Friday, November 19, 2010

Mars transiting through your natal chart

Transiting Mars is a very interesting cycle to follow if you keep a diary. Discover when Mars transits each of the angles of your natal chart (ASC, IC, DSC and MC) and relate to the changes that happen in your personal life. Because this cycle last 2 years, it is very important to follow several cycles and check what has happened in your life when Mars transited the same zodiacal signs.

Have you notice those coincidences? Like I had very important events related to my intimate relationships in summer 2010, summer 2008, summer 2006 and summer 2004, every 2 years, because that's when Mars transited my seventh house!

Mars transiting the 1st and 2nd house entails a new crises, where we feel to push a new direction and a new freedom and personal space.

When Mars transits the 3rd house, we already has major developments in our personal life, this is a very dynamic and active period, good for travel and meeting new people.

Mars transiting the 4th, 5th and 6th (the IC) entails another deep personal shift, very much related to the same theme of the first house, but now with significant solutions, a whole new significant inner meaning. So, often we manifest by now a new direction in our life, but also end up breaking relationship, having changes of residence, new jobs, living in new places, etc.

Mars transiting the 7th, 8th and 9th, is related much social and relationship activity. This is a new period unfolding on your life. By the 9th house, we start looking for new horizons again.

Mars transiting the 10th and 11th (MC) deals with we have been living, and is a reality check. We have some important changes, in career, or in our location, we enter a new stage of living. We might feel concerned about what we have achieved, and confront what we have manifested, we look now for future horizons, new career and personal directions, a kind of preparation for the whole new dynamics when Mars enters the first house again. We have a short break when Mars transits the 12th house, we feel less dynamic, less social, turning more inwards, more sensitive, in full contact with our dreams and inner needs.

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