Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pluto in Capricorn II- Uprisings against capitalism and religion, political extremism, economic proteccionism and abuses of power

What could cause this? We could think of this economical crises resulting in deeper treaties and agressive and power-abusing measures, manipulation and clashes between powers, people will be pushing world treaties, alliances, military and economic power-abusing treaties, world currencies, world governming, or at least large blocks such within Europe or North American Union. This will be dominating ideas, but not necessarly in practice in 2013-2016. As we get into 2013, defiance actions will be also happening, like Luther and Benjamim Franklin. We can think extreme political ideas like the Tea Party, independence movements in America, within Europe (think the break-up of UE, NATO or break-up of Spain, Belgium or Italy, the failure of the Euro or the Dollar).

The popular uprisings could be nationalistic, patriotic, anti-immigrant, or even arab intifadas, within Europe or the US. This will be large by 2016-2017, this will be a low point, not only economic trouble, but the large trouble now is large social unrest or even chaos, nuclear tensions or terrorist attacks, political extremism, etc. This of course will result in revolutions, sieges of wars by 2019-2023. Another trend is religious extremism, could be radical islamism within Europe (even causing sieges, terror or intifadas), or the europeans revolting against this, in patriotic movements, or even with the adoption of millitant atheism. Probably people will be protesting against religion or politics. Perhaps against capitalism, and the abuses of governments and banks, which have caused an economic recession lasting for more than 10 years in 2008-2020. Perhaps against the millitary if there is another major war (likely by 2014, or by 2019-2022). Perhaps even some environment radicalism.

Think US, England and France as countries obviously affected by this. Think India too. I also think Spain will be affected and to a smaller degree Germany. I think the US or NATO will suffer a major defeat at this time, as the British suffered against the American colonies. This could be China, North Korean, Iran or Pakistan. As this culminated into the decision world war, world revolution, world union or world chaos, this tipping point will linger between now and 2022, either global peace is enforced or there will be large wars or regional uprisings against this global status quo when Pluto transits Pisces in 2040-2080. Think for instance of Islamic uprisings or wars continuing through the next decades. Please note that I'm a firm believer in multiculturalism, freedom and pro-imigration. I don't assume that these specific events will happen, they are possible trends, based in astrological cycles. The general theme will be "uprisings", and this may or may not cause wars. This might be uprising from a economic-political basis (recession or independence) or religious (religious extremism or against religious extremism).

Another possible trend could have to do with alien disclosure, or environmental radicalism. Or it could be large climate change causing large migrations. Something will be, I just dont know clearly what. Look for the beginning of whatever this is by 2016-2022, and later even more clearly by 2033. This will have to result in either the descent into global anarchy, or global enforced peace in the middle and later part of this century.

Comparison of Pluto transiting same degrees and important events:
1524-1525 uprisings, 1527-1530 sieges/revolts, 1552-1582 wars
1772-1773 uprisings, 1775-1778 revolution, 1800-1830 wars
2016-2017 uprisings, 2019-2022 revolution, 2044-2074 wars

Predictions for next years:
2013-2016 the beginning of events, unstability worldwide begins, abuse of power
2016-2019 large uprisings, large social unrest, defiance and political extremism
2020-2025 revolution, wars, siege and uprisings, a shift in many countries
2030s "protestant" conflicts/terror, start of a new "industrial revolution"
2050s global enforced peace, further "revolutions" worldwide

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Anonymous said...

The extremism will come as an effort to quite religious freedoms in North America. Extremist who want to destroy religion, have a global economy and equality for all except themselves of course. They can jet around burning oil, eat organic food while everyone else is dying from GMO. Have GMO food pushers in their administrations and only worry about increasing their pocketbooks and power. This is extremism, not 50 year old's from a tea party group (who never had an incident of violence, unlike the occupy wall street-ers. It's those trying to surpress the Tea Parti-ers and peaceful groups, that need to be looked into for a deeper Pluto agenda!

Anonymous said...

There will be a sudden exposure of those who have abused power under the cloak of a hidden agenda and for their own personal gain. Especially with the long term effect of the Pluto Uranus Square both in cardinal signs. Those CEO types giving themselves 500% annual raises at the expense of grave human suffering are already being exposed.