Saturday, December 18, 2010

A revolution in Astrology is needed! 10 difficult questions for astrologers to answer!

I am an astrologer, but I am above all, a truth seeker, so I like to ask difficult and challening questions to the astrological community. Since I am not in astrology for money, but rather for spiritual and psychological understanding and curiosity, I wish to seriously investigate these questions. I think every astrologer would gain much more validity and honesty, by at least spending some moments investigating, asking and studying these following points?
  • What law does it explains that Jupiter is a benefic influence, while Saturn is a restraining one? Why are squares difficult, and trines good and easy?
  • Why under the Mars effect (Gauquelin effect), most sport people, military and doctors have more their Mars more around the ASC and MC than all the other houses? And why most have their Mars in 9th house rather than their 10th, and in their 12th rather than their 1st!?
  • WHy do astrologers use different zodiac systems, some use stars some don't, and use different house systems? If Astrology is not a charlatan's activity, surely only one system should work accurately, and another not so much. Where is accuracy in Astrology, for truth' sake? Which system is the best? Why don't astrologers use thousands of natal charts and their life stories and use statistics to determine this?
  • Why should progressions work, if they use an arbitrarious chosen unit of time, one degree or one day, and this is a human invention?
  • Why don't astrlologers question what is really the effect of, let's say, a Saturn or Uranus transit, based on empirical experience, rather than astrological books? Shouldn't we distinguish the effect of for instance a Uranus transit is different for fire signs, or earth signs, rather than presenting a similar generalistic description for everyone!?
  • Why do we characterize signs accordingly to the characteristic of the constellations and animals/beasts that were drawn in the sky 2000 years ago, but today shifted almost one month before? Where does Aries really start? Are there really cusps or a transition of one sign or house into the next one? Where is precision and accuracy in astrology? Could astrologers use more faith rather than their passion to seek truth and understanding? Why is for example that so many people born in early July exhibit some Gemini traits, more than people born in mid July? Why are there much more agressive people born in late April (including at 0-5º Taurus) than people born at late March? Why Saturn brings often so much change, and still astrologers speak of Saturn as the status quo? Surely, we need to question what is really the modern meaning of the planet energies!
  • How is it possible, if information is wrong, that astrologers are advicing their patients and asking them for money!!?
  • Why isn't there more non-sense and serious investigation into the astrological effects on weather, plant growth, societal growth, etc?
  • Why is there so much non-sense for charts drawn above the Arctic Circle, do you know people born there, that we could explore where do really chart house begin and end, at these latitudes? Do fixed stars really have an effect or are they just the astrologer imagination?
  • Why do astrologers place so much importance on Pluto, but very little on the Moon North Node, or on other newly discovered dwarf planets such as Eris or Sedna, which have nearly the same size!? Why should they place their meaning and energy related to the myth of the deity that humans choose to name, rather than through empirical evidence? Why, since there is so much thousands of natal charts available, biographies, mundane history, why isn't there astrological scientific investigations, and serious publications, with a scientific basis, using statistic to distinguish between meaningul effects and not so meaningful?
Please feel free to strike back, challenge me, comment, tell me your stories, disagree....
PS: this must because I am a Sagittarius (truth seeker) and a strong Uranus person (challenging the status quo)


pshewaga said...

yes, you do ask many questions! and like you, I to would ask these questions and many more. BUT. for myself, have studied astrology for 30+ years, have never seen-been,any closer to the "truth" I have been seeking--from others. Seems like, we all have to find our own "truth" and, my truth changes as I open up and become more and more aware. Krishnamurti said: "the observer, is the observed".{go-figur} and Nagarjuna said" IT IS All TRUTH" Dear Heart, take it or leave it. Yes, I to think paying somebody $$$ for a reading is "blasphamous"! {even if I 2 did it} truth is only in the "NOW". namaste P.

segurelha said...

I still think that even spiritual stuff, like astrology, can be objective, and only one truth. I cant agree that two systems (sideral or tropical) explain reality. No, for me this is a big misunderstanding. There is only one spectrum of astrological energies, that we are beginning to understand. Where does Aries begin and where does Aries end? This is the sort of questions we must ask, objectively. Because, when someone ask us for a reading, we must know this basic question. There must be the same truth for every astrologer.

libramoon said...

You are invited to help to form what we continue to become:

BogdanKr said...

[Mars in 9th house rather than their 10th, and in their 12th rather than their 1st] - systematic error with recording birth times, that Gauquelin simply ignored, and thus "invented from the thin air" this 9th vs. 10 effect.

BogdanKr said...

[Why should progressions work [...] one day, and this is a human invention?]
Ratio of two earths motions - rotation verson revolution, is not human invented.

BogdanKr said...

[signs accordingly to the characteristic of the constellations]
Tropical signs were invented first. Few hundreds later babylonian divisions of constelations of marker starts (about 32-36) was dropped and there were 12 constellations created instead, named after tropical signs.

segurelha said...

What I appeal for is making serious scientific studies, with statistics, to determine these questions.

I am not happy to conform to previously established knowledge. The history of knowledge is full of examples that people were wrong, as mass illusions, like believing that the Earth was flat or the Sun orbited our planet.

What if our knowledge of the houses and signs is not fully correct, lacking accuracy?

Why are astrologers afraid of asking these questions? I am sorry but now I play Uranus character.

I would like to invite anyone interested in this, to join me, with their experience of other natal charts, to study these questions.

BogdanKr said...

I'm Uranus too. Asking these questions, and many more others, I invented a new house system in the process. It's just that many of those questions are already answered (many answers brought even more questions though ;/). The life is too short to waste your time breaking through the open doors, it's better to spend time seeking answers to questions not yet answered...

Sommnium said...

I am not an astrologer but I wondered about some questions you asked. My personal opinion is that astrology is more about symbolic representation of psychological or social patterns than about real celestial objects. Sure, statistical studies can be performed but it will be a long and painful journey. Scientific community sometimes tends to be very dogmatic.

Look for example stir about recent scientific paper about occurrence of psi effects:
Bem, D. J. (in press) Feeling the Future: Experimental evidence for anomalous retroactive influences on cognition and affect. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology