Sunday, February 13, 2011

How the cardinal crises is unfolding worldwide - rhythmic periods of unrest about every 3 months

The following dates mark the periods of increase headlines and global unrest/change, since the cardinal crises began in 2008:

May-Jun 2008: Global oil protests, China earthquake and hurricane in Burma
Sep-Dec 2008: Obama and global recession begins
Jan 2009: Gaza war
Apr-May 2009: Korea/Iran tension and pandemic flu
Jan-Feb 2010- Haiti and Chile earthquakes
Apr-May 2010: Greece protests and Icelandic volcano, Pakistan heatwave
Sep-Dec 2010: French protests, Wikileaks, Korea and Euro crises, European coldwave
Jan 2011: North Africa uprisings, Australia flooding and US blizzards

There looks to be some patterns to it.
First, most action seems to happen right after or around the equinoxes and solstices, for example in January, in April-May or June, in September and in December.
Second, if you look at what was happening astrologically, you will notice that Mars was transiting cardinal signs.
  • Mars in Libra brings renewed economic crises, and an important personality (Obama and Wikileaks).
  • Mars in Capricorn brings war tensions (Gaza, Korea) and the Arab world.
  • Mars in Aries brings war tensions and brought the pandemic.
  • Mars in Leo brought renewed global protests, disruptions and more natural disasters
April and May 2011 Mars transits again Aries. What will happen this time? War? Riots? Look for mid April 2011 for more possible unrest.

July 2011 Mars transits Gemini, and October 2011 Mars transits Leo. Would there be revolutions, uprisings and more protest, around the world? I expect 2011 to be a little bit like 1968. April, July and October can mark the start and culmination of something.

Is there also going another big natural disaster around October?

July and August 2012, Mars transits Libra: would there be renewed economic crises? Would there be another glimpse of dramatic change brought by someone like Obama and Julian Assange?

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