Friday, December 17, 2010

A millitary conflict within the next few days? Hopefully not!

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, but there is a very strong Mars/Pluto energy at the moment, and in 21st December (within 4 days) there will be a powerful moon eclipse at 0º Cancer, opposing the Mars/Pluto conjunction.

North Korea threatened to attack the South again, if it goes ahead with a planned milittary drill in that disputed island (that was attacked a month ago) within the next couple of days. Well, with Mars in Capricorn, conjuncted Pluto and opposed by a Moon eclipse, and knowing that Mars in Pluto has a historical link to the start of major wars, I am worried.

Hopefully nothing will happen; this is just more Mars tension and Pluto games, nothing more than words. Something akin of what we saw today between Japan and China. Dear readers, this is the dangerous side of Uranus in Aries! Uncontrolled anger! Oh, I would love that Mars would only be dynamic peaceful and constructive energy, but these humans prefer to respond with war words...

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