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A personal assay about the 2nd , 6th and 10th house

In this article, the second of its series, we will discuss about the earth astrological houses of the natal chart: the 2nd house, the 6th house and the 10th house. The earth houses are more complicated for me to define, because I have less influence of Earth element in my natal chart, and my only two earth placements is Moon in Virgo and Uranus in MC.

2nd house - Estabilishing that which we value in life
I want to contrast this house with its tradicional meaning. Maybe that's because I have Uranus transiting this house, and so I see things with a different lens. The second house comes after the first, where you made a stand to define your path. So, naturally, you will work out the practical details of that choice under the second house. It's all about this, it's not about money. It's about money for people that value money as an important thing. It's about criativity to those who value criativity, it's about nature, to those who value nature. You see, that which you define as your goals under the first house, you come to work with, under the second house. For me, the second house, even brings something that not many considered. I am a spiritual person. I often go through deep meditations when I have transits over the 12th house. So, naturally, under second house transits, I change my values, because I meditate more (this is a house of more inner focus, compared to the first house), and I gain, under this house, practical spiritual insights. For me, this is also a house of nature, of peace, contemplation, typical Buddah style (the story of Buddah is in fact a second house/Taurus story). And resources are not money (money can be of course a resource, but resources are that which you own, and that includes your talents, your working skills, etc). Please feel free to comment about this, under the comments below.

6th house - Working practicalities
My partner has Sun in sixth house, and she's a Virgo. I met her when Saturn was transiting my sixth house. The sixth house is a natural house of service. But there is more. Yes, you could say "duty", because under the fifth house you express yourself uninhibited, and then you realize that you must bring groundness, manifesting, stabilizing, Earth element to that fiercy element of the fifth house. Generally, this house can provoke a crises, because it forms a quinquncx to the ascendant, and sixth house challenge us to question what is worth in life. Which issues do we have pending and we have to manifest, finish, work out? Which details? Is this something worth? Go, in my own life, I of course, work more under the sixth house, I finish unfinished tasks, I question the worth of the stuff I do, I break relationships, or assume new compromises. Can you picture "working practicalities" of the second house, but now with a more relationship/social focus? Can you picture "working practicalities" of the pleasure/impulse of fifth house? It does not have to be work, routine or bad health. Crises happens because something is not workable. And why is this house so often charged? Why? Because it it just before the powerful angle of the descendant! I always have important chnges when planets transit the sixth house that tend to sort of take a new direction, when that planet enters the seventh house. The sixth house prepares for life (especially interpersonal life), by working out practicalities. Some examples: I live first abroad when Jupiter transited my sixth house; I changed a lot of what I consider important in my life when Saturn transited my sixth house (job and relationshipwise).

10th house - Confronting our own choices
I have so much squeezed the diaries I keep writting in my life and I see that the square to the ASC is the true cusp of the tenth house! And do you realize that all earth house make a trine to the tenth house cusp, but difficult aspects to the ASC? That's because they are all about manifesting, about going within, and confronting/manifesting outside, which is of slight different nature than the pure positive enthusiast criative impulse of fire houses. Under the tenth house, we observe the most intense aspect of all earth houses to the ascendant! That's why the tenth house is the most important and powerful of all earth houses! (by the way that also happens for the fourth house, the IC). And do you see: the manifestation has to come at the end, because it is expressed outwards, it a process of gradual effort and work that goes outside. And voilá, tenth house is the last of earth houses, and the most powerful one. For fire house, the most powerful is the first, because the self impulse comes from the inside (so it has to be the first house the most powerful creative self-defining impulse). For water houses, this also applies, and why, because the impulse is also an inner one!

