Friday, March 19, 2010

Uranus/Jupiter. Look out for scientific advance in summer 2010

Between May and September 2010, in summer, the powerful conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in early degrees of Aries, is very likely to result in a significant scientific discovery, invention or technology advance. Most likely related to physics, energy and communication. Tell us what you think at

My guess for summer 2010 is either first cold fusion reaction, a big CERN discovery, disclosure of free energy, first quantum computer, first space tourism flight, or some new big advance in the internet concept.
  • A Uranus/Jupiter opposition in early Capricorn in 1990 correlated with two important advances: the first mobile phones, and in 1991, CERN publicize the new World Wide Web. There were also many eastern protests and revolutions in 1989/1990.
  • A Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in early Libra in 1969 correlated with the first man of the Moon, and the first version of the internet: the military-based ARPANET. There were also many protests and social unrest in 1968/1969.
  • A Uranus/Jupiter opposition in early Cancer in 1948 correlated not only with Roswell (1947), but importantly with the first electronic computer, the military ENIAC (1946). The Cold War started also around this time.
  • A Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in early Aries in 1927, was the time of the first rockets (1926), the first regular TV schedules (1928) and the first transatlantic flight and telephone. Two years later, the stock market crash and the great depression started.
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stargazer12 said...


check out "Jupiter meets Uranus"

by Anne Whitaker if you want to follow developments with the upcoming conjunctions in 2010/11 and research feedback from individual's actual experiences of this powerful planetary pattern's effect on them.

Anne Whitaker ( Stargazer 12)

Anonymous said...

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segurelha said...

Thanks for Anne Whitaker suggestion, I follow her blog regularly!
It's excellent.

Erick, I have removed all the spam in the comment section (and ensured it does not happen again). Indeed there are already many technological events happening as detailed in:

And also disasters due to this: Oil spill, Hungary toxic spill, airplanes grounded due to ash, dramatic heatwaves in Russia and floods in Pakistan, lots of events and grand ones in Jupiter style!