Friday, April 2, 2010

The second house: what do you choose to value?

Second house represents (as I see it) a manifestation of the new promise (new self) that emerges during the transits on the first house. For example, I have created some new plans for the future when Jupiter were transiting my first house in Aquarius. I was also selected for a volunteer program abroad. Now, as Jupiter moves into the 2nd, I will manifest those ideas into practice. I will begin my travel next month.
This type of pattern also happen as Mars transits through my first and second house. In a way, transits through the second house are a continuation of the transits through the first, but on a more pratical level. Succedent houses play a necessarily supportive role. They're meant to stabilize whatever the angular house has launched. However, this is a "get real" house. We must learn how to use our own resources (talents, money, opportunities, people). Nevertheless, we have to fit our own survival with our original individual purpose. Like Dane Rudhyar said, "nothing is more futile and spiritually empty than having without being, and this is true of all kinds of possessing".

The second house is also what we own and value. In a way, it feels to me, that the second house is taking life with our own hands. We rediscover ourselves in the first house, we claim life to ourselves (and all its resources) in the second house. We are aware of a pratical choice. What happens, depends on what we choose to value. For some it's money, for me it's joy and fulfillment. Talk about this at

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