Monday, November 29, 2010

20th century and Uranus through each sign

1873 start of long depression
1880 invention of Lamp by Thomas Edison
1891 invention of Radio by Tesla
1903 first flight by Wright brothers
URANUS IN 0º CAPRICORN (start of global order breakdown)
1905 Revolutions in China and Russia, Theory of relativity from Einstein
1907 Bank panic
1910 Balkan wars leading to WWI
URANUS IN 0º AQUARIUS (wars and revolutions)
1914 start of WWI
1917 Russia Revolution
1918 Spanish flu, end of WWI
URANUS IN 0º PISCES (nacionalism and separatism on the rise)
1924 Stalin seizes powers in USSR
1925 Mussolini rises to power
URANUS 0º ARIES (unstability, economic depression, crazy politics and power)
1928 first TV broadcasts, first rockets
1929 stock market crash
1931 great depression, japan invades manchuria
1933 hitler rises to power
URANUS 0º TAURUS (brutal wars)
1935 Italy invades Ethipia, European struggles of treaties and tensions
1936 Spanish civil war begins, Hitler militarizes borders, Stalin great purge
1937 Sino-Japanese war starts, Bombing of Guernica
1938 Germany annexes Austria, Japanese invade USSR
1939 World War II starts in Europe
URANUS 0º GEMINI (liberation and end of wars)
1941 Eastern Front
1944 D-day
1945 World War II ends
1947 Roswell occurs
URANUS 0º CANCER (fears, nacionalism)
1948 Israel is born, Arab-Israeli war
1950 Korean War starts, USSR becomes a nuclear power
1953 Korean war ends
1954 Aliens meet with US representatives
URANUS 0º LEO (new treaties and superpower clashes)
1955 Vietnam war stars, Warsaw Pact
1956 Suez crises, cold war becomes a global worry
1957 Treaty of Rome in Europe
URANUS 0º VIRGO (civil unrest)
1961 Tsar bomb
1962 Cuban Missible Crises
1967 Summer of Love
1968 Civil unrest in many countries, Israeli 6-days war
URANUS IN 0º LIBRA (international relationship in crises)
1969 Nuclear tensions, first man in the Moon, Woodstock
1973 Arab-Israeli war and oil crises
URANUS IN 0º SCORPIO (nuclear threats, oil and wars)
1979 oil crises
1980 Soviet war in Afghanistan, Iraq-Iran war
URANUS IN 0º SAGITTARIUS (the fall of soviet block)
1983 Nuclear tensions, Internet is born
1989 Fall of USSR
URANUS IN 0º CAPRICORN (new age of globalization)
1990 start of Gulf war, GLOBALIZATION
2001 terrorist attacks
2003 iraq war
2005 Katrina and climate change awareness
2006 tensions with iran and north korea increase
2008 global economic meltdown, Obama becomes president
2010 economic crises in Europe, civil unrest


A H said...

oh good, we still have a few more years until uranus enters taurus and ww3 starts

FunKolleKtor said...

True... Although I generally consider
the cycles of the heavy planets first (in this case, the opposition Saturn-Uranus is much more talkative to me than the ingress, as far as the present crises are concerned). Ingresses of slow ones, especially in cardinal signs are significant too, obviousely, but as a second option. In my opinion.

Anonymous said...

just lived through the uranus-taurus transit of 2018 8 years later and your point is well taken