Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A preview of each decade until 2050 (Uranus in each sign)

2010-2017 Uranus in Aries (last time 1927-1934, 1844-1851, 1761-1767)
grand economic crises, civil unrest, political extremism, riots and protests, important regional wars,in summary a period of crises, by 2014 most European powers and the US are greatly affected, a sort of "everyone is by itself"
2017-2024 Uranus in Taurus (last time 1934-1941, 1851-1856, 1767-1774)
bottom of economic crises, large-scale wars (possibly in East Asia and Middle East), uprisings or revolutions in Europe and Americ (by muslims, or against them, by left-wings or by right-wings), important figures with great power for change or destruction, there might be nukes
2024-2031 Uranus in Gemini (last time 1941-1948, 1856-1863, 1774-1781)
Big revolutions in global order, economic expansion and scientific revolution, motto is "we want to be free and independent", a completely reformed type of society and new political model, new forms of energy, that might be used for transportation, etc

2031-2037 Uranus in Cancer (last time 1948-1955, 1863-1870, 1781-1789)
Rise in patriotism and defending own countries, possible new global treaties, revolutions, birth of countries, attention to (muslim) minorities, or the minorities that were the focus of the problems of the 2020s, ET disclosure?
2037-2044 Uranus in Leo (last time 1955-1961, 1870-1877, 1789-1796)
Rise of superpowers and great ambitions (think cold war and napoleon), perhaps after the events of 2020s and the assumed ET disclosure. Continuation of the great importance of global treaties and distribution of powers, formation of continental blocks and unions (perhaps global government?). More focus in fashion and on the masses having fun and adopting new concepts, new forms of communication (like the TV, Lamp and Radio) Great construction of new infrastructures (for flying cars or spaceships? or computers?)
2044-2051 Uranus in Virgo (1961-1969, 1874-1881, 1796-1803)
The start of great technological advances (computer, radio, etc), new industrial revolution! Artificial Inteligence, time travel, space travel, alternative medicine and spirituality? Some possible brinks of war by maniac powers, a hippie-like state, enphasis in revolting against the established status quo, and a renewed emphasis on enjoying life, a back to the land movement and respect for nature, preocupations with environment but much scientific advance too.

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