Saturday, March 6, 2010

Uranus and Major events in the history of USA

Every 84 years, when Uranus transits 8º to 13º Gemini (the DSC of US national chart), there is a major (military) event in the United States.

1776-1777: USA declares Independency
1861: Start of USA Civil War
1945: USA ends WWII by dropping the atomic bombs
2028-2029: Next major event in the history of USA

Some 10-15 years before that, Uranus squares US natal Sun.
There is an important situation that leads to the major event referred above:

1761-1766: British Stamp Act causes revolt in the colonies
1846-1851: Mexico-American War divides public sentiment
1930-1935: Great Depression; Political extremism in Europe
2013-2018: Major event that leads to civil unrest

And 28 years before, Uranus conjuncts US natal Moon.
We find other important national events:

1749- Benjamim Franklin proposes that the colonies unite (actually 1754)
1833- Indian Removal Act and Abolicionist movements (leads to Civil War)
1917- US enters WWI; Germany collapse; Russian Revolution (leads to WWII)
2001- 911 terrorist attacks

If we go backwards 84 years from the dates of 1945, 1861 and 1777, we still find important events that lead to the formation of the United States of America:

1525: First Spanish colonies (conquest of Aztec Empire). Years before they made first landing.
1609: First British colonies (Jamestown). Years before British defeated the Spanish Armada.
1693: Around the time the Kingdom of Great Britain is formed. Greater union in colonies.

1777: US declares Independency. Stamp Act is the precursor event.
1861: US Civil War. American-Mexico war is the precursor event.
1945: US ends WWII. United Nations. Great Depression is the precursor event.

2029: Formation of a global union? Revolutions/rebels are the precursor event?

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