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Mars in Capricorn in December: North Korea and Economic trouble (playing with fire)

Playing with fire, with North Korea
We are approaching a dangerous time, I hate to say. Most of the largest wars in the past 100 years, started either when Mars was in Capricorn or in Libra, and less often in other cardinal signs or in Leo and Scorpio (see below). They also tend to occur when outer planets like Uranus or Pluto, are in cardinal signs. To give you recent examples, 911, Iraq war and 2009 Gaza war, all started with Mars in Capricorn. Mars will be again in Capricorn this December, also trigering the cardinal T-square, and conjuncting with Pluto and the North Node: doesn't feel good.

We have already watched North Korea making an attack on the South a few days ago. This is already a manifestation of the Mars/Pluto combination in Capricorn. I would be worried, because the US and South Korea will stage another military drill, this Sunday. Last time, this happened was in late July, also at a time of a cardinal climax activation, and North Korea threatned nuclear retaliation. Doing again the drill, after this recent attack, looks to me as they are playing with fire! Hopefully nothing will happen, but astrology warns us of the bigg risk involved.

Widespread protests and strikes
This week, there were also widespread protests occured in London, Rome and Portugal. This is an effect of Mars and Mercury moving already very close to the cardinal climax! Last time there were widespread protests in France in late September, we were having another cardinal activation. This is a new round of civil protest. Europeans plan a run on the banks for 7th December, do you think this will become a new form of mainstream protest?

Countries facing bankrupcy
In March (another cardinal activation, this time in spring echinox) Greece was on the verge of bankrupcy, now it's Ireland. We are watching all sorts of cardinal climax manifestations. Population are unhappy and with Uranus in Aries people will be pushing more often the protesting button. In ten years or so, we could probably watch large scale revolutions in at least one or two countries of Europe or North America.

Wikileaks also promised to published disclosure of many more American secrets, this time they say it will be changing history. Last time was in late July. Again, wikileaks also seems to function when the cardinal climax is being triggered. So, we have wikileaks, the Korea threat, and European economic meltdown, as the key events of this cardinal climax of 2010, not so far away from what we have predicted back in 2007.

Agressive weather and natural disasters
Another manifestation of cardinal energy is that weather events become more extreme, like the Dust Bowl of the thirties. I would say cold and snowy winters, dry and hot summers. Look out for example for a very cold winter approaching. But some of the next summer might feature extreme heatwaves. Once again, we shouldn't be playing with carbon emissions! Geological phenomena (like the Icelandic volcano, or the Chile earthquake) will also occur in next years. As the collective becomes aggitated, so the planet mirrors this, giving rise to some disasters. It could be that we will become more humble in face of our planet, maybe in a couple of decades, when Neptune transits Aries.

The future
I think we will witness some relief late in 2011 and 2012, as Jupiter trines Pluto. There is still some likelyhood for civil unrest in July 2011 and July 2012 as Mars transits Gemini and Libra. After the summer of 2012, things will intensify much more. The charts of the major European countries start to become affected by the cardinal square (UK, Germany, France) as well as the US. This suggests that the economic situation will worsen by then to a scale similar to that of the great depression. It will be a complicate social situation. It's also possible that instead we see more riots in the streets because of unemployment, the stock markets could be under control but the populations facing a difficult situation. Or, we will involved in a series of regional military tensions that could break out in wars in 2013 and 2014. These are dire scenarios, I am not very confident things will stay as they are now. People under Uranus in Aries often spiral out of control.

The worse and the best
The worse of Uranus in Aries is political extremism, fanatism, violence, authoritarian tendencies (like Hitler or Stalin), nacionalism and separatism. Pretty much North Korea, Islamic extremism, Israel, China and US military and the Tea Party come to my mind. The positive side is that people will become more assertive, challenging the status quo with revolutionary ideas, freedom and independence, and also much invention, a new sort of identity and ideas. Gandhi, Darwin, Thoreau, come to my mind as examples.

Where was Mars when the largest wars in recent history started?
(you might wanna skip this and read the last part of the article)
start of WWI, Mars in Libra
Japanese invasion of Manchuria, Mars in Libra
start of Spanish civil war, Mars in Cancer
start of Sino-Japanese war, Mars in Scorpio
start of WWII, Mars in Capricorn
start of 1948 Arab-Israeli war, Mars in Leo
start of Korean War, Mars in Libra
start of Suez Crises, Mars in Aries
start of Vietnam war, Mars in Libra
start of Cuban Missible Crises, Mars in Leo
start of 1967 Arab-Israeli War, Mars in Libra
start of 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Mars in Aries
start of 1983 nuclear tension, Mars in Leo
start of Gulf War, Mars in Capricorn
start of Kosovo war, Mars in Aries
start of NATO bombing of Jugoslavia, Mars in Scorpio
911, start of Apheganistan war: Mars in Capricorn
start of Iraq war: Mars in Capricorn
start of Lebanon war: Mars in Leo
start of Georgia war: Mars in Libra
start of Gaza war: Mars in Capricorn
December 2010? Mars in Capricorn

We shouldn't be playing wars anymore!
Even worse could be in March 2020, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and South Node, conjuncted in Capricorn. This happening at a time of Uranus in 5º Taurus (last time was 1937) could mean a deadly combination. We shouldn't be risking our civilization with the threat if nuclear weapons! A more positive combination by then, is that this is also a position very often of revolutions, Pluto was in same degree during American Revolution or the Protestant Revolution in 1524. No need to worry, we have first a long and eventful decade ahead.

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segurelha said...

Most wars seem to begin with Mars in Capricorn or Libra (5), Leo (4), and Aries (3)

And the Moon in cardinal signs: Libra (5), Capricorn or Cancer (3), and Taurus (3)

Many of them also seem to start around the summer time, between June and September.

The next window of possibility is Mars in Libra (July 2012) and Mars in Capricorn (late November 2012)

Likely dates are:

3 Jul 2012: moon in Cap
12 Jul 2012: moon in Tau
16 Jul 2012: moon in Can
24 Jul 2012: moon in Lib
30 Jul 2012: moon in Cap

16 Nov 2012: moon in Cap
25 Nov 2012: moon in Tau
30 Nov 2012: moon in Can

I would say most likely the next major war will start around 16 July 2012 or 25 Nov 2012.