Thursday, December 23, 2010

What will happen in 2011? Astrology Predictions for 2011.

In 2011, we will continue to witness the ongoing cardinal climax, with the progress of Uranus into the earlier degrees of Aries. This means we will continue to see the different ongoing crises: social, economic, political, military, climatic, and likely more new crises and events happening suddenly (as suddently as the Chilean earthquake, Icelandic volcano, the Korean shelling or the Wikileaks revelations this year)

In January and February, as Mars transiting Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces (as in early 2009 and early 2007) will see the global matters as important as never before. Deep worries with the economic situation, and also with the Korean crises. Until 20th January, there is a high likelihood of economic troubles, scandals and wars, the Korean situation will continue near boiling (wars tend to start with Mars in Capricorn). What will happen very likely, will be a VERY COLD WINTER in Europe, North America and China.

In March, we find the start of more aggressive energies. If you have planets or angles in cardinal degrees, watch out for the next two periods: 10 March: Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Aries. 18-21 March: Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in 12º Aries, and opposes Saturn in 15º Libra (degree of many national charts); Full Moon in spring equinox. At least, we will see some DISRUPTIONS for large groups of people, this could be flights disruptions for example (as we observed now with snowstorms, and last April with the Icelandic volcano). This is the likely period for WIKILEAKS new revelations causing fears in the stock markets.

April seems the same mood, dynamic, eventful, aggressive. This could feature the most likely start of a major CONFLICT in the Koreas or Iran. Internal unrest will occur at least sometimes in western nations, more than during the former months. In March and April, as different alignments aspect the Jupiter-Saturn opposition at mid Aries, this will hit heavily in the charts of several important nations, such as the US, Germany, UK, China, this could mean a larger CRISES in March or APRIL. Could be Wikileaks, serious war or further economic trouble. Heavy diplomacy will be called for (as implied by Saturn in Libra) Critical periods of high energy are: 2-4 April: Mars conjuncts Uranus in Aries; New Moon at 15º Aries (critical degree), 18-22 April: Mars and Mercury conjunct Jupiter and oppose Saturn. In summary, the first highly charged period of 2011 will be between mid March and end of April!

May with Sun and Mars just coming out from Aries and entering Taurus, means probably a very charged beginning of the month but then, hopefully, winding down to more down-to-earth and stable moods. Another trend this year will be great SCIENTIFIC and TECHNOLOGICAL advances and discoveries. I am still expecting for something big.

The summer will be no child's play. It will be a highly-charged summer, in the likes of the 1968-1969, 1989-1990. What seems likely is to expect social unrest, general strikes, riots, attacks and some violence and protests in cities. After the solstice, with Mars entering Gemini, we might see the early stages of a revolutionary or at least riots/protest wave, this will be a sign of what is to come by 2020s. Something like these last 3 months (student protests in Rome, London, Athens, France). JULY might be well the PROTEST/RIOT month.

Remember that as the summer comes, Uranus and Pluto begin forming the first square! This hits strongly on Russia chart (could there be unrest there?) Also hits Iran chart. I am all for peace, but with Uranus in Aries, and its intense aspects, this is a recipe for exploding tensions. Critical dates to watch out, if you have planets or angles in cardinal signs will be: 17-21 June: Summer solstice, Mercury squares Uranus; and Mars enters Gemini. 3-11 August: Mars enters Cancer and triggers the Uranus/Pluto square. 25 August: Mars square Saturn, Sun opposite Neptune. Likely a second climax of unrest and events will be by late July and early August! Watch out for more sudden events. Weather-wise, the summer will be quite extreme, but hot and hurricane-active. The rest of the the year will be covered in a late article, but other critical periods will be 24-26 September: Autumn equinox, Mercury opposes Uranus, and 24 December: New Moon conjuncts Pluto, and squares Uranus. And please remember, these are very tentative predictions (for the world). If you have planets in cardinal degrees, you might do well to pay attention to the dates marked in bold (also listed below), as they will be the most eventful and energetic.

