Wednesday, April 7, 2010

T-squares and major global change: next time 2010-2015

There were very few T-squares between the outer planets in the last 400 years. They all correlated with very important global events.

- Cardinal T-squares:

2011- ? (Major social, economic, millitary, scientific and geological changes)
1931- Great Depression, early events leading up to WWII a few years later
1910- Shortly before WWI
1826- Some revolutions in Europe
1783- Just after American Revolution and before French Revolution
1615- Start of the european large-scale 30 years War.

- Fixed T-squares

1873- Long Depression, Second Industrial Revolution
1795- During French Revolution, shortly before the Napoleonic Wars

- Mutable T-squares

1966- The Sixties!
1755- Start of Seven Year War, which preceeded the American Revolution
1693-Glorious Revolution, War of Grand Alliance
1641- English Civil War, End of 30 Year War, Some revolutions

As you see, in the next 10 years we should have lots of powerful events.
Possibility of major revolutions, wars and socio-economic crises.

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