Insights apart, the tenth house is one of final manifestation. It's time to finish all practicalities, and to look forward to next project (you cannot go higher than this, the cycle will be about to begin again in the first house). By now, it is asked of us, that we confront authority, that we actually become the authority. The demanding father we have, now should be us. So, exactly like the first house (and in true cardinal style) take a stand, but a practical one. See the practicalities, the details, the working structures of the society. You are about to grow mature as never as before. Under transits of this house, I got promoted, I finished practical affairs, I clash with authority and experienced being a leader too, I realize some of the possible new goals in my life. It is so typical of earth house to question between career and relationships, between stability and freedom. Because it's practicalities. But we don't have to put career before relationships, career should be our self-fullfilment and that might include serious relationships or building a family, that might include breaking those or a job, or it might persuit more freedom, while still doing something worth and practical. When you get to the eleventh house, you will persuit liberation, so watch out not to commit to a boring job now or delude yourself under a carrer.

I think that there are easier transits under this house: Saturn transiting here is a major point of reassessing, manifesting in your life and in what you do. Uranus is liberating and makes you defend your own stand and unique path (I have natal Uranus in my MC). Neptune transiting here is much more complicate; by its dissolving influence, we might feel loss in facing society, but this might be a blessing in desguise, by making us connect more with our inner powers, and express them outside (maybe even using them as a work).

2nd house: establishing that which we decide to value under the first house
6th house: challenges prepare us for life, by working practicalities at a more interpersonal level
10th house: final manifestation, confronting life, the status of who I am, make a practical stand (become your own authority directing your life)

Do you want to share some of your natal or transit experiences?

A personal essay about the 1st , 5th and 9th house

Do you know what's supposed to learn when planets transit in each house? I always see that astrologers create many trivial generalizations. However we have to go DEEPER.

This is another new series that I will explore.
What is the purpose behind each house? And examples of planets transiting there.
But not from the conventional astrological perspective. I removed apart of those.
Instead this is based from my own experience, which is based in meditation, observation and contemplation of what happens under each transit.

Have you notice that all fire houses make a trine to ascendant?

1st house - Defining a new path and who we are
The ascendant, 1st house, relates to a new beginning, to the unfolding of the "I", the unfolding of the "Self", so every time we have a transit in our first house, we reevaluate our sense of being, we take a stand, we are more bold. Sometimes this creates crises because we demand more, or we clash with others. We want to break free, we want to be our own selfs. So, this is not a house (or transit) to be lazy. Instead we should take that stand and move ahead, feel that there is action developing in our live. Very often, a stand taken will initiate a whole new process (you can see this very well when Mars transits your first house, there is a crises, that initiates a new theme). This is also a new promise. You don't even want to compare with a Uranus transit through first house (that is a whole brand new beginning for your life!) or Neptune (a brand new inspiration for your life, a kind of long-lasting inner revolution, a time for great new ideals and spirituality). Also, every time of the year that the Sun transits your rising sign is always a time for new beginnings. If you natal Sun in your first house, you will be very focus in defining yourself and your life. If you have Uranus, this creates an even more bold and striking character. Pluto located in first house will bring you a ever-transformating deep and powerful attitude in life. So, in summary, the first house is about making a move, defining and making a stand for our path and how we defines ourselves.

5th house - Seeking stable self-expression and enthusiasm
The 5th house, making a trine to the ascendant is again about action. While in water houses (such as the 4th) we go deeper, inward, inside, in the fire houses we go outside, we move, we create, we initiate, we express ourselves. But "action" truly begins with an inner impulse under the water houses. On the fifth, it's a perfect house not to get lazy (another tendency under fifth house) and to do that which truly makes you joyful! Enjoy, have fun, take pleasure and adventure activities, express yourself through art, travel, party, or just taking great enthusiastic moves, in your life. If you are looking for something, this is the time again to go after that, to make a practical action, to take a bold step in that new direction you want. You can follow this every month, by watching when does the Moon transits the fifth sign counting from your ascendant: it entails a couple of days where there is a potencial for some great decisions or great times. Or for example transiting Mars under the fifth house is also a time of fun, enthusiasm forward, and great decisiveness. Even transiting Saturn over the fifth house, will create significant revolutions of the way you conduct your life, for a more true expression of yourself. Natal planets placed in the fifth house will bring forward great creative impulses, a little bit accordingly to the planet energy. And why so much focus in pleasure, criativity, enthusiasm? Because this is a fixed house, of a fire nature, it has to fixate (stabilize) the self-manifesting, self-directing impulse of the first house. The best way? More enthusiasm! Fun! What better ways to motivate steadly ourselves!

