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Uranus transiting through each natal chart house

Uranus transiting 1st to 3rd seems to relate to a new way of experimenting with life. Uranus transits the first house refers to a period of a dramatic new personal experimentation, enhance seeking of your own freedom and uniqueness. You seek to define who I am. You want to set up a new path. This leads to much change occurring from year to year. This is the awakening at a personal, relational and professional levels. Uranus transiting the 2nd house we work with the practical manifestation of those experimentation wishes, hence the often shifting from job to job, and financial ups and downs. We seek professional freedom, our career might suffer a big shift and sudden changes in our employment and financial situation, due to our need for freedom, and finding a unique career, that appeals to us and give us freedom to be whoever we want to be. It also means a revolution in personal values that leads to those different professional changes. Uranus transiting the third house occur as we accepted our need for professional diversity and freedom, and we start seeking a variety of social experiences. The pace of life speeds as well as social contact. We grow by seeking a variety of experiences with our surrounding environment (be it in the place where we lived, people around, and our daily tasks). How we communicate might be a critical issue. Our thought is usually quite radical and different from other people at this time. Still, as I have Uranus just entering now my 3rd house cusp, I would be curious to understand what the transit into the 3rd and 4th entails, since I will experienced this in the next years.

While Uranus transiting the 4th to 6th we probably start putting more importance on the way that relationships affect us, perhaps we gradually have solved our issues, and now are working with the issues that involved us in relationships. I am writing this based on personal experience with other transits here. Uranus transiting fourth house should be a very restless period. Emotionally and in inner levels, we are restless and therefore the core of our questions lie there. We seem not to belong anywhere, and we might not understand this, because it will be inside that we must focus our attention. We might change our place of living, looking for our roots, and this leads to upheaval in life. I expect the Uranus transiting 5th house to be a burst of wanting to live of joys of living, probably through much new relationships, romances, adventures, creative projects and hobbies, etc. This might lead us to be a little bit erratic in our love affairs, because we seek novelty and enthusiasm. The 6th house transit should relate to more practical issues, but I am still unsure how this transit will manifest. I am sure that close relationships will gain in importance as Uranus closes to DSC. I think this transit makes us feels very wired, excited (or worried) in our daily life, in our career.

Uranus transiting 7th and 8th house should be the climax of relationship lessons, with much relationship changes and upheaval. Important events happen as it crosses the DSC, like major relationships breaking, people deaths, we gain a new way of living relationships, or we start a major relationship. Whatever it is, we are changing the way we relate to other people, by improving ourselves. Whether we need a new relationship or a time alone, is different for every person, accordingly to the wishes and learning need of that person. During the 8th house transit, this can feel more inner and emotional, more dense. There can be also excitement in connection to business with other people.

While Uranus transiting 9th to 11th should put focus in societal and career purposes and goals, the way we fit into society and we see the "global". I know that Uranus transiting 9th brings us restless feet to travel more, to encounter new ideologies, new horizons. Gradually we feel restless with our life and career. Many have described the 10th house transit as critical events, relationships and jobs changing. Have you lived specific events when Uranus transited your MC? Have you lived the same experimentation with jobs? I think, the transit of Uranus at these houses, bring a general upheaval in the perception that we have of society, our purpose in life, our jobs, and again who we are.

During my teens I have had Uranus transiting my 11th house, I was much involved with new ideals, wishes, and the issues of social non-integration and social alienation. Adult people might feel independent, dedicating themselves with excitement to their personal causes, their career and social lives. Still, the person might feel lonely in face of much social life. There is some degree of social detachment. And the 12th house transit should be the continuation of this theme - moving away from society and relationship issues, focusing more and more at an inner level. Significant emotional changes occur as Uranus approaches the ascendant. Finally, in the years that Uranus crosses the ASC, an important shift occurs, a completely new personal awakening, with the changes stemming more and more outwards, and being clearly defined.

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