Monday, January 31, 2011

Revolutionary wave 2011 (Revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, more next?)

Hello everyone! Uranus has entered Aries, as it does every 84 years of a new social cycle.

Usually, at this time, riots tend to occur very often. In 1760s, just at the start of the American Revolution. In 1848, in the Year of Revolutions (revolts occurred in nearly country of Europe that year). In 1931, as the Great Depression deepened. This also occurs as Uranus enters cardinal angles. In 1968 (Uranus enters Libra) with widespread uprising in France, the US and other countries. In 1989 in all Eastern European countries.

Last year, widespread protests occurred in Greece, Ireland, London and Rome. Now, we are witnessing a revolutionary wave spreading across North Africa and the Middle East! First, Tunisia, now Yemen and Egypt. Probably, this will spread further and further, as the square between Uranus and Pluto tightens in late 2011 and 2012. I would say, expect social unrest in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey, and later coming to Europe. It is most likely that this will happen, as the current system is unsustainable, corrupt and will have to be crashed down, either by some natural or man-made event, such as popular uprisings.

Now, uprising are beginning because Mars is transiting Aquarius (a revolutionary sign), I should have seen that coming.

In April and May, Mars in Aries will trigger again the cardinal energies, this could be very energetic combination (with at least a new crises event happening). I would almost bet that Iran will be having much unrest, as well as Greece and/or Turkey. Another "Suez"/oil crises (Saturn in Libra)?

By late June and July (write JULY 2011), expect the high likelihood of something that could be written in the history books, connected to revolutions and uprisings. And again, another wave of protests and revolts/revolutions in October.

I expect 2011 to be a little bit like 1968.

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