Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cardinal T-square developments

and Jupiter/Saturn
The cardinal T-square does not allow the fake economic system of free market speculation to continue. Speculation leads to trouble under a Pluto in Capricorn transit, and to revolutions in the next Pluto in Aquarius transit by 2020. Expect this global crises to be a persistent catalyst for global change.
- Continuation of global recession and social unrest
- Bankruptcy of Greece and EU crises

The global order is being challenged, and with dangerous threats. Uranus in Aries creates extreme political divisions and irritation. And the Saturn-Pluto square
- Cold war with North Korea and threats of nuclear war
- Tensions with Iran and impact on oil economy
- Diplomatic crises with Israel
- Flu pandemic and pharmaceutical conspiracies
- The BP oil leak in Gulf of Mexico
- More significant UFO disclosure

This is a positive aspect, bringing with it lots of far-reaching technological advances, like in the late 1920s, the late 1960s or the early 1990s:

In computers...
- Rise of the tablet computer (led by Apple, the iPad)
- Bur even better, an interactive PC that projects the screen on your hand or the outer world (the "sixth sense" technology developed by MIT researchers)
- Google launches operative system (announced on 7th July 2010; release is planned for late 2010)

In physics....
- Scientists teleport atoms for first time
- CERN begins LHC experiment (late 2009)

In transportation...
- First solar-energy airplane flight (tested in July 2010)
- The early steps of the first commercial space flight by Virgin Galatic (first manned flight on 15th July 2010; inaugural commercial flight is planned for 2011)
- The first mass-produced electric car Nissan LEAF (in December 2010); another brand Tesla Motors also begin selling their cars on early 2010; Chevrolet Volt will be released by November 2010

And we still haven't seen the promises of nuclear fusion, environmental cleaning, genetic advances, improvements on organic farming, free energy generators, alien disclosure, magnetic levitation trains, etc.

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