Sunday, November 14, 2010

Year by year, an astrological preview of next decades (with predictions)

1. The winter of 2010-2011 (December and January 2011)

We are before a major crises period. Global crises deepens

Conjunction Pluto and North node in Capricorn December 2010. Mars triggers cardinal T-square in mid December and Full Moon/ lunar eclipse in solstice day!. Watch out for a possible big event between mid November to mid January 2011. This is the practical manifestation following the cardinal crises of spring-summer 2010. This is kind of a shift.

However it will be only after 2013 that the world events will heat considerably! Remember that this configuration started with the Uranus, Saturn opposition in late 2008 (Obama and economic crises). This major global change is just starting. Watch for late spring, early summer 2011 as more unrest and uprisings (3-17 April and more in early July) and again in late spring and summer of 2012 (18 July). These are the very early beginnings of the revolutions or conflicts to occur within the next 20 years.

2. Powerful SHIFT between spring 2013 and spring 2014

Global crises becomes big, possible destructive trends: conflicts, riots, economic depression

Watch first for the great spring entrance of Uranus in mid Aries in spring 2013 (27 March after). Mars and Jupiter in Gemini in 2013. Then whole period September 2013 to July 2014 will be intense! Starts with conjunction Saturn and North node in Scorpio late 2013, with solar eclipse in November 2013! Both Uranus and Pluto in powerful historical points, 14 Aries and 14 Capricorn). Things will heat!

This is when major terror or regional wars might have global consequences, a deeper global recession. Something like Middle East or East Asia could be a problem. For sure there will be some major international crises relate to everything from climate, war, oil, energy, food, etc, gaining expansion from this year onwards. I call it a crises of social, economic, political, military, corporation and environmental issues. Political extremism will be in the increase as well as the start of larger uprisings.

I imagine stuff like riots in western countries, mass protests, tax revolts, scandals, banks restricting withdrawing of money, and great numbers of unemployment
. This will likely affect the US and Europe. This will bring revolutions that will remembered in history, sometime within the next years. It's also likely that some sort of short-term natural disaster, like a solar flare, volcanic winter, famine or pandemic, occurs. There will be much scientific invention, brand new advances. Watch for a climax around March-May 2015. Until 2018, destructive trends, crises and pessimism transforms the world until a shift in 2019.

3. The period between spring 2019 and spring 2021.

Early signs of "revolution"

Conjunction Pluto, Saturn and South node in Capricorn in 2019. April to June 2019 is important as Mars crosses from Gemini to Cancer, to oppose this. Jupiter and Mars join the conjunction by spring 2020. This is a beginning of what will set the great events during this next decade. By April 2021, with Jupiter and Saturn moving to Aquarius, and Uranus to Gemini, the revolutionary and technological trends will start. So watch for the period between April 2019 and April 2021 for the early signs of that revolutionary wave. There can be a nuclear stand-off or a nuke blowing by this time. At the same time, the trend for larger uprisings will be developing.

4. The Revolutionary waves of 2022-2028

2022-2024, Early stages of a critical event: "revolution", "conflicts" or "something else"

Remember Uranus enters hot spot in 2022 followed by 5 years of revolutions (mid Taurus to Gemini). Summer 2022: Saturn Aquarius, Jupiter and Mars in Aries; but most important its the transition of late 2022 to early 2023 Mars retrogade in Gemini, the sense of impulse for change and revolution grows a lot now. Then comes summer 2024 to early 2025 with Mars-Jupiter in Gemini in late 2024 and the node conjunction with Neptune, Saturn in Aries in early 2025. This is a sure shift point!

2025-2030, "Revolution/event", new socio-political models, great technology expansion

July 2026 Mars again in Gemini, Saturn in power point of Aries. Slowly revolution transform into dramatic advance: July 2028 Uranus-Mars in Gemini, First months of 2029 start with power conjunction Mars-Jupiter in Libra. "Revolutions" will occur within this window frame, either as a crescendo or some event that results in major global transformational consequences. Almost for sure, the US will suffer a great reconstruction, this can be something like a break-up of the country, a second America revolution or civil war or the formation of the New America Union.

Around the world, the socio-political structures will change greatly. Of course, European countries will also face serious transformations. New models, new world treaties. This can be either the break-up of our civilization into further anarchy or towards a unified world government. This is also a likely time for alien disclosure, with all its major implications. Independently of this, great scientific advances will occur (stuff like new forms of energy, transportation and communication). I also think something epic like the first humans landing on Mars, ET life found, human cloning, etc. As 2030-2032 comes, revolutions transforms into a new structure, new socio-political-economic models, and a new idealism.

In my humble position, I can assure you that most above will probably occur in some manner. I spent many hours, many days, several years with these cycles and predictions. While there is the free-will from every individual, there are also important energetic and historical patterns involved that indicate major shifts for our civilization ahead around 2013 and again in 2025.

Years of major shifts or events marked in bold. Years of relatively minor shifts marked in italic.

2011, another major event or shift like happened in late 2008. unrest in late spring
2012. unrest in late spring (early signs), global crises deepens
2013 major events start to unfold. things heat considerably after this year!!
2014 things heat considerably at this year, destruction/transformation, shifting point
2015 destructive unstable transformational tendencies, and still a shifting point
2016 still destructive unstable transformational tendencies (critical moment of change)
2017 still destructive unstable transformational tendencies
2018 still destructive unstable transformational tendencies
2019 early signs of major change ahead, important global changes start now!!
2020 early signs of major change ahead, major treaties around now
2021 early signs of "revolution" or conflict that might start now
2022 early stages of these "revolution" events
2023 sense of impulse for change and revolution grows considerably
2024 climax approaching, this is the end of an old global order
2025 "revolution/conflict", the start of something new, major events start this year!!
2026 "revolution/conflict", great impetus for "revolution" and dramatic advance
2027 "revolution/conflict", slowly a new beginning, a shift is occurring
2028 very great energy of "revolution", conflict, advance and expansion
2029 end stages of "revolution", great technology and social expansion, optimism
2030 the early stages of new global order and structures

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Liana said...


January 2011 - worst climatique disaster in Brazil, Interior of Rio de Janeiro has 520 death due to high volume of rains.
Australia has cities under water.
It's started for sure...

Great blog, congrats!


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What a great article. Truly things are heating up these past decade and no doubt it will still transcend up to the next few years to come.