Monday, October 4, 2010

What is a Saturn Return

A Saturn return happens when Saturn return to the same position it occupied when you were born. This is transiting Saturn in conjuntion to natal Saturn and occurs when we are 29, 58 and 87. Saturn returns are major periods of change, one of the most important in our lives.

Major adjustments
During these periods, major adjustments occur in our lives. We take a big look to ourselves and confront our problems in almost all facets of live. We change our jobs, we are raised promotions in our career, we make serious commitments and end others. Many people for instance have their first child during this time, marry for the first time, or divorce their first marriage.

Assuming responsability over our own lives
If it's a conscious process, the individual reaccess what he has been living and he might realize that some things have to change. Perhaps it's time to end some commitments that are not working in our lives. Perhaps, it's time to follow a new direction. Often it's a time to start building our goals and dreams, in a serious committed way. You reflect in your individual destiny. You examine your true needs, desires and what you want to be in life. Even for people that are not conscious of this process, they often go through the same new beginnings and endings. It's like a cycle that is ending, and a new one is about to begin. Often, this is about assuming the responsability over own our lives.

A gradual process
A Saturn return is a difficult and painfully gradual process. In the years before the exact transit, at 29 or 58, a crescendo of our personal events leads to different interests and directions, and as the Saturn return approaches, we are confronted with these many issues. For most of us, we are ending a stage of life that is familiar and embarking on another one that is untried and unknown. This is painfull. Different commitments are ended, remodelled and newly established.

Saturn return themes
The major theme of a Saturn return will be determined by the house is placed natally. Individuals having their Saturn return in the first house could be questioning their basic identity, self-assertion, way of being and directing their own lives. In the sixth house, the individual may feel frustations in his work and daily life, perhaps feeling tired, stressed or sick, thus requiring major changes on his life. A Saturn return in the seventh house could revolve around relationship issues. I am currently having the (first) Saturn return in the ninth house. During the past years I have been living in different countries working for the academic world (a typical ninth house theme). However I was unhappy with my path, and I am now starting from scratch on a completely new career. I have decided to persuit a life based on new and wider horizons, offering more fullfillment and freedom, while still abroad.

Do you have Saturn return stories?
Please feel free to share them!


A H said...

My natal Saturn is 27 degrees 25"in Libra.... so the transit is happening as we speak... or, does it get even more intense as Saturn closes in? :)

My natal Saturn is in my 3rd house, conjunct with Pluto... transiting Saturn is almost on the cusp of my 3rd house now.

Well I've ended a relationship that lasted around 4 years. And which game me a little girl, a Libra, who turns 1 on October 7..... I quit a job of 18 months earlier this year because I wasn't really being valued... it was becoming a sit-by-the-window job.

What's next? Well I feel as though I am going through the process now... I'm working developing means of earning income without having to rely on disempowering workplaces.... I'm working on living on my own and looking after myself on my own...

Not sure exactly how i'm going to end up after the Saturn Return... other than being a lot more self-secure.

segurelha said...


The Saturn effect goes gradually but it does get stronger as it closes in. But I think you already did a lot, so it shouldn't be that heavy in the following year.

I have to confront the same issues like you. I took a break from my high-income job to do what I am happy: volunteering.

Now I am thinking to quit entirely, and how to earn income, by following another path (with more freedom and meaningful). My family opposes this, so this feels extra heavy.

These stuff naturally take time.

I am also confronting my 4 years relationship. It's a valuable one, but in some ways it restrains my true path. She seeks security, I seek also this but as an Uranian person, lots of freedom and space for new horizons. This feels heavy no?

Anyways, congratulations for taking those brave steps!