Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big changes coming in 2011?

Just as in July 2008 as the oil prices rose quickly, and there was a big global recession, now we are watching a very fast climbing of oil prices in consequence of the unrest in North Africa and Middle East.

If an uprising happens in Saudi Arabia (and a "day of rage" is scheduled for 11 March), this could cause a serious block in oil supply, and make the prices climb even higher than in 2008. This could result in a more serious global depression in 2012 and afterwards, just as I forecast.

At the same time, we are witnessing a wave of revolutions spreading around. In Sudan, Tunis, Egypt, and now Libya and Yemen. Even if this does not result in a worst global economical crises, this uprising wave could easily reach important countries such in Europe (we already see signs of it in Greece, Italy and sometimes in France and the UK). We see the unrest in Belgium, and the economic impasse in Ireland, Portugal and Spain. I have predicted this serious of intense events for December 2010 earlier last year, here and here.

This could be well the catalyst to result in a global wave of uprisings around Europe (and even in America and China), for the years following 2012. We know that around 2015, global matters will be much more complicate. Also the charts of most western countries will be affected by the square of Uranus/Pluto. This has happened last time in the thirties, during Great Depression and WWII. By 2023, a global wave of revolutions is forecast, just as it happened 250 years ago, when Pluto transited Capricorn, prior to America and French Revolutions. We could be watching now the early beginnings of this revolution wave, as we have predicted in previous posts here (a Great Depression in 2010s), here (year by year astrological energy and predictions, between now and 2025) and here (the cardinal climax crises hitting bottom in late 2010s). It's a little bit the Astrology of Revolutions, that happen in cycles every 21 and 84 years.

Watch out for this spring. A day of rage in Saudi Arabia on 11th March. If that causes oil prices to climb even higher, then by spring echinox, we could be well into a new global crises. More or less as it happened in the autumn equinox of 2008. This would result in further protests and uprisings by late spring and early autumn.

And remember that with the Uranus energy, anything unpredictable can happen, just like the pandemic in 2009 or the Icelandic volcano in 2010. We could still have more Wikileaks revelations, or a disruptive big solar flare as a new solar maximum approaches.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

How the cardinal crises is unfolding worldwide - rhythmic periods of unrest about every 3 months

The following dates mark the periods of increase headlines and global unrest/change, since the cardinal crises began in 2008:

May-Jun 2008: Global oil protests, China earthquake and hurricane in Burma
Sep-Dec 2008: Obama and global recession begins
Jan 2009: Gaza war
Apr-May 2009: Korea/Iran tension and pandemic flu
Jan-Feb 2010- Haiti and Chile earthquakes
Apr-May 2010: Greece protests and Icelandic volcano, Pakistan heatwave
Sep-Dec 2010: French protests, Wikileaks, Korea and Euro crises, European coldwave
Jan 2011: North Africa uprisings, Australia flooding and US blizzards

There looks to be some patterns to it.
First, most action seems to happen right after or around the equinoxes and solstices, for example in January, in April-May or June, in September and in December.
Second, if you look at what was happening astrologically, you will notice that Mars was transiting cardinal signs.
  • Mars in Libra brings renewed economic crises, and an important personality (Obama and Wikileaks).
  • Mars in Capricorn brings war tensions (Gaza, Korea) and the Arab world.
  • Mars in Aries brings war tensions and brought the pandemic.
  • Mars in Leo brought renewed global protests, disruptions and more natural disasters
April and May 2011 Mars transits again Aries. What will happen this time? War? Riots? Look for mid April 2011 for more possible unrest.

July 2011 Mars transits Gemini, and October 2011 Mars transits Leo. Would there be revolutions, uprisings and more protest, around the world? I expect 2011 to be a little bit like 1968. April, July and October can mark the start and culmination of something.

Is there also going another big natural disaster around October?

July and August 2012, Mars transits Libra: would there be renewed economic crises? Would there be another glimpse of dramatic change brought by someone like Obama and Julian Assange?

Check also Year by Year predictions 2010-2020 (when revolutionary waves will likely occur)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Living through the cardinal crises. A personal experience.

I was thinking today, it's now very interesting to follow how people have been affected by the cardinal crises.

If you had planets in late mutable degrees like me, then you already most of the action in 2006-2010, you are probably already following a new direction after much inner struggles to find a new way. Congratulations, you have made it!

If you have planets in early cardinal signs (like a between 0º and 6º Aries) you are probably on the middle of a big upheaval and change in your life. If you have the planets more like between 4º and 8º Aries, you are probably still on the early stages of this change. By 2012, as both Uranus and Pluto move into the mid degrees of Aries and Capricorn, you will have more of that feel of a new direction establishing in your life. Probably the issue know, is not so much to abandon an old order of living, but rather how to create a new one.

If you have planets in mid cardinal signs (like around 10-18º Aries), then wait, because you are due to a big coming revolution in your life. You probably already feel it coming (particularly if that is your natal Sun, Moon or angles). You might find it interesting to talk with people like me and others, that have already lived through the cardinal crises.

I have a natal stellium Neptune-Sun-Mercury at 25-30º Sagittarius, and Mars at 0º Libra, which have been transited by Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter, in recent years. A big change in life took me about 4 years (2006-2010). Feel free to drop me an email with your experiences and comments