9th house - Going larger than ourselves
It is in the 9th house, that the fundamental self-centered impulse of 1st and 5th house goes transcended. Now we think already more about others (after the transits of 6th, 7th and 8th houses). We go boldy to want to move to something new, something that if possible encompasses a great diversity of that which we are. Hence, the travel impulse, the academic/learning impulse, the philosophical and religious impulse. It is a multi-cultural impulse, it's great for making travel plans, to take grand adventures abroad or in group, for that great new project abroad. Picture transiting Jupiter here and you have yourself travelling more than usual, and open to new grand ideas. Transiting Saturn makes you confront with the need to grow and expand, even you have to quit a job or a relationship. Transiting Uranus will be very bold, going for travels and grand new ideas. It's a similar situation if you have planets in the natal 9th house; they will all make you want to grow and expand further, even Saturn. Do you see something that is now larger than you? You want absolutely to grow! Preferably as with all fire houses, it should be something that still makes you feel free, because freedom is essence to fire houses, by allowing our uninhibited self-expression.

1st house: make a stand, to define your new path, your new self (a new promise)
5th house: express yourself, express through joy (stabilizing the enthusiastic and self-manifesting impulse)
9th house: travel plans, go larger than you are

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Aries, first sign of Zodiac: the young fire that burns!

The first signs of the Zodiac are related to our concept of self-identification. These signs are called personal signs, the individuals come face to face with their own Self, with the creative power within themselves accordingly to the sign element. Aries are blessed with fire. Fire relates to our inner impulse (will) and it is also ego. Therefore Aries trusts and very well in his/her hunches. The cardinal fire energy of the sign relates to its dynamism, movement, motivation and optimism, strengh, honesty and courage, self-confidence and assertiveness to go ahead, to create a dynamic life.

Because of this, Aries are often intelligent, bright and sucessful individuals. The dangers in Aries are those of a misuse of overidentification with the ego, being self-centeredness, pride and arrogance, and those of a misuse of the will aspect, such as agressive or manipulative behavior, and forcing one will's over another. Ideally an Aries is a self-reliant, independent, dynamic individual, very inventive, bright but still friendly, inspiring, balanced, diplomatic and helpful. The qualities of Libra form a balancing pair.

Compared to other fire signs, the fire in Aries burns like a recently lit bonfire (a strong, young and all motivated new beginning, willing to spread around), while the fire of a Leo is more of a mature powerful shining bonfire (the beauty, the stability of that warm), and the fire of a Sagittarius, the hot coal in a bonfire (the controlled heat, burning inside, gently warm with a relentlessly persistence). The fire of Aries is particularly strong as we move into the late degrees of the sign, even exerting an influence in the early degrees of the next sign.

Are you an Aries? Do you have natal planets in Aries? Would you like to share your own experiences?

In the next article, we will see how the other personal signs work, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer, the personal identification with the elements of earth (practicality, groundness), air (ideas, relating, communication) and water (bondage, emotions, inner world).

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Astrology, mental disorders and psychological problems. A clash between the elements of the psyche

Mental disorders are more common than we think. And a very touchy subject as well. Nearly every of us had, has or will have at least some symptons of some sort of psychological disorder. Even if it's only mild depression or anxiety. Some of us even have control issues, manias and other disorders, that we are not aware of. Mental disorders are a dramatic part of life, in a society that is unbalanced and unhelpful for the people affected by these problems. There is also much misundertanding of what is really a mental disorder. For instance, many genious suffered from mania and were bipolar. Perhaps people suffering from this would do better to explore their psyche. Perhaps to understand what would they need to explore in order to be better express themselves. Do we live in a society that encourage us to explore our full potential? My answer is a no.

