Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dates to watch out on your chart in 2010

If you have planets in late Pisces or early Aries, late Sagittarius or early Capricorn, late Virgo or early Libra, late Gemini or early Cancer, follow the period around these days very closely. It's very likely that you already began this powerful transformation period.

As a rule of thumb, those born between 15-26 March, June, September, December, are the mostly affected. Watch about 5 days before and afterwards the indicated dates.

15 March 2010 - T-square between Sun/New Moon/Uranus/Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn (25-28º).

26 June 2010- Grand cross between Sun/Mercury, Pluto/Full Moon/North Node, Jupiter/Uranus, and Saturn (1-5º). A very powerful week.

1 August 2010- T-square between Mars/Saturn, Uranus/Jupiter/Moon, and Pluto (0-4º). Perhaps the most intense months of 2010 will be July, August and September.

23 September 2010- T-square between Sun/Saturn, Jupiter/Uranus/Full Moon, and Pluto (29-1º)

20 December 2010- T-square between Sun/Mercury/Pluto/Mars/North Node, Uranus/Jupiter and Full Moon (26-30º, 5-6º). A quite heavy and intense mood.

Globally, the second half of 2010 will be intense and dramatic, particularly between August and September (Mars in Libra) and December (Mars in Capricorn)

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