Thursday, March 31, 2011

Neptune transiting through each natal house

div>Transits to each house are nearly the same themes, but the approach and general energy we have towards those, is colored by each specific transiting planet. With Neptune, the way we live through a specific transit is colored by confusion, idealism or devotion to those same house themes. Changes will happen, we we will find ourselves suffering, confused, idealizing and devoted to personal issues, our family, our relationships and our career.

Neptune transiting 1st house marks the awakening of our personal levels, our soul, a new idealism, and a new softness in the way we relate to the outer world. We might feel terribly confused about our path in life, or we might feel inspired to pursuit a new path in life. We are very open to the energies surrounding us, between the self and the outside world. There might be a more pronounced interest in humanitarian and spiritual matters.

Neptune transiting 2nd house; we still feel confused or idealizing our path in life, and this affects more and more how we live professionally, it affects also our resources and money themes. We might live with little care about money, only to find that which truly appeals us, is how we own living (the way we live, the things we have, the things we do). These are still very much changes at a personal level. Anyone with this transit? I will have this in a few years.

Neptune transiting 3rd, we might feel confused, idealizing or devoted in our daily life, in our day to day existence, a little bit in the same line of the previous two transits. I think all these transits, make us feel closer to nature, spirituality and creativity. In 3rd house, our mind can be saturated with Neptune themes, of devotion, confusion, dreaming, imagination, music, arts, creativity, the things around us and our social living. Communication can be deceptive, confusing or inspiring.

Neptune transiting 4th and we feel lonely, in our own, looking for what it's going on inside, it is a perfect time for spiritual matters, but not so great for social engagement. We feel drawn to meditation and the inner world, we feel emotional. We look for our ideal roots. There is greater emotional sensitivity, as memories and the unconscious is stimulated. There might be Neptunian issues with our family (caring, suffering, devotion, linkage), and you might feel evasive from your career life, parents or boss.

Neptune transiting the 5th might make our romantic affairs idealizing or confused. Gambling and romance might be an illusion. There might be romance for the wrong reasons, it might be unrealistic, illusory, for drama, or deceptive. We know we want to pursuit the expression of our soul and have fun and pleasure, and express it. This transit can be good for creativity. There might some Neptunian issues with children.

Neptune transiting the 6th. I still don't know much about the 6th house transit.

Neptune transiting the 7th brings us devotion, loneliness, or confusion in close relationships. I still don't know much about the 8th house transit. Neptune transiting 9th brings us a very devoted philosophical interests in new visions about life, be it practically, or spirituality. There can be a great engagement with travel and exploration of other cultures and spiritual systems.

Neptune transiting 10th and 11th, makes us devoted (but probably not thinking too much) about our career, devoting ourselves to it, or perhaps with some confusion over it. Career can be a great source of confusion or devotion. In 11th house, we might feel more oriented to devote ourselves to social living, and social causes. And the 12th transit brings a new drawnness to the universal and inner world, to shyness, away from social activity, to the world of emotions and dreams, until a new awakening.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Uranus transiting 2nd house. Money and job issues

I have now finishing a long 7-years transit of Uranus through my SECOND HOUSE.

To put it short: I haven't not only gained the lottery, I haven't gained any big sums of money, I haven't loss money, I haven't experimented with different jobs!

Well, the whole story is different. In fact, I start my first job (a university grant) when Uranus was just about to enter 2nd house. After years of living crazy and free during university (Uranus transiting 1st), I settled down for a professional project. But soon, I discovered that this project was not what I liked, and that my boss restricted my personal freedom. I realized I was meant for a different career, which is a good representation of what the transit of Uranus in the 2nd means.

This happened between 2004 to 2006. Then, I decided I wanted to quit my project, but my boss did not allow me to breach the 4 years contract! At that time, I was occupied with discovering other ways of living, and I even became obsessed with the concept of self-sufficiency, as means to achieve the control over your resources, without the hand of a boss or society.

In 2008, I moved abroad, while working on the same project, but having a second and new boss (while keeping the first one but at distance). In 2009, the project finished and I became unemployed. Until then, I had saved great sums of money, by living very simple. No debts, no big spending, except for a couple of travels.

