Saturday, October 16, 2010

Inner dialogues with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

This is what has been happening to me right now, while having a Saturn Return, Uranus transiting diverse natal planets, and Neptune transiting first house. All powerful transits.

First Saturn asks:
"What is worth for you? Where do you stand now, and where you do want to go?"
" Take time my friend. Evaluate every aspect of your life. Career, Money, Relationship, What do you want to be"
Saturn warns: " Under a Saturn Return, you learn: You must be yourself"
" Under a Saturn Return, you learn: You must make important decisions"
" It's not easy, because you have to weight all pros and cons"
And advices: " Be realistic, have faith, preservate with effort, make those all-important decisions. Build your future now." " The key is building something worth on your life. Like the responsability of following a specific career, having a child, serving others, etc. That could be your structure."

Uranus then asserts:
"Freedom is of utmost importance" Remember "Freedom!"
"You must act without regard of what others expect from you"
"You must follow your own intuition" "Often, alone"
"You must be free to act as yourself, be yourself, do the stuff that truly makes you happy"
" Re-invent your life accordingly to that"
And advices: "Don't be afraid to take risk, only by taking risks, you can persuit that new life which will open you new doors"

Finally, Neptune whispers:
"No action. Don't act. I mean don't act forcefully. Perfect action is effortless, is inspired"
" Just feel, connect with your true intuition, that little inner voice"
" That voice is never wrong, it knows what is best for you"
Looks spiritual. But Neptune adds: " Just feel gratitude. by raising our vibration (happiness) you will attract those stuff you want more easily. Let it flow"
" You probably feel confused. Don't waste time struggling with rational thinking. You will never reach a conclusion about what makes you happy. Instead live in the moment, in the here and now, let yourself be inspired and persuit that which makes your soul smile with joy."
Remember those words "Intuition", "Inspired", "Flow"

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