Friday, April 2, 2010

The first house. Who am I?

The first house is one of the most important houses. Its cusp is what is often called as the Ascendant or the Rising Sign. It's a cardinal house, this is, an house of identity, or new direction. The first house asks us a very simple and important question: "who am I?", "who do I wish to become?", "what can I create new on my life?". There is a greater wish for personal independence, asserting who we are, and what we wish. For this reason, it's also a house of new begginings, a house of a new promise, when there is a transiting planet here. Crises can often happen, when there are outer planets transiting in the first house. There are "endings" and "new begginings" as a planet transits from the twelfth house to the first house. It's a question of identity.

Jupiter transiting here brings a year full of optimism, new dreams and wishes, new opportunities, a very expansive view of life. Saturn asks us to reaccess how do we see ourselves. I had Uranus transiting the first house some years ago; this was a very exciting period, full of change. After the many years of a low profile and isolation (transiting Uranus in house 11 and 12), you jump boldly into the world, assering your own uniqueness. Neptune, on the other hand, completely intoxicates you with new ideals, visions, and spiritual connection. It blurs our sense of direction, because it asks us to look inwards. For this reason, for many people this is a period of suffering and isolation, for others like me it's a spiritual awakening, and a great new dream: following our own inner voice. Discuss your own experiences at

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