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A personal assay about the 2nd , 6th and 10th house

In this article, the second of its series, we will discuss about the earth astrological houses of the natal chart: the 2nd house, the 6th house and the 10th house. The earth houses are more complicated for me to define, because I have less influence of Earth element in my natal chart, and my only two earth placements is Moon in Virgo and Uranus in MC.

2nd house - Estabilishing that which we value in life
I want to contrast this house with its tradicional meaning. Maybe that's because I have Uranus transiting this house, and so I see things with a different lens. The second house comes after the first, where you made a stand to define your path. So, naturally, you will work out the practical details of that choice under the second house. It's all about this, it's not about money. It's about money for people that value money as an important thing. It's about criativity to those who value criativity, it's about nature, to those who value nature. You see, that which you define as your goals under the first house, you come to work with, under the second house. For me, the second house, even brings something that not many considered. I am a spiritual person. I often go through deep meditations when I have transits over the 12th house. So, naturally, under second house transits, I change my values, because I meditate more (this is a house of more inner focus, compared to the first house), and I gain, under this house, practical spiritual insights. For me, this is also a house of nature, of peace, contemplation, typical Buddah style (the story of Buddah is in fact a second house/Taurus story). And resources are not money (money can be of course a resource, but resources are that which you own, and that includes your talents, your working skills, etc). Please feel free to comment about this, under the comments below.

6th house - Working practicalities
My partner has Sun in sixth house, and she's a Virgo. I met her when Saturn was transiting my sixth house. The sixth house is a natural house of service. But there is more. Yes, you could say "duty", because under the fifth house you express yourself uninhibited, and then you realize that you must bring groundness, manifesting, stabilizing, Earth element to that fiercy element of the fifth house. Generally, this house can provoke a crises, because it forms a quinquncx to the ascendant, and sixth house challenge us to question what is worth in life. Which issues do we have pending and we have to manifest, finish, work out? Which details? Is this something worth? Go, in my own life, I of course, work more under the sixth house, I finish unfinished tasks, I question the worth of the stuff I do, I break relationships, or assume new compromises. Can you picture "working practicalities" of the second house, but now with a more relationship/social focus? Can you picture "working practicalities" of the pleasure/impulse of fifth house? It does not have to be work, routine or bad health. Crises happens because something is not workable. And why is this house so often charged? Why? Because it it just before the powerful angle of the descendant! I always have important chnges when planets transit the sixth house that tend to sort of take a new direction, when that planet enters the seventh house. The sixth house prepares for life (especially interpersonal life), by working out practicalities. Some examples: I live first abroad when Jupiter transited my sixth house; I changed a lot of what I consider important in my life when Saturn transited my sixth house (job and relationshipwise).

10th house - Confronting our own choices
I have so much squeezed the diaries I keep writting in my life and I see that the square to the ASC is the true cusp of the tenth house! And do you realize that all earth house make a trine to the tenth house cusp, but difficult aspects to the ASC? That's because they are all about manifesting, about going within, and confronting/manifesting outside, which is of slight different nature than the pure positive enthusiast criative impulse of fire houses. Under the tenth house, we observe the most intense aspect of all earth houses to the ascendant! That's why the tenth house is the most important and powerful of all earth houses! (by the way that also happens for the fourth house, the IC). And do you see: the manifestation has to come at the end, because it is expressed outwards, it a process of gradual effort and work that goes outside. And voilá, tenth house is the last of earth houses, and the most powerful one. For fire house, the most powerful is the first, because the self impulse comes from the inside (so it has to be the first house the most powerful creative self-defining impulse). For water houses, this also applies, and why, because the impulse is also an inner one!

Insights apart, the tenth house is one of final manifestation. It's time to finish all practicalities, and to look forward to next project (you cannot go higher than this, the cycle will be about to begin again in the first house). By now, it is asked of us, that we confront authority, that we actually become the authority. The demanding father we have, now should be us. So, exactly like the first house (and in true cardinal style) take a stand, but a practical one. See the practicalities, the details, the working structures of the society. You are about to grow mature as never as before. Under transits of this house, I got promoted, I finished practical affairs, I clash with authority and experienced being a leader too, I realize some of the possible new goals in my life. It is so typical of earth house to question between career and relationships, between stability and freedom. Because it's practicalities. But we don't have to put career before relationships, career should be our self-fullfilment and that might include serious relationships or building a family, that might include breaking those or a job, or it might persuit more freedom, while still doing something worth and practical. When you get to the eleventh house, you will persuit liberation, so watch out not to commit to a boring job now or delude yourself under a carrer.

I think that there are easier transits under this house: Saturn transiting here is a major point of reassessing, manifesting in your life and in what you do. Uranus is liberating and makes you defend your own stand and unique path (I have natal Uranus in my MC). Neptune transiting here is much more complicate; by its dissolving influence, we might feel loss in facing society, but this might be a blessing in desguise, by making us connect more with our inner powers, and express them outside (maybe even using them as a work).

2nd house: establishing that which we decide to value under the first house
6th house: challenges prepare us for life, by working practicalities at a more interpersonal level
10th house: final manifestation, confronting life, the status of who I am, make a practical stand (become your own authority directing your life)

Do you want to share some of your natal or transit experiences?

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