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What will happen in 2011? Astrology Predictions for 2011.

In 2011, we will continue to witness the ongoing cardinal climax, with the progress of Uranus into the earlier degrees of Aries. This means we will continue to see the different ongoing crises: social, economic, political, military, climatic, and likely more new crises and events happening suddenly (as suddently as the Chilean earthquake, Icelandic volcano, the Korean shelling or the Wikileaks revelations this year)

In January and February, as Mars transiting Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces (as in early 2009 and early 2007) will see the global matters as important as never before. Deep worries with the economic situation, and also with the Korean crises. Until 20th January, there is a high likelihood of economic troubles, scandals and wars, the Korean situation will continue near boiling (wars tend to start with Mars in Capricorn). What will happen very likely, will be a VERY COLD WINTER in Europe, North America and China.

In March, we find the start of more aggressive energies. If you have planets or angles in cardinal degrees, watch out for the next two periods: 10 March: Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Aries. 18-21 March: Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in 12º Aries, and opposes Saturn in 15º Libra (degree of many national charts); Full Moon in spring equinox. At least, we will see some DISRUPTIONS for large groups of people, this could be flights disruptions for example (as we observed now with snowstorms, and last April with the Icelandic volcano). This is the likely period for WIKILEAKS new revelations causing fears in the stock markets.

April seems the same mood, dynamic, eventful, aggressive. This could feature the most likely start of a major CONFLICT in the Koreas or Iran. Internal unrest will occur at least sometimes in western nations, more than during the former months. In March and April, as different alignments aspect the Jupiter-Saturn opposition at mid Aries, this will hit heavily in the charts of several important nations, such as the US, Germany, UK, China, this could mean a larger CRISES in March or APRIL. Could be Wikileaks, serious war or further economic trouble. Heavy diplomacy will be called for (as implied by Saturn in Libra) Critical periods of high energy are: 2-4 April: Mars conjuncts Uranus in Aries; New Moon at 15º Aries (critical degree), 18-22 April: Mars and Mercury conjunct Jupiter and oppose Saturn. In summary, the first highly charged period of 2011 will be between mid March and end of April!

May with Sun and Mars just coming out from Aries and entering Taurus, means probably a very charged beginning of the month but then, hopefully, winding down to more down-to-earth and stable moods. Another trend this year will be great SCIENTIFIC and TECHNOLOGICAL advances and discoveries. I am still expecting for something big.

The summer will be no child's play. It will be a highly-charged summer, in the likes of the 1968-1969, 1989-1990. What seems likely is to expect social unrest, general strikes, riots, attacks and some violence and protests in cities. After the solstice, with Mars entering Gemini, we might see the early stages of a revolutionary or at least riots/protest wave, this will be a sign of what is to come by 2020s. Something like these last 3 months (student protests in Rome, London, Athens, France). JULY might be well the PROTEST/RIOT month.

Remember that as the summer comes, Uranus and Pluto begin forming the first square! This hits strongly on Russia chart (could there be unrest there?) Also hits Iran chart. I am all for peace, but with Uranus in Aries, and its intense aspects, this is a recipe for exploding tensions. Critical dates to watch out, if you have planets or angles in cardinal signs will be: 17-21 June: Summer solstice, Mercury squares Uranus; and Mars enters Gemini. 3-11 August: Mars enters Cancer and triggers the Uranus/Pluto square. 25 August: Mars square Saturn, Sun opposite Neptune. Likely a second climax of unrest and events will be by late July and early August! Watch out for more sudden events. Weather-wise, the summer will be quite extreme, but hot and hurricane-active. The rest of the the year will be covered in a late article, but other critical periods will be 24-26 September: Autumn equinox, Mercury opposes Uranus, and 24 December: New Moon conjuncts Pluto, and squares Uranus. And please remember, these are very tentative predictions (for the world). If you have planets in cardinal degrees, you might do well to pay attention to the dates marked in bold (also listed below), as they will be the most eventful and energetic.

Overall, the year highlights might be well a major crises during spring/summer, I could guess Wikileaks, bank-related, or a major war, a major scientific advance, and increasingly violent protests against the powers that be.

Dates of more energy in 2011:
10 March
18-21 March
2-4 April
18-22 April
17-21 June
3-11 August
25 August
24-26 September
24 December

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