Saturday, October 9, 2010

Uranus, Aquarius, 11th house and social alienation

I currently have Uranus squaring my 11th natal Sun.
In addition, I have natally Uranus in MC and an Aquarius rising.

How can't I stop but to feel social alienation?
I stand by my own position and dreams.
And close friends, family, colleagues, say repeatedly I should follow the conventional path.
That it brings no money, and not suiting my status or background.

People like to tell others what to do.
This is not helpful, nor ethical.
Who knows what best for you? Only you!

One should only help another, if requested, and by helping the other to find its own way.
People should not be telling others what to do.

Mature individuals assume their own responsability and path.

The Uranus energy wants to contribute to social reform.
Because it sees a social order that is not fair, and a stagnant order.
It does not care with having financial stability or social status.

If the Uranus individual wants to follow this, since it has a pure motivation...
And does so, in a positive constructive way, e.g. by working with NGOs, planting trees, or doing volunteering and humanitarian work...

This is unconventional but it is a service to mankind and to the planet.
Why should my friends, family, be disencouraging me of doing this?

That is very so the nature of 11th house, Uranus and Aquarius:
uniqueness, the individual versus the group, social alienation, social reform

In a world of much unbalance, both environmentally and socially
Humanitarian work is more than needed!

Do you have a strong Aquarius, Uranus or 11th house?
Please share your experiences!

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