I am against conventional treatment for "mental disorders". Everyone has "mental disorders" because everyone has unintegrated and unbalanced portions of the psyche. I consider the concept of bipolar disease to be ridicule, psychologists don't understand the creative right-brain part of the brain. They want to medicate everyone suffering from depressive or stimulated states, when in fact these states serve a function. Isn't it normal a high-energy Aries and Gemini, or a meditative contemplative Scorpio or Pisces? Psychologist don't paint, psychologists don't meditate! However i agree when such behavior crosses the link and becomes a risk to close ones and to the life of the individual. But clinical psychologists don't do well with just medicating. We are all given drugs to become "normal" people, similar to each other.

But there is hope. I see a damaging psychological disorder as a misuse of specific aspects of our psyche. We all have different elements within our personality, sometimes they are very contradictory and difficult to express and this can lead to trouble, when we cannot find outlets for them. Astrology helps us understand what is going on, and how to better express those inner dramas, it help us to recognize what are those elements and which outlets they need.

Linking psychological disorders to Astrology
My initial thoughts concerning psychological problems would be to link severe melancholy and depression to Saturn (perhaps in hard aspects to the Moon, Sun and Mercury), bipolar disease linked to Gemini, while mania and madness linked to uncontrolled Uranus and (possibly unexpressed) Mars. Nervous breakdowns can be linked either to Uranus, Mars or Mercury. Eccentricity and genious to Uranus. Speech disorders to Mercury. Unbalanced Mars can also lead to neurotic behavior, as well as hard aspects to Pluto, Aries or Libra. This could also lead to criminal activities, rage or rape. Pluto can lead to psychological breakdowns, uncontrolled emotions and control issues. Hard aspects between Saturn and Mars can lead also to sexual frustation. Unbalanced Neptune energy can lead to schizophenia, hallucinations, delirium, religious cults, strange beliefs, delusional behavior and drug abuse. Unbalanced Jupiter can also lead to maniac, fanatism and delusional behavior. Hard aspects to Saturn and Venus can also lead to lack of self-confidence.

Let's look at different famous people who had nervous disorders:

Newton was a bipolar, having often rage periods and nervous breakdowns, besides being a great genious. He had Uranus in ascendant, and Mars in DSC. Both are very strong energies, very "maniac", and need to be expressed under a very dynamic and experimental lifestyle. His Uranus in Scorpio ASC relates to very intense deep underlying emotional currents. In contrast, he was also a Capricorn and with a tight Saturn square Mercury, both of which give strong inclination for melancholy. So, in his case we have a personality under deep contradiction between the uncontrolled excess of both Uranus and Mars, and the other melancholy energies. Furthermore, he was a Gemini (bipolar) Moon (moods), and the Sun on his third house increase even more his mental energies. He was one of greatest physicians of our history, but also an alchemist and teologian, dwelling in strange biblical end of the world theories and occultism. On his final years he became an eccentric, while having Uranus transiting his ascendant. He die when he had the Uranus return, and other outer planets transited all water houses: Saturn transited his IC, Neptune the 8th house and Pluto his 12th house.

Beethoven was a bipolar, maniac, suffering from melancholy and being a great musical genious. Again, we find the maniac signatures: Beethoven had an opposition between his Sun/Mercury and Mars, in 8th house and in Gemini. Like Newton, he was a Scorpio ascendant, with his Sun in the cusp of the third house. Once again, strong Gemini and third house influence, and a difficult Mars aspect. His Uranus was also close to DSC, and Saturn in MC. Both were in strong angles and in square. Beethoven had a Moon in Sagittarius square to Neptune. This might give another musical signature, creativity and also his psychotic delusions.

Van Gogh, was a maniac painter, strongly bipolar, suffering delusional behavior, epiletic episodes, self-mutilation and drug abuse. Mars in Pisces, a strong emotional energy, was in square to his conjuntion Moon/Jupiter in Sagittarius. This a difficult combination of emotions, which probably explain his delusional behavior and extreme anxiety. In addition, his Sun in Aries and the Moon/Jupiter in Sagittarius further explain the maniac behavior. His Sagittarius Moon/Jupiter shows well his tendency to travel and wander, and paint landscapes. This contrast to his Cancer rising. The stark contrast between water and fire explain his strong bipolar disorder. Van Gogh only became an artist in 1880 and committed suicide in 1890. During these periods, he was having important transits at 5º Virgo (Uranus - when he became an artist), and 5º Virgo (Saturn) and 5º Gemini (Pluto/Neptune when he committed suicide). This seems to be a sensitive degree for his chart. In most of his life were marker by Uranus transiting his 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses, and Neptune and Pluto transiting his tenth house. This shows well the confusing path he took. Uranus squared his Moon and opposed his Sun, during some of its difficult moments, and when he emerged as an artist. When Uranus transited his IC, he began suffering from delirium and having his psychological breakdown.

