Saturday, October 30, 2010

A personal essay about the 1st , 5th and 9th house

Do you know what's supposed to learn when planets transit in each house? I always see that astrologers create many trivial generalizations. However we have to go DEEPER.

This is another new series that I will explore.
What is the purpose behind each house? And examples of planets transiting there.
But not from the conventional astrological perspective. I removed apart of those.
Instead this is based from my own experience, which is based in meditation, observation and contemplation of what happens under each transit.

Have you notice that all fire houses make a trine to ascendant?

1st house - Defining a new path and who we are
The ascendant, 1st house, relates to a new beginning, to the unfolding of the "I", the unfolding of the "Self", so every time we have a transit in our first house, we reevaluate our sense of being, we take a stand, we are more bold. Sometimes this creates crises because we demand more, or we clash with others. We want to break free, we want to be our own selfs. So, this is not a house (or transit) to be lazy. Instead we should take that stand and move ahead, feel that there is action developing in our live. Very often, a stand taken will initiate a whole new process (you can see this very well when Mars transits your first house, there is a crises, that initiates a new theme). This is also a new promise. You don't even want to compare with a Uranus transit through first house (that is a whole brand new beginning for your life!) or Neptune (a brand new inspiration for your life, a kind of long-lasting inner revolution, a time for great new ideals and spirituality). Also, every time of the year that the Sun transits your rising sign is always a time for new beginnings. If you natal Sun in your first house, you will be very focus in defining yourself and your life. If you have Uranus, this creates an even more bold and striking character. Pluto located in first house will bring you a ever-transformating deep and powerful attitude in life. So, in summary, the first house is about making a move, defining and making a stand for our path and how we defines ourselves.

5th house - Seeking stable self-expression and enthusiasm
The 5th house, making a trine to the ascendant is again about action. While in water houses (such as the 4th) we go deeper, inward, inside, in the fire houses we go outside, we move, we create, we initiate, we express ourselves. But "action" truly begins with an inner impulse under the water houses. On the fifth, it's a perfect house not to get lazy (another tendency under fifth house) and to do that which truly makes you joyful! Enjoy, have fun, take pleasure and adventure activities, express yourself through art, travel, party, or just taking great enthusiastic moves, in your life. If you are looking for something, this is the time again to go after that, to make a practical action, to take a bold step in that new direction you want. You can follow this every month, by watching when does the Moon transits the fifth sign counting from your ascendant: it entails a couple of days where there is a potencial for some great decisions or great times. Or for example transiting Mars under the fifth house is also a time of fun, enthusiasm forward, and great decisiveness. Even transiting Saturn over the fifth house, will create significant revolutions of the way you conduct your life, for a more true expression of yourself. Natal planets placed in the fifth house will bring forward great creative impulses, a little bit accordingly to the planet energy. And why so much focus in pleasure, criativity, enthusiasm? Because this is a fixed house, of a fire nature, it has to fixate (stabilize) the self-manifesting, self-directing impulse of the first house. The best way? More enthusiasm! Fun! What better ways to motivate steadly ourselves!

9th house - Going larger than ourselves
It is in the 9th house, that the fundamental self-centered impulse of 1st and 5th house goes transcended. Now we think already more about others (after the transits of 6th, 7th and 8th houses). We go boldy to want to move to something new, something that if possible encompasses a great diversity of that which we are. Hence, the travel impulse, the academic/learning impulse, the philosophical and religious impulse. It is a multi-cultural impulse, it's great for making travel plans, to take grand adventures abroad or in group, for that great new project abroad. Picture transiting Jupiter here and you have yourself travelling more than usual, and open to new grand ideas. Transiting Saturn makes you confront with the need to grow and expand, even you have to quit a job or a relationship. Transiting Uranus will be very bold, going for travels and grand new ideas. It's a similar situation if you have planets in the natal 9th house; they will all make you want to grow and expand further, even Saturn. Do you see something that is now larger than you? You want absolutely to grow! Preferably as with all fire houses, it should be something that still makes you feel free, because freedom is essence to fire houses, by allowing our uninhibited self-expression.

1st house: make a stand, to define your new path, your new self (a new promise)
5th house: express yourself, express through joy (stabilizing the enthusiastic and self-manifesting impulse)
9th house: travel plans, go larger than you are

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Debbianne said...

Thank you! I really enjoyed that perspective. It helps solve a long time mystery... (not to be narcissistic but naturally we always know our own charts very well!) I have no planets in fire signs, yet I'm often perceived as fiery. Well, what I do have is a helluva lot of placements in the 9th, 5th and 1st, forming a grand water trine. Voila!

Thanks again for the insights---from an amateur astrology geek. : )