Overall, the year highlights might be well a major crises during spring/summer, I could guess Wikileaks, bank-related, or a major war, a major scientific advance, and increasingly violent protests against the powers that be.

Dates of more energy in 2011:
10 March
18-21 March
2-4 April
18-22 April
17-21 June
3-11 August
25 August
24-26 September
24 December

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A revolution in Astrology is needed! 10 difficult questions for astrologers to answer!

I am an astrologer, but I am above all, a truth seeker, so I like to ask difficult and challening questions to the astrological community. Since I am not in astrology for money, but rather for spiritual and psychological understanding and curiosity, I wish to seriously investigate these questions. I think every astrologer would gain much more validity and honesty, by at least spending some moments investigating, asking and studying these following points?
  • What law does it explains that Jupiter is a benefic influence, while Saturn is a restraining one? Why are squares difficult, and trines good and easy?
  • Why under the Mars effect (Gauquelin effect), most sport people, military and doctors have more their Mars more around the ASC and MC than all the other houses? And why most have their Mars in 9th house rather than their 10th, and in their 12th rather than their 1st!?
  • WHy do astrologers use different zodiac systems, some use stars some don't, and use different house systems? If Astrology is not a charlatan's activity, surely only one system should work accurately, and another not so much. Where is accuracy in Astrology, for truth' sake? Which system is the best? Why don't astrologers use thousands of natal charts and their life stories and use statistics to determine this?
  • Why should progressions work, if they use an arbitrarious chosen unit of time, one degree or one day, and this is a human invention?
  • Why don't astrlologers question what is really the effect of, let's say, a Saturn or Uranus transit, based on empirical experience, rather than astrological books? Shouldn't we distinguish the effect of for instance a Uranus transit is different for fire signs, or earth signs, rather than presenting a similar generalistic description for everyone!?
  • Why do we characterize signs accordingly to the characteristic of the constellations and animals/beasts that were drawn in the sky 2000 years ago, but today shifted almost one month before? Where does Aries really start? Are there really cusps or a transition of one sign or house into the next one? Where is precision and accuracy in astrology? Could astrologers use more faith rather than their passion to seek truth and understanding? Why is for example that so many people born in early July exhibit some Gemini traits, more than people born in mid July? Why are there much more agressive people born in late April (including at 0-5º Taurus) than people born at late March? Why Saturn brings often so much change, and still astrologers speak of Saturn as the status quo? Surely, we need to question what is really the modern meaning of the planet energies!
  • How is it possible, if information is wrong, that astrologers are advicing their patients and asking them for money!!?
  • Why isn't there more non-sense and serious investigation into the astrological effects on weather, plant growth, societal growth, etc?
  • Why is there so much non-sense for charts drawn above the Arctic Circle, do you know people born there, that we could explore where do really chart house begin and end, at these latitudes? Do fixed stars really have an effect or are they just the astrologer imagination?
  • Why do astrologers place so much importance on Pluto, but very little on the Moon North Node, or on other newly discovered dwarf planets such as Eris or Sedna, which have nearly the same size!? Why should they place their meaning and energy related to the myth of the deity that humans choose to name, rather than through empirical evidence? Why, since there is so much thousands of natal charts available, biographies, mundane history, why isn't there astrological scientific investigations, and serious publications, with a scientific basis, using statistic to distinguish between meaningul effects and not so meaningful?
Please feel free to strike back, challenge me, comment, tell me your stories, disagree....
PS: this must because I am a Sagittarius (truth seeker) and a strong Uranus person (challenging the status quo)

Friday, December 17, 2010

A millitary conflict within the next few days? Hopefully not!

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, but there is a very strong Mars/Pluto energy at the moment, and in 21st December (within 4 days) there will be a powerful moon eclipse at 0º Cancer, opposing the Mars/Pluto conjunction.

