Thursday, April 1, 2010

A great description of the 12 houses!

A description of each house, per natal placement or per transiting planet.
Visit and share your own house experiences!

House 1: a new promise is delivered, new begginings, there is a much more of an independent and self-assertive attitude, willing to go forward and take risks. There is a redefinition of the the Self and your approach to life.
House 2: we own very much not only resources such as money, but also our values, our talents, our body and all the "I". the challenge of this house is to learn how to use these resources and manifest them in physical world. This is also a house of relaxing into the moment, of finding inner peace and stability.
House 3: we experiment the limits of ourselves by living on the field of everyday experience, first by trial and error, then by use of our intelligence. Often, it starts with scattered ideas about ourselves, but then the ideas go deeper near the cusp of the following house. We are limited and influenced by our surrounding circunstances and siblings.
House 4: we have experienced much emotions, ideas, traumas, change. We have learnt. Now we are free to choose, to go "home" to the core of our being, where energy radiates perfectly in every direction. There, we seek to find our inner roots, foundations, our house and family, our sense of residence and well-being. Initially, we may feel not good, but then we progress to find inner peace and much insight, a sort of inner revolution.
House 5: here we have the full release of our emotions, and our core being, into self-expression. We seek emotional expression such as drama, pleasure, romance or excitement. The individual can now use the raw energy of what we possesses.
House 6: we became aware of our failures and our crises. We test the utility and functionality of that which we live (be it work, our routie, health or relationships). We seek to perfect ourselves and be more useful. The individual seeks to improve his techniques and to gain a new orientation toward other people and the way of working with other people.
House 7: the field of experience that by being able to relate to others, an individual can reveal and demonstrates his true self in relationship to himself and to others: the basic purpose of existence. We balance ourselves to the expression outwards to the world. We achieve decisions about our direction.
House 8: This is the business of living in the world. For most people, this is a mainly unconscious process. However, it means an intense dig up on human emotions. In the deep interactions with the others, in our social and intimate relationships, there is a struggle to conform to social standards, to biological impulses, and the urge to reform several of those aspects as we confront many darkers aspects of ourselves. In the process, there is death and transformation, the rebirth of the invidivual within the group. In this house, we learn the solve the solution of the problem of living and relating to society and others.
House 9. Expansion is a natural process. The individual has grown to become aware of what he is, his desires, his failures, the required improvements, his relationship in the world and the business of living in the world. He now, becomes a social entity. In this house, we learn the lessons derived from our previous experience of living the business of society. And similarly to third house, we now learn the field of experience of our social environment of many associations. We learn from the ever increasing activity of humans, the variety of human knowledge and cultures.
House 10. As a child, the individual is guided, ruled and provided by his parents. As an adult, the individual is expected to reverse his role and contribute. Our purpose in the light of the society, or family. The lesson here is to balance our compromises and reach our top goals.
House 11. We have recently struggled to achieve. But achievement is a pedestal, how to do next with what happened before (success or failure), is our main challenge. We seek to reform our failures, but either adopting a superior and rebel attitude and facing social isolation, by becoming a revolutionary and a reformer, or by integrating our success with our peers, and local groups. In angular house the invididual comes to experience himself, in succedent houses he meets his greatest tests: the invididual here decides what to do with his own experiences. This is a house of potencial group activity and idealism, social difference or social alienation.
House 12. The achievements are made in tenth house, but here the seed is consummated. The individual here shall bring an end of all things, while filling the space for creative new beginnings! The closing act may bring you with face with some isolation and emotional upheavel as you close a cycle, and confront your past karma and events, but you can also find a closing inner peace and communion with the universe and nature.

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