Saturday, December 4, 2010

Analysing your chart transits as... a whole!

I found a nice way of plotting our life trends, mostly whether we feel happy and expansive or more introvert, by plotting the transits of Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in each type of house.

For example, if we found ourselves in a period with transiting Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn in fire and air houses, this will be a quite expansive and dynamic year. And if transiting Mars and transiting Sun are also in fire or air houses, then this is even more so. For example, back in 2003 I went living abroad for the first time, as both Mars and Uranus transited my first house, Saturn transited my fifth, Jupiter my seventh, and Pluto my eleventh. During that very dynamic year, I travelled a lot, I met many new people, many relationships and changes. And I was generally very happy.

Another example: back in 2000 I had Uranus, Neptune transiting my 12th house, and both Mars, Jupiter and Saturn entered my fourth house. At that month, I entered my only depression I ever had in my life.

Or back in 2006, at a certain point, I had Mars and Saturn transiting my 6th house, Uranus entering my 2nd house, and Sun transiting my 6th house too: I was full of work to do, I also changed what i think was my ideal career, lots of focus on practical stuff with so much earth element focus.

At another point, I had Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn transiting my third house: I moved my place of residence and met many new people, because I entered University. Third house: education, short travels, social contacts, daily activity.

Can you understand the importance of analysing your transits as a WHOLE?

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