North Korea threatened to attack the South again, if it goes ahead with a planned milittary drill in that disputed island (that was attacked a month ago) within the next couple of days. Well, with Mars in Capricorn, conjuncted Pluto and opposed by a Moon eclipse, and knowing that Mars in Pluto has a historical link to the start of major wars, I am worried.

Hopefully nothing will happen; this is just more Mars tension and Pluto games, nothing more than words. Something akin of what we saw today between Japan and China. Dear readers, this is the dangerous side of Uranus in Aries! Uncontrolled anger! Oh, I would love that Mars would only be dynamic peaceful and constructive energy, but these humans prefer to respond with war words...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What do you think about Uranus in Aries world events?

Look at the news!
There is so much happening, this is obviously the entry of Uranus into Aries. A cycle that last 84 years.

We have the continuation of a global economic crises, and recently the talk of a Euro collapse provoked worries, while violent riots occurred in London, Rome and Athens, and general strikes in Portugal, Spain and France. At a more political level, we have seen the global scandal revealed by Wikileaks, a kind of cyber revolution against the powers that be. For sure Julian Assange is another Uranus in Aries manifestation, a kind of new manifesto for revolution, while Eric Cantona appeals for a bank run as a new form of protest (but failing to become mainstream). At a military level, we growing tension in the Koreas, about nuclear conflict, seems something scary similar to what was happening in Europe back on the thirties.

About half-a cycle ago, in 1968, we were having the May 68 protests, Hippies, protests against the war, and Spring of 68 in Prague. About a quarter-cycle, we were having the revolutions of 1989, Eastern Europe wide, and Russia, and the Tienanmen Massacre, and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. One full cycle before, in 1930, we were entering the first year of the Great Depression, with thousands roaming around in despair, unemployment, with the collapse of the economy, and voting for parties that set the stage for the world war. Two cycles ago, in 1848, the year of Revolutions, when nearly every country in Europe had popular uprisings, with a revolution in France, Karl Marx preaching revolution in Germany, and Thoreau writing Civil Disobedience in the States. Two cycles before, we were in the years before the American Revolution.

What do you think will happen?
How are you living this Uranus in Aries?

Remember, Astrologically this is Mars transiting in Capricorn and triggering the cardinal crises. It was predicted in advance on this blog. Why now? Because now, the North Node is also conjunct the duo.

In April 2011, Mars will enter Aries, and join Uranus and Jupiter. I expect more fierce riots in Europe and America. The economical situation will be in trouble. Possibly further worries in Europe. Maybe also some other major event like a major bankruptcy or oil prices inflating. A war might be occurring at this time; Korea rings a dangerous bell. And probably, Wikileaks should release its next major and surprising bomb, at this time. April 2011 will be another eventful and unstable month!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Uranus transiting through each natal chart house

Uranus transiting 1st to 3rd seems to relate to a new way of experimenting with life. Uranus transits the first house refers to a period of a dramatic new personal experimentation, enhance seeking of your own freedom and uniqueness. You seek to define who I am. You want to set up a new path. This leads to much change occurring from year to year. This is the awakening at a personal, relational and professional levels. Uranus transiting the 2nd house we work with the practical manifestation of those experimentation wishes, hence the often shifting from job to job, and financial ups and downs. We seek professional freedom, our career might suffer a big shift and sudden changes in our employment and financial situation, due to our need for freedom, and finding a unique career, that appeals to us and give us freedom to be whoever we want to be. It also means a revolution in personal values that leads to those different professional changes. Uranus transiting the third house occur as we accepted our need for professional diversity and freedom, and we start seeking a variety of social experiences. The pace of life speeds as well as social contact. We grow by seeking a variety of experiences with our surrounding environment (be it in the place where we lived, people around, and our daily tasks). How we communicate might be a critical issue. Our thought is usually quite radical and different from other people at this time. Still, as I have Uranus just entering now my 3rd house cusp, I would be curious to understand what the transit into the 3rd and 4th entails, since I will experienced this in the next years.

