade, after 2017 however it starts a major unstable period of change (which will affect probably indirectly Israel and the middle east)

Charts to be analyzed: France, Ireland, Argentina, Cuba, Koreas, Indonesia, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Pakistam, Brazil, Peru, Mexico...

Countries with Sun affected:
Ari- Portugal 26º, UK 10º
Can-Egypt 27º, Canada 8º, Italy 10º, USA 12º
Lib- India 7º, China 7º, Ecuador 15º
Cap- Russia 3º, Germany 10º, Australia 10º

Also Slovakia, Belgium, Mexico, Taiwan, Syria, Lybia,Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Philliphines, Indonesia, New Zealand

Countries with ASC/MC affected:
Ari- Greece 1º, Iran 3º, India 4º, UK 20º, Australia 29º, Egypt 29º
Can- Portugal 5º, Turkey 7º
Lib- Iceland 1º, Germany 7º, Canada 7º, Italy 13º, Israel 30º
Cap- Ukraine 9º

Also Japan, Czech Republic, Mongolia

Countries with Moon affected:
Ari- UK 30º, Iran 7º
Cap- Spain 26º, Japan 3º

Also Mongolia, Bulgaria, Camboja, Egypt, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, Koreas,

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