Other people suffering from bipolar disease include Linda Hamilton, a famous actress: she has a T-square between Jupiter, Mars in Pisces, and Moon in Gemini. Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, a clinical psychologist: he has a T-square between Sun in Gemini, Moon in Pisces, and Neptune; and a Saturn-Mercury conjunction. Maurice Bernard, an actor, has Sun in Pisces opposed by Uranus, and a T-square between his Moon, Neptune and a Saturn-Mercury conjunction. Thom Yorke, from Radiohead, has an opposition between his Libra Sun and a Moon/Saturn conjuntion. Iggy Pop, has a Mars/Mercury Aries conjunction, opposed by Neptune,and also Sun/Moon in Aries in square to Saturn!

Our examples seem to show that bipolar disorders are linked to a strong contrast between unbalanced Fire/Air and Water/Earth elements. This could be a conflict between a strong Uranus and Saturn, a strong and badly aspected Mars and Sun, or a badly aspected Moon in Sagitarius and Gemini.

John Nash was a mathematical genious suffering from schizophrenia. His difficult natal charts placements relate a Gemini Sun located in his 12th house, with a conjuntion of Pluto and Mercury in his Cancer rising, which is square to his MC Uranus! He also had a Mars-Moon conjunction in Aries. Lionel Aldridge, a football player, also suffered from schizophrenia. He had a square between Mars in Sagittarius and a conjunction Moon/Neptune. Once again, we find all these contrasting elements in psychosis behavior.

Lincoln and Churchill
Both suffered form severe depressions. Lincoln had a Capricorn rising, with a Capricorn Moon, this is enough for a character prone to melancholy. Depression comes when two other difficult aspects add to the chart. He also a Saturn/Neptune conjunction in square to his Mercury. And his Mars in square to his Capricorn Moon! As a curious fact, Lincoln was assassinated when Saturn conjuncted his MC and natal Mars.
Churchill had a Moon in 12th house, this can give unexpressed emotions. He had a Virgo rising and a sextile between Sun and Saturn which add seriousness and melancholy. This is difficult for a Sagittarius. Furthermore, he had Uranus in square to Mercury (nervous tension), and Pluto opposed Mercury (heavy thought). Interestingly, he was having Neptune transiting his rising, when he was a president during WWII (. Both Lincoln and Churchill had Mars in angular houses, which relate to their millitant and political occupations.

Shawn Colvin is a songwritter that suffered a major long depression. She is a Capricorn, with a major Saturn/Mars conjunction squared by Pluto and Jupiter. Kurt Cobain, from Nirvana, has Sun in Pisces square to Neptune (drug abuse and confusion), square between Moon and Saturn (depression) and Uranus and Pluto opposite to Mercury (nervous tension and suicidal tendency). He also has a Mars in square to Jupiter (he also suffered bipolar disease).

Our examples seem to link depression to difficult positions of the Moon, a strong Saturn and Capricorn, difficult aspects of Saturn and Neptune, and natal Mercury forming hard aspects to outer planets. Mania is linked to unbalanced Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. It is very interesting to see that artists seem more prone to mania and psychosis, while politics to depression.

Recommended healing
I do recommend for people looking for answers to their problems, to look further to Astrology and also for Anthrosophy communities. I also encourage people to exercise different outlets in life (Arts, Meditation, Yoga and Spirituality, Travel and Adventure, Writting, Theatre, Sports, Volunteer Work).

Please feel free to share your histories of people with psychological problems.
My email is segurelha (at) gmail (dot) com

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Mars transiting through your natal houses! A meaningful cycle!