For the next 2 years, and until now, I haven't earn much money, but neither have I lost or spend much. I have a very careful person when it comes to financial planning.

During those 2 years, I had intermittent short-term paid contracts, and I also volunteered in radically different fields from that of my former career. Therefore, I gradually, built a whole new career, by experiencing new projects, even if I was not being paid for them (volunteering, internships, etc). Changing to a new career that appealed more to my personal freedom, values and happiness, was the main lesson of Uranus in 2nd house.

Jupiter transited 2nd house last year. Jupiter is nice because it has been showing me that there are many possible jobs I could take and be happy with, and as possibilities for earning.

But the thing is, every each I tried, I work, people like me a lot and my work, but don't pay me anything. Everyone says they don't have any chance of pay me because of the recession.

This is obviously the effect of Uranus in 2nd house. Actually I feel much more happy being quite free to swing from project to project, while learning from it. However, gradually my savings are decreasing. But unexpected, a new salary can come next money, by someone offer.

What I realized now is that I could in fact have had a stable salary from beginning to end, but would I really wanted it? In fact, I haven't made the effort to demand that, because I was already thinking in trying a new job/new project, while I was establishing on one.

Finally, I was lost some money. Not a lot. Particularly, in 2008 and 2009, I had some worries, when people asked me to pay some bills, tickets, and stuff like that. I even did not deserve those. But that was Uranus in 2nd house screaming that I should not get attached to money saving. Live in the present moment, Uranus said. Live to your fullest potential.

[B]Any other Aquarius rising with the same experience?????

PS: Natally I dont have any planet in 2nd house, Pisces is in cusp, Neptune its ruler is conjunct the sun in 11th house, and I have been always working in 11th house jobs. No hard aspects to Neptune.

Another explanation is: I have Saturn in 8th house by transit and natally. So, this is Saturn (restriction) of money through other people (8th house).

The 2012 solar storms predictions! Solar storms in mid May and mid December 2012

It is well known from astronomers that the Sun rotates its sunspots every 27.2 days.

It was also recently discovered that the same core of sun spots stay from one cycle, to the next one. They might not be visible but the magnetic core is there, invisible, and they show themselves again, over the next solar cycle, in that same solar surface spots. This is not to say that new magnetic cores will form, and give origin to new sunspots. But roughly the same sunspots appear over and over again after 27.2 days.

I then checked when there were recently sunspots facing Earth, and geomagnetic storms:
For example:
9 to 14 January 2011
5 to 10 February 2011
4 to 9 March 2011

Going backwards this correlates with major solar storms in 31-.5 August 2010, or even back to 20 January 2005, very close to 15 July 2001 and 2 April 2001.
Only the major storm of 29-4 Nov 2003 does not fit in the cycle. Curiously appearing 14 days later, as if in the opposite side of the sun, to where most intense sunspots referred before formed.

Have you followed so far?

Extending the 27.2 day cycle into the future, we will get for example the following dates:
31 to 4 April 2011
28 to 2 May 2011
12 to 17 September 2011
9 to 14 October 2011
5 to 10 November 2011
20 to 25 March 2012
16 to 21 April 2012
13 to 18 May 2012
10 to 15 June 2012
7 to 12 July 2012
18 to 23 December 2012

Curiously, the 21/12/2012 Mayan date, appears right on the spot, as the solar maximum is predicted for 2012 and 2013. As usual, major solar storms will occur. How big no one knows.

It will be interesting to see if the solar sunspots and corresponding geomagnetic storms on Earth will fit this pattern!


I also discovered this possible cycle, about 7 months which fit with most solar storms on past 10 years:
April 2001 (X20) ...
July 2002 (X4) ...
October 2003 (X28) ...
January 2005 (X17)
nothing big happened afterwards until the current solar cycle 24
19 January 2010 (strongest solar flare in 2 years)
4 August 2010 ("solar tsunami" of 1st August)
15 February 2011 (X2)

The next big solar storms are likely come in:

12-17 September 2011 or 9-14 October 2011
16-21 Apr 2012 or 13-18 May 2012
21-26 Nov 2012 or 18-23 Dec 2012
23-28 July 2013

Again the Mayan date of 21/12/2012 appears right on the spot, of this 7 month major storm cycle. We know that the predictions are for a solar maximum in 2012 or 2013. The problem is that I am not sure what is the precise period of the 7 month cycle, it's something around 7 months (or 8 times 27.2 days, which is 217 days). However, you can add 27 days before or after to the dates above mentioned, to find other likely solar storm periods.

