Saturday, March 6, 2010

Major energy in 2010! Much change!

Today I have been to my workplace and I found nearly everyone depressed or with some major problem.

Two colleagues have accidents this week, one has a major relationship problem, another feels very unsatisfied with her job, still another has a major power struggle with our boss, and another quit. These are all new situations. Is this crazy? No, it's the cardinal T-square.

I am also about to quit, because I will be travelling to two projects abroad, of a radically different nature compared to this job. I took this decision about one month ago. It will be a shocking decision to my work colleagues and my boss, and it will be also a major challenge to my fiancé. Moreover, my father has now a very complicated financial situation, and two of my closest friends, one has a family separation in December, the other her father died last week.

The lives of all of us became with much more change as 2010 started than in the years before!
Do you have similar examples?

But it's not only personal changes, also earth changes (the huge earthquake in Chile, the Pacific tsunami, lots of minor earthquakes, even Earth chanhing its axis, two deadly storms in western europe and even the Gulf Stream changed its course). Politically the things are also aggitated. In European Union struggles with the near-bankrupcy of Greece, which could have a major effect in global economy. There was also an attempt military coup in Turkey.

All are manifestations of the huge Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square which will continue in the next two years. Pluto has been already in Capricorn since 2008. However, Saturn has recently moved into Libra, and both Uranus and Jupiter are about to enter Aries. This is increasing much the strain to challenge ourselves. Cardinal activity defines as the following questions:
  • Who am I really? What is my path? Should I change it?
  • Where is my house? Who is my clan?
  • With whom I should partner? How should I pair? How do I relate to the world?
  • What is my job? What is my role in society?Am I being true and honest?

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