While Uranus transiting the 4th to 6th we probably start putting more importance on the way that relationships affect us, perhaps we gradually have solved our issues, and now are working with the issues that involved us in relationships. I am writing this based on personal experience with other transits here. Uranus transiting fourth house should be a very restless period. Emotionally and in inner levels, we are restless and therefore the core of our questions lie there. We seem not to belong anywhere, and we might not understand this, because it will be inside that we must focus our attention. We might change our place of living, looking for our roots, and this leads to upheaval in life. I expect the Uranus transiting 5th house to be a burst of wanting to live of joys of living, probably through much new relationships, romances, adventures, creative projects and hobbies, etc. This might lead us to be a little bit erratic in our love affairs, because we seek novelty and enthusiasm. The 6th house transit should relate to more practical issues, but I am still unsure how this transit will manifest. I am sure that close relationships will gain in importance as Uranus closes to DSC. I think this transit makes us feels very wired, excited (or worried) in our daily life, in our career.

Uranus transiting 7th and 8th house should be the climax of relationship lessons, with much relationship changes and upheaval. Important events happen as it crosses the DSC, like major relationships breaking, people deaths, we gain a new way of living relationships, or we start a major relationship. Whatever it is, we are changing the way we relate to other people, by improving ourselves. Whether we need a new relationship or a time alone, is different for every person, accordingly to the wishes and learning need of that person. During the 8th house transit, this can feel more inner and emotional, more dense. There can be also excitement in connection to business with other people.

While Uranus transiting 9th to 11th should put focus in societal and career purposes and goals, the way we fit into society and we see the "global". I know that Uranus transiting 9th brings us restless feet to travel more, to encounter new ideologies, new horizons. Gradually we feel restless with our life and career. Many have described the 10th house transit as critical events, relationships and jobs changing. Have you lived specific events when Uranus transited your MC? Have you lived the same experimentation with jobs? I think, the transit of Uranus at these houses, bring a general upheaval in the perception that we have of society, our purpose in life, our jobs, and again who we are.

During my teens I have had Uranus transiting my 11th house, I was much involved with new ideals, wishes, and the issues of social non-integration and social alienation. Adult people might feel independent, dedicating themselves with excitement to their personal causes, their career and social lives. Still, the person might feel lonely in face of much social life. There is some degree of social detachment. And the 12th house transit should be the continuation of this theme - moving away from society and relationship issues, focusing more and more at an inner level. Significant emotional changes occur as Uranus approaches the ascendant. Finally, in the years that Uranus crosses the ASC, an important shift occurs, a completely new personal awakening, with the changes stemming more and more outwards, and being clearly defined.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Julian Assange, Richard Dawkins, Eric Cantona and the Uranus/Pluto square

In the last couple of weeks the news were full of action: the Euro crises, the Korea crises, and then the Wikileaks crises. This is a because Mars has been approaching an historical conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, plus the North Node, and a lunar eclipse on the solstice day!

These are the first signs of the all-powerful Uranus/Pluto square that will occur during the next 5 years and will be full of social agitation. I told you so.

Uranus in Aries versus Pluto in Capricorn signifies a big backlash of individuals against the status quo. In general this occurs every time Uranus transits Aries, but more so, when Pluto transits Capricorn. The big powers are challenged in ways they never would predict.

What do Julian Assange, Richard Dawkins and Eric Cantona, have in common?

Each of them is rebelling against the status quo, in different areas:

  • In religion, Richard Dawkins calling for millitant atheism and wanting to arrest the Pope.
  • In economy, we also saw Eric Cantona in France calling for a global bank run.
  • In governments and military, Julian Assange causing a large global crises with the disclosure of many secret files. Yesterday, a group of hackers is attacking big corporations like Visa and Mastercard, in revenge for Assange arrest.
But there are more manifestations of this Uranus/Pluto square.

We see the European Union wanting to bail out the poorer economies of the south, enslaving them to further debt. It has been Iceland, Greece, Ireland and next is Portugal. A clash between the US and China - we are watching a nearly economic world war. The typical fight for power under Pluto in Capricorn.

