Saturday, October 16, 2010

Big Shift coming! 11-21 December 2011: next period of intense energy

This year is featuring a lot of periods of very intense astrological energy: 15-25 March, 20-26 June, 26 July - 10 August. Also events: not only economic crises, but environmental disasters.
Another period is due. 11-21 December. On the 11th December, transiting Mercury and Mars will trigger the T-square, then there will be a lunar eclipse!

During the next two months, very intense astrological energy follows. The lunar Nodes will conjunct with Pluto and activate the cardinal T-square between Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This indicates a potencial and eminent BIG SHIFT!

Last time, the lunar Nodes conjuncted with important astrological configurations were:
- March 1931: during a cardinal T-square very similar to the one occuring now. After the initial crash in 1929, the economy was recovering but after this period just entered a period of major depression and social chaos.
- October 1968 - July 1969: a period full of social revolts, and major world events such as Woodstock or the race to put the first man on the Moon.

What about now?
What will happen after November?

Expect at least increased social revolts and intense social, economic and political unstability.
Maybe a new volcanic eruption or natural disaster. This is only the beginning of the great cardinal energy of the 2010s and 2020s.

And watch out on your personal life!
This period will be as intense as the cardinal climax of July and August.


segurelha said...

We are in the last day of November and we can already see a shift happening:

Military, there was the Korea attack, and tension between China and the US.

Politically, the US is becoming envolved in a huge diplomatic scandal, over the Wikileaks disclosure with reports that US has spied in Europeans and the UN!

Economically, the Irish near collapse is presenting a big crises for the existence of the Euro project. This situation is starting to spread like wild fire.

And the masses starting to protest more and more (London and Rome university protests, the Irish protests, the Portuguese protests)

This is just a small step. Watch for more action in 2011, in 2012, in 2013... there will be no lack of big news

segurelha said...

We are now in the first days of February, and the period November to January, had huge amounts of global change, as predicted.

Before the Christmas, it was the Korea, Wikileaks and Euro crises.

Now, it has been a revolutionary wave across North Africa.

Since late 2008, many global events have been happening, due to cardinal crises (Obama, global recession, pandemic flu, icelandic volcano, climate change...)

Let's see what happens more in 2011

It looks like

love psychic said...

Whoa! Then I think we better brace ourselves from the inevitable. Don't get me wrong, seriously, I think we must prepare ourselves for the receding events that gonna take place before the year ends. Great stuff!

psychic predictions said...

Amazing article. Its scary enough to think about what is going to happen and the more we should prepare for it. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I work with the U.S. chart gemini rising with mars conjunct a real nasty fixed star. Astrology was definitely used in the choosing of the birthtime.Who wouldn't wait for mars ruling the first to be in the first, venus ruling the second be in the second, mercury ruling the 3rd be in the third.The fact that only 7 planets were used at the time of the construction of the chart, however ,astrology hides nothing Uranus ruling societies finds it on the cusp of the ascendant lurking in the 12th house (secret society). This lunar eclipse contacts mars in the first;when you put Syria's chart over the gemini rising chart you have their Saturn conjunct mars in the first.

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