Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Moon, emotions waxing and waning; psychologists, astrologers and victims of depression

Hello all, sometimes someone is born with such a natal chart, that she or he is very sensitive emotional person. She or he will respond very much to the Moon cycles, and if not aware of this, she or he might run to the doctor thinking she or he has depression or bipolar disease, or some kind of hormonal problem.

So often happens for these people, victims of emotions, to loss themselves under the fogs of Neptune, drugs and psychologists. The victim suffers and becomes addicted, and tampered with chemicals, while the doctor and the pharmaceutical industry profits.

They are so ignorant and blind to the natural cycle of emotions and energy that we go a monthly and daily basis, because of the Moon influences. If you are a particular sensitive soul, all that is takes is a specific position or transit from the Moon, and there it goes depression or irritation again! Particular sensitive souls can be those who are Cancers, Scorpios or Pisces, or have a water sign Moon or rising.

If you develop an awareness of how the Moon cycles, from new Moon to full Moon, and through the astrological houses of your chart, you will understand this cycle of emotions. Better even: you will EXPERIENCE the cycle, and be able to pinpoint WHY you feel a specific way. You will be also able to predict when some sort of emotion comes.

An excellent ideas would be follow the cycle from New Moon to Full Moon. At New Moon its when our souls are naturally withdrawn and more sensitive, when seeds for future events are planted, in our psyche. As the Moon waxes, our emotions develop, in general its a constructive and expanding period, and this culminates around Full Moon, as emotions are at their maximum power in terms of outer expression, so this is when the typical mania or irritation state can happen. If you are still sceptic, just compare what happens in parties at Full Moon with other days. Around the Full Moon, things just tend to be more crazy and expressed. Then, as Full Moon goes back to New Moon, introversion comes again, and this can be a period of deconstruction, so if we are particularly sensitive souls, we might feel depressed, or feel self-destructive tendencies. We might be craving more during this period, because the waning Moon is a period to go inwards, to meditate and listen to ourselves. The depression will be not more than a sign that you are not listening to yourself, so your inside just screams emotions, begging your conscious soul to pay attention to the unconscious.

A more thematic idea would be to follow the transit of the Moon through the astrological houses of your horoscope natal chart. This will be the topic of another future post, but in short if the Moon is transiting at some of the water houses (4th, 8th or 12th houses) that can also explain why you feel more sensitive, irritative or emotional in that specific couple of days. That happens so often with me. Knowing this cycle allows me to understand whether sometimes the issue is more career-based, focused in relationships, or just a matter of exploring some part of my inner being.
Your awareness of the Moon passage through the Zodiac and the astrological houses will enable you to discover a basic structure of energy patterns that underlies the circumstances of your life. This is actually the purpose of a good astrologer, and his or her main objective is to reveal an order or meaning beneath or within what often appears to be a random or chaotic situation of emotions and impetus. The Moon passage through the housing system is the expression of a cycle of 12 archetypal structures that relate to our life themes (self, values, education, family and roots, self-expression, service, relationships, intimacy, expansiveness, career, ideals and transcendence).

If I know where you are, Moon, I never feel lost. I always know the way.

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