This is further complicated and in a dangerous way by the radical governments of North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. Where do Russia and China side? This reminds me of a stalemate in the grand chess game for global domination. It's a very wrong perspective. The governments should unite for prosperity and peace instead of control and individuality. This is an obvious Uranus in Aries danger. During the thirties, this resulted in world war, during the 1770s, this resulted in revolutions.
  • The Governments are imposing their raw power over the populations with harsh austerity measures. Cutting public investment may be a huge mistake, because this happened precisely during the thirties. And the working masses promoting more and more general strikes (Spain, Portugal, France) and more violent student protests (Italy, UK). If we don't fix the problem, either we will end up with uprisings or war.
  • In the US the Tea Party is backlashing against the mainstream politics. The extreme left and the extreme right are taking advantage of the unrest of the population. This is very common under Uranus in Aries. In 1930s, Hitler and Stalin were nasty examples, the extreme left was also observed in anarchistic Catalonia. In 1848, Marx called for the year of revolutions. In 1760s, the American fathers called for the American Revolution. There is a call for individuality, mostly for freedom, but not always.

During the next months and years, there will be more individuals coming out with radical protest measures against the status quo!

Uranus in Aries is calling for standing up!

This is just the beginning of a long Uranus/Pluto square that will last all the way between 2010 and 2017. It will be a very dynamic period, with more drama and conflicts. Just like during the thirties or the sixties. Neptune in Pisces will make this time more interesting. In one side, delusions, misleading practices, craziness, confusion, and hopelessness. In another side, hope for salvation, awakening, inspiration.

Does this sound like 2012?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Violent protests in London and Mars/Pluto conjunction

Today, as Mars closes its conjunction to Pluto, there were violent protests in London.
I told you before that a wave of intense events was going to happen in December.

The news are saturated with Wikileaks, but major headlines also feature the Euro crises, often protests and strikes, and the Korean crises.

The economy is bad, governments and banks are responsible.
And then we, the common people, suffer their consequences and have to pay.
People will become more and more upset, and riot!

Wikileaks, Eric Cantona bank run, the European crises, is just a beginning.

Expect a lot of this by 2013, with a big crises in the United States, the UK, and Germany.
When the Uranus/Pluto square hits the natal chart of these countries.

Expect also further conflict, drama and uprisings by 2020. Explaining post link here.

Uranus in Aries making a square to Pluto in Capricorn. A repeat of 1968?

This will bring very intense social and global unrest just like it did during the Sixties, in 1968, or during the Great Depression and the World War. Uranus in Aries also brought widespread riots during 1848 with the year of revolutions with uprisings in every European country, and during the late 18th century, with the American and French revolutions. It will certainly happen again.

Do you see it happening?

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Analysing your chart transits as... a whole!

I found a nice way of plotting our life trends, mostly whether we feel happy and expansive or more introvert, by plotting the transits of Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in each type of house.

For example, if we found ourselves in a period with transiting Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn in fire and air houses, this will be a quite expansive and dynamic year. And if transiting Mars and transiting Sun are also in fire or air houses, then this is even more so. For example, back in 2003 I went living abroad for the first time, as both Mars and Uranus transited my first house, Saturn transited my fifth, Jupiter my seventh, and Pluto my eleventh. During that very dynamic year, I travelled a lot, I met many new people, many relationships and changes. And I was generally very happy.

Another example: back in 2000 I had Uranus, Neptune transiting my 12th house, and both Mars, Jupiter and Saturn entered my fourth house. At that month, I entered my only depression I ever had in my life.

Or back in 2006, at a certain point, I had Mars and Saturn transiting my 6th house, Uranus entering my 2nd house, and Sun transiting my 6th house too: I was full of work to do, I also changed what i think was my ideal career, lots of focus on practical stuff with so much earth element focus.

At another point, I had Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn transiting my third house: I moved my place of residence and met many new people, because I entered University. Third house: education, short travels, social contacts, daily activity.

Can you understand the importance of analysing your transits as a WHOLE?

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