I took several hours to write and review the essay below. It is the work of several months based on the powerful effects of transiting Mars under our natal houses. It is a very important cycle, that not many give attention to. It is a clear pacemaker of our lives, connected with our personal purposes, relationships and careers. Enjoy the read. And feel free to comment.

Mars transiting your 1st house to 4th house
At this time, there is a challenge in your time. You challenge your the direction your life is taking. Because of this, crises often arises. And a new impulse, a new promise. Often there is a need for freedom and for the new. Mars tends to be impulsive, we want to move ASAP. However despite immediate action, there is not an immediate realization of our own goals. Normally, this will manifest within the next 6-12 months (there will be much more happening later, affairs and details to deal, etc). Relationships and jobs can suffer because of extra impulsiveness. This is an highly charged period, so conflicts can also arise. Still whatever you begin/apply for now, it will be worth later. This can be a very dynamic period.

As Mars transits your second house, you begin grasping a more clear and solid plan. You take action. There is a new path ahead, for example a new job, that will manifest fully within the next months. Mars transiting the third house increases quite significantly our social life, we go out more, we express ourselves more, we meet new people (romantic involvements are more likely) and we travel more.

Mars transiting your 4th house to 7th house
Under these transits we turn inwards looking for answers. Often we are presented with a dillema in our lives, for example between career and relationships (following the themes that developed since the first house transit). We want something meaningful (or perhaps we want the freedom that we crave so much under the first house transit, but we also crave security now so we adopt a compromise between both). And so we are pressed to make (sometimes important) choices and compromises. This can be an emotionally heavy time and relationships can break up. Still, relationships will become an important theme later, under the seventh house transit. Because we change, frequently we also change our place of residence!

Mars transiting the fifth can be a joyful, socially and active period. Criativity, emotions, romance will be increased. Often this feels as a completely brand new period! As Mars transits the sixth house we also actively apply our energy in our worklife, acomplishing a lot in our current job, or sometimes looking for a new job, we might be asked for an important new direction in our career. We are working for the practical solution to the problem related to the crises of the first house transit. Sometimes there is even a deep shorted crises (like questioning the direction and worth of our path and affairs) or we find out a brand new (and more worth) path for our lives. We often act upon that under the seventh house transit.

Mars transiting your 7th house to 10th house
Relationships are in focus. We meet people that will be significant in our lives. We are fully engaged with the people around us. This is often the maximum of social involvement of the cycle. Often whatever crises occurred under the first house, it is now balanced, with a solution. For example, we might have a compromise, opportunity for new project or relationship.

Mars transiting eighth house brings further involvement in relationships. Often there are intense social experiences. Also spiritual interest begins now to have a more important (and perhaps new) dimension, and will during the next 6-12 months. Mars transiting the ninth can add extra travel and enjoyment; we look for new horizons, some new big dreams. Social involvement is still significant.

Mars transiting your 10th house to 1st house
Now we are pressed to evaluate our life. Shall we compromise our present direction, or break free. We feel unsure and we confront that feeling. We are faced in reclaiming authority over our lives, and confronting many issues in our lives, such as the solidity of our intimate relationships or jobs. Because of the tenth house saturn-like energy, we can face conflicts with authority or the family. We might be required to spend considerable energy taking practical steps in our career (just as one example, if we are unemployed we seek a new job, if we are employed, we want a new commitment). We may envision a new path ahead (that we discover under the ninth house transit), but that still lies ahead. This might be a cause of conflict later (in the first house). Often, under this transit, life changes quite significantly (new job, residence, place, even a new challenge). And this is the reason of extra energy required (we might want to adjust to the "society" or "job" around.

As Mars progresses into the 11th and 12th house, we drawn ourselves away from society, we might feel more socially alienated, we explore lifestyle alternatives, and still we spend energy seeking what society might offer us, we meditate more (also connecting more with nature or with our most loved dreams), until the new impulse, challenge and personal crises of the first house. Of course, the alienation, and dreams from this period will colour the first house challenge.

