Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saturn in Libra - the many huge world summits. Trying to solve climate change, economic prosperity and global peace

Saturn in Libra often correlates with international crises and international efforts of diplomacy. Former examples include a major Cold War crises in 1981, the Suez crises in 1956 or the Korean crises in 1952. These were indeed difficult times for global peace.

I have the feeling that this world summit, the biggest in 60 years, is perhaps to discuss what to do if a nuclear war somewhere in the world breaks out. We saw recently huge world summits to discuss the global economy and climate change last year. This is the square between Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra, at its best. Huge summits, international agreements, diplomacy. Unfortunately, these world summits have little meaning if they don't result in practical action and, importantly, in bringing forward the correct solutions.

In my own opinion, the world leaders are bringing forward wrong solutions. The economic crises is not solved by bailing out banks that behaved badly. Nor is climate change solved by taxing pollution. Nor can the world get global peace by reducing nuclear stockpiles. This is all WRONG. These are half-measures. The cardinal T-square is a crises of identity, of direction and basic needs.

Economic prosperity needs sustainability and confidence. We cannot afford an economic collapse. We bring forward the idea that caring for the next one is more important than creating profit. The current crises is solved by cutting the evil at its root. Not be increasing dependency. The economic model needs to get rid of the unsustainable practices of "loaning", "interest rates" and "debt". These behaviors only increase dependency. We need to put people first, motivate people to share resources, to create global abundance. We must remember that we are here to be happy, to love, to have fun, not to enslave ourselves and others to profit-making.

Climate change is obviously solved by creating greener policies. We cannot afford catastrophic climate change. Solutions include alternative energy, free energy, ending the oil economy, making new electric cars and planes, and the massive planting of forests worldwide. Our cities must be sustainable. Our environment is our home. We must respect our planet and the other species and their habitats. Our survival depends on our environment. You too can make your own difference.

Global peace is brought by trust, not by demands from the global powers that the other have to reduce their nuclear arms. We cannot afford a nuclear war. Create trust, not war. Distrust does not help! Let each have its own responsibility. Every country must become nuclear-free or at least pledge to create peace. Nuclear residues are a huge problem. Perhaps the wisest thing would be to move to cleaner alternative energies. The United States and Europe must give the example. We must see every other country as our brother.

What we need it's a big change of thinking!

Cardinal action between 2010 and 2015 results in a crises related to many big issues: climate change, economic security and global peace.

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