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A personal assay about the 3rd, 7th and 11th houses

The third of this series of articles will focus on the 3rd, 7th and 11th house. While, the fire houses (1st, 5th and 9th) relate to new beginnings, our path and personal identity, gaining motivation and new horizons, and while the earth houses (2nd, 6th and 10th) relates to the practicalities and the manifestation of those promises encountered in the fire houses, the air houses (3rd, 7th and 11th) relate to exploring further ideas beyond those worked during the transits in the earth houses, and also to more relationship and social contact.

3rd house - Redefining self identity with new ideas and exploring new activities
The house of education, communication, siblings, and short travels is not only that. If under the first house we define and set a new identity and direction, and in the second house we work to manifest that, also by defining what which we own and value, under the third house we become aware of our limitations by encountering and interacting more with the circunstances that surround us. In a word, we learn, we expand outwards. We wish communication, to explore the realms that are around us, by using what which we own and value. First we do this by living on the field of everyday experience, by trial and error, and gradually we develop our intelligence and experience. Often, transits here start with scattered ideas about ourselves, but then the ideas go deeper near the cusp of the following house. It's also under this house, that we encounter the first major social contacts. The 3rd house is a mutable and everchanging impulse under the third house, but as a transit progresses through our natal charts, this social contact will become more cardinal/important (seventh house) and finally become established by the time it reaches the fixed nature of the eleventh house. Planets or transits in this house tell us how significant it is to explore new ideas, new activities, new travels, new learning, new contacts. When planets approach the cusp of the fourth house, we are already exploring a kind of mental revolution that will go very much into our core, and change us in an important and lasting way.
I experienced this when both Saturn and Jupiter transited this house in 2000, and although I suffered a major depression, I completely changed in face of a new personal and social identity. I can also relate very well to the cycle of Uranus transiting my first, second and third house. Under the first, I completely change myself, and open up for new ideas, I began experimenting much more with life. Under the second house, this assume more the form of new relationships and a strong desire to reinvent my career. Under the third, I am seeking different forms of experiences and activities through which I can learn and define myself, exploring new interests.
Natal planets in the 3rd house will increase the impact of the vision of the interaction between ourselves and the world, and what that can do for us.

7th house - balance ourselves with the expression of ourselves in the outer world
The house of relationships, but not only. This marks the point most away from the ascendant, we are reaching towards others, and definitively this house marks a climax in social contact because planets here progress towards the tenth house. If you follow a specific transit cycle of a planet, you will notice how social activity increases as planets approach the seventh house and past this house, the focus becomes more and more global-oriented. The importance of the descendant cannot be understated. At this point, what we have set as a promise under a first house transit, now comes into major manifestation (usually at the end of the sixth house transit, which tends to be a period of a major crises), and it's kind of balancing itself. You can expect major personal, relationship and career developments with transits in the seventh house, perhaps even more that those with the fourth or tenth house. If under the first house we define a direction and an identity, under the seventh, we define both a direction and identity but while considering the relationships and the outer world around. Natal placements here will be important, as we will gravitate towards learning experiences through others, under the theme of that specific planet. The basic key of this house is to balance ourselves with the expression of ourselves in the outer world. I had transits of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in this house: always they have related to major activity around relationships and developments in my career/personal life.

11th house - Grasp new solid visions, reform social contact and personal goals
I am so happy to write about this house. I was born with a 11th house Sun. So I am very aware of the key meaning of this house, perhaps too much because of having other personal planets here. The 11th house relates not to friendships, but to an expanded social vision. People relate to friendships because that's the easiest way to have a social contact further than that of a close intimate relationship or a traditional family setting. But that's too little. Did you know what was the traditional meaning of this house? Good fortune and wishes, and that is very true. Medieval astrologers had experience over centuries of many different lifestyles and societies, so we should not reject their empirical knowledge! What does it mean good fortune and wishes? Well, as a planet transits through the natal chart, first we define our identity and direction, then we encounter relationships and social contact, develop a social position and career, but then what? Is it only friendships what's left? No, this house is a second before the major transition that is the ascendant, when we set to begin a whole new cycle. So, this house it's kind of putting conventional ideas behind, our career and relationship at second plan, and look ahead, and envision new goals and dreams, a kind of good fortune, because this should be a direct self-expression of our being (11th house opposite 5th) but with a social focus. Humanitarian interests, group activity, grassroot movements, international environments, creative groups, self-improvement groups, political activism, all are practical manifestations of a 11th house energy. To reform our contribution to the outer world, as a higher mission. The fixed nature of the 11th house solidified ideas and visions, and social contact. The air nature of the 11th house liberates the authority, rigidity, seriousness and status of the tenth house. A key feature of this house is to develop a good balance between the individual and social contact, the community. the story goes like this: we have recently struggled to achieve (10th house). But achievement is a pedestal, how to do next with what happened before (success or failure) is now our main challenge. We seek to reform our failures, either by adopting a rebel attitude and facing social isolation, by becoming a revolutionary and a reformer, or by integrating our success with our peers, and local groups. In angular house the invididual comes to experience himself, in succedent houses he meets his greatest tests, in this case social, career and long-term goals. Please write me if you need more information about this house. I had nearly all transits in this house, and several natal planets as well.

3rd house: redefining self identity with new ideas and exploring new activities
7th house: balance ourselves with the expression of ourselves in the outer world.
11th house: grasp new solid visions, reform social contact and personal goals

Do you want to share some of your natal or transit experiences?

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