I based this under several cycles that Mars has made in my own chart during the past years. I used my diary to observe its effects. Please feel free to comment.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Inner dialogues with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

This is what has been happening to me right now, while having a Saturn Return, Uranus transiting diverse natal planets, and Neptune transiting first house. All powerful transits.

First Saturn asks:
"What is worth for you? Where do you stand now, and where you do want to go?"
" Take time my friend. Evaluate every aspect of your life. Career, Money, Relationship, What do you want to be"
Saturn warns: " Under a Saturn Return, you learn: You must be yourself"
" Under a Saturn Return, you learn: You must make important decisions"
" It's not easy, because you have to weight all pros and cons"
And advices: " Be realistic, have faith, preservate with effort, make those all-important decisions. Build your future now." " The key is building something worth on your life. Like the responsability of following a specific career, having a child, serving others, etc. That could be your structure."

Uranus then asserts:
"Freedom is of utmost importance" Remember "Freedom!"
"You must act without regard of what others expect from you"
"You must follow your own intuition" "Often, alone"
"You must be free to act as yourself, be yourself, do the stuff that truly makes you happy"
" Re-invent your life accordingly to that"
And advices: "Don't be afraid to take risk, only by taking risks, you can persuit that new life which will open you new doors"

Finally, Neptune whispers:
"No action. Don't act. I mean don't act forcefully. Perfect action is effortless, is inspired"
" Just feel, connect with your true intuition, that little inner voice"
" That voice is never wrong, it knows what is best for you"
Looks spiritual. But Neptune adds: " Just feel gratitude. by raising our vibration (happiness) you will attract those stuff you want more easily. Let it flow"
" You probably feel confused. Don't waste time struggling with rational thinking. You will never reach a conclusion about what makes you happy. Instead live in the moment, in the here and now, let yourself be inspired and persuit that which makes your soul smile with joy."
Remember those words "Intuition", "Inspired", "Flow"

Based on previous posts:

Big Shift coming! 11-21 December 2011: next period of intense energy

This year is featuring a lot of periods of very intense astrological energy: 15-25 March, 20-26 June, 26 July - 10 August. Also events: not only economic crises, but environmental disasters.
Another period is due. 11-21 December. On the 11th December, transiting Mercury and Mars will trigger the T-square, then there will be a lunar eclipse!

During the next two months, very intense astrological energy follows. The lunar Nodes will conjunct with Pluto and activate the cardinal T-square between Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This indicates a potencial and eminent BIG SHIFT!

Last time, the lunar Nodes conjuncted with important astrological configurations were:
- March 1931: during a cardinal T-square very similar to the one occuring now. After the initial crash in 1929, the economy was recovering but after this period just entered a period of major depression and social chaos.
- October 1968 - July 1969: a period full of social revolts, and major world events such as Woodstock or the race to put the first man on the Moon.

What about now?
What will happen after November?

Expect at least increased social revolts and intense social, economic and political unstability.
Maybe a new volcanic eruption or natural disaster. This is only the beginning of the great cardinal energy of the 2010s and 2020s.

And watch out on your personal life!
This period will be as intense as the cardinal climax of July and August.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Uranus, Aquarius, 11th house and social alienation

I currently have Uranus squaring my 11th natal Sun.
In addition, I have natally Uranus in MC and an Aquarius rising.

How can't I stop but to feel social alienation?
I stand by my own position and dreams.
And close friends, family, colleagues, say repeatedly I should follow the conventional path.
That it brings no money, and not suiting my status or background.

People like to tell others what to do.
This is not helpful, nor ethical.
Who knows what best for you? Only you!

One should only help another, if requested, and by helping the other to find its own way.
People should not be telling others what to do.

Mature individuals assume their own responsability and path.

The Uranus energy wants to contribute to social reform.
Because it sees a social order that is not fair, and a stagnant order.
It does not care with having financial stability or social status.

If the Uranus individual wants to follow this, since it has a pure motivation...
And does so, in a positive constructive way, e.g. by working with NGOs, planting trees, or doing volunteering and humanitarian work...

This is unconventional but it is a service to mankind and to the planet.
Why should my friends, family, be disencouraging me of doing this?

