Thursday, December 9, 2010

Violent protests in London and Mars/Pluto conjunction

Today, as Mars closes its conjunction to Pluto, there were violent protests in London.
I told you before that a wave of intense events was going to happen in December.

The news are saturated with Wikileaks, but major headlines also feature the Euro crises, often protests and strikes, and the Korean crises.

The economy is bad, governments and banks are responsible.
And then we, the common people, suffer their consequences and have to pay.
People will become more and more upset, and riot!

Wikileaks, Eric Cantona bank run, the European crises, is just a beginning.

Expect a lot of this by 2013, with a big crises in the United States, the UK, and Germany.
When the Uranus/Pluto square hits the natal chart of these countries.

Expect also further conflict, drama and uprisings by 2020. Explaining post link here.

Uranus in Aries making a square to Pluto in Capricorn. A repeat of 1968?

This will bring very intense social and global unrest just like it did during the Sixties, in 1968, or during the Great Depression and the World War. Uranus in Aries also brought widespread riots during 1848 with the year of revolutions with uprisings in every European country, and during the late 18th century, with the American and French revolutions. It will certainly happen again.

Do you see it happening?

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Anon And Ever said...

I cannot but do agree with these protests and like this moment in which people are getting increasingly tired of this world dictature **masked** by governments’ Public Balances unbalanced by this Sick Banking System, SBS ---