Sunday, April 18, 2010

Astrology - What to expect in 2010?

As I have written for over 3 years, the T-square in 2009-2015 is a time of much change on the air. If we only focus in the Uranus Saturn opposition, which occurs every 45 years, we will find years of much change and unpredictable events, even major volcanic eruptions, like now!

Look at the interesting pattern of social revolutions and volcanic eruptions in Iceland:

2010 Minor flu pandemic, Global recession, Civil unrest worldwide, Iceland volcano erupts again
1965 Sixties, Revolutions of 1968, Minor flu pandemic, Major technological advance
1919 End of world war I, Katla erupts in Iceland, Russian Revolution, Spanish flu
1873 Long depression, (Krakatoa erupts but only in 1783), Second industrial revolution
1829 Minor revolutions, (Katla erupted in 1823 in Iceland)
1784 American and French Revolutions, Laki erupts in Iceland, First industrial revolution

Look for further civil unrest (like Thailand, Turkey, Greece...), one or two major revolutions, continuation of the economic unrest, one Middle East war (like in 1966), corporative scandals (Catholic Church for example), rebel acts (like those of the American or the Protestant Revolutions), climate extremes and some major natural disaster (Haiti, Chile, China...), great scientific discoveries and major technological advance (I wonder what will be). It will be an eventful summer.

At a personal level, there will be exciting and unexpected opportunities and shifts!

But don't worry much about it, in fact don't worry. Uranus likes to stir up things, unpredictable events, but this only serves as a trigger for further social consciousness change and progress. We have survived the economic crises, the pandemic flu. Can you feel the change? It's a trigger of EVOLUTION.

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