That is very so the nature of 11th house, Uranus and Aquarius:
uniqueness, the individual versus the group, social alienation, social reform

In a world of much unbalance, both environmentally and socially
Humanitarian work is more than needed!

Do you have a strong Aquarius, Uranus or 11th house?
Please share your experiences!

Uranus in Pisces and Aries influence: natural disasters at a mass scale

Uranus transiting Pisces and Aries, usually causes lots of unstability in the world: both socially and economically. Major depressions, revolts, revolutions and wars have happened during these transits.

But it's not the only thing. It also causes big scale natural disasters, like it happened during the Dust Bowl (Uranus in Aries), Spanish flu (Uranus in Pisces), the Irish famine (Uranus in Aries) or the Black Plague (Uranus in Aries).

Since Uranus entered Pisces (2003-2010) we have already suffered big natural disasters like the european deadly-heatwave (2003), Indonesia tsunami (2004), Katrina hurricane (2005), Chinese earthquake (2008), and several threating pandemics that never caused a big trouble (SARS, Bird flu, or Pandemic flu).

But wait! 2010 has an even longer list of natural disasters with global impact:
- Record cold winter
- Chile earthquake and tsunami
- Eyjafjallajökull eruption disrupts flights
- Deadly heatwave in Russia (biggest ever)
- Record floods in Pakistan
- Gulf of Mexico: biggest ever oil spill in a ocean
- Hungary toxic spill: one the biggest natural disasters in Europe

Seems Uranus wants insistently to show the deadly effects of messing up with Mother Nature.

Climatic change is worsened by human carbon emissions and cutting forest.
The toxic/oil spills are the irresponsability of corporations with disregard for the environment.

Please read the following post below.

Friday, October 8, 2010

10/10/10, a day to about to learn how to protect Earth.

Take action.
Take care of our planet.

Join the iniciatives. There will be plenty near you!

See which practical steps to take in your house

Monday, October 4, 2010

What is a Saturn Return

A Saturn return happens when Saturn return to the same position it occupied when you were born. This is transiting Saturn in conjuntion to natal Saturn and occurs when we are 29, 58 and 87. Saturn returns are major periods of change, one of the most important in our lives.

Major adjustments
During these periods, major adjustments occur in our lives. We take a big look to ourselves and confront our problems in almost all facets of live. We change our jobs, we are raised promotions in our career, we make serious commitments and end others. Many people for instance have their first child during this time, marry for the first time, or divorce their first marriage.

Assuming responsability over our own lives
If it's a conscious process, the individual reaccess what he has been living and he might realize that some things have to change. Perhaps it's time to end some commitments that are not working in our lives. Perhaps, it's time to follow a new direction. Often it's a time to start building our goals and dreams, in a serious committed way. You reflect in your individual destiny. You examine your true needs, desires and what you want to be in life. Even for people that are not conscious of this process, they often go through the same new beginnings and endings. It's like a cycle that is ending, and a new one is about to begin. Often, this is about assuming the responsability over own our lives.

A gradual process
A Saturn return is a difficult and painfully gradual process. In the years before the exact transit, at 29 or 58, a crescendo of our personal events leads to different interests and directions, and as the Saturn return approaches, we are confronted with these many issues. For most of us, we are ending a stage of life that is familiar and embarking on another one that is untried and unknown. This is painfull. Different commitments are ended, remodelled and newly established.

Saturn return themes
The major theme of a Saturn return will be determined by the house is placed natally. Individuals having their Saturn return in the first house could be questioning their basic identity, self-assertion, way of being and directing their own lives. In the sixth house, the individual may feel frustations in his work and daily life, perhaps feeling tired, stressed or sick, thus requiring major changes on his life. A Saturn return in the seventh house could revolve around relationship issues. I am currently having the (first) Saturn return in the ninth house. During the past years I have been living in different countries working for the academic world (a typical ninth house theme). However I was unhappy with my path, and I am now starting from scratch on a completely new career. I have decided to persuit a life based on new and wider horizons, offering more fullfillment and freedom, while still abroad.

Do you have Saturn return stories?
Please feel free to share them!