Also if we going backwards we will also find the June 1991 flares (X12) and March 1989 (Quebec power grid failure) on this cycle!

Friday, March 25, 2011

New predictions of the times of major world events in 2011 and 2012: dates pinpointed!

As major transiting planets, cross the cardinal cusp, and progress in cardinal signs, major global events happen.

Let's see the year of 2010 and 2011, in summary, as the Sun and Mars transits cardinal signs, and also Uranus crosses back and forth the Aries cusp. Sometimes 3 or 4 major world events happen within the same month!

Then, we will see which periods in 2011 and 2012 are likely to bring a row of major global events, like it happened now in March. The current intensity of global events will continue through April. Then, the next months of intensity will be July 2011, April and July 2012.

Remember I predicted last Christmas "In summary, the first highly charged period of 2011 will be between mid March and end of April!"

Many dramatic events in April 2010. Opposition Saturn/Uranus in 26 April; Sun in mid Aries, Mars in Leo. Also Uranus near Aries cusp.
  • Poland presidential flight crash (10 April)
  • Earthquake in China (13 April)
  • Eyjafjallajokull eruption and global disruption (14 April)
  • The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster (20 April)
  • The collapse of Greece economy (27 April)
25-29 July, Mars in Libra triggers the great cardinal cross. Some major events
  • The global disclosures of Wikileaks (25 July)
  • Pakistan floods (29 July)
Late October 2010. Conjunction North Node and Pluto. Sun in mid Libra. Cardinal energy increases again crises events.
  • France long-lasting riots 15 October to 5 November
  • G-20 meeting 23 October
  • Earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption in Indonesia (25-26 October)
Major events in 17-28 Nov. Mars nears Capricorn cusp. Another row of major global events! Also Saturn reaches mid Libra, a point of cardinal change.
  • London riots 11 Nov.
  • CERN traps anti-matter 17 Nov.
  • NATO summit 20 Nov.
  • Major protests and revolts in Europe (October to December)
  • The collapse of Ireland economy, fears of a Euro collapse (21-29 November)
  • The attack of North Korea, threats of a nuclear war (23 November)
  • Wikileaks global disclosures and scandals (28 Nov.)
10-21 December. Mars in Capricorn. Still the Wikileaks, Korea and Europe crises
  • Wikileaks scandal 1-15 Dec.
  • London violent riots 10 Dec.
  • Rome riots 11 Dec.
  • South Korea drill and near war 22-23 Dec.
Jan and Feb 2011. Saturn has progressed beyond 15º Libra (cardinal change happens). The Muslim uprisings. It has gone retrograde meanwhile. So far, the uprisings have calmed down. As Saturn turns again direct in July, this means that new revolutions might happen again in the Summer and Autumn months!
  • South Sudan independence 9 Jan.
  • Tunisia uprising 14 Jan.
  • Egypt uprising 11 Feb
  • New Zealand earthquake 22 Feb
  • Libya uprising 22 Feb


Mid March 2011.
Mars and Sun near Aries cusp. Uranus also in Aries cusp. Jupiter and Saturn opposition. Again many dramatic events!
  • The Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster (11 March and afterwards)
  • Libya war (19 March and afterwards)
  • The collapse of Portugal economy 24 March
Around and between 4 and 19 April. Sun and Mars join the Jupiter and Saturn opposition.

This is a month of great cardinal energy. More big events are likely to happen. Much intensity. Since this hits directly the chart of many world nations, this might be again a big thing. Maybe a war starting.

28 June to 9 July 2011. Sun progress through a cardinal sign, while forming a big cardinal cross. Uranus and Pluto begin their long cardinal square! And Mars transits the revolutionary Gemini.

This will be probably a time of revolutions! The economy might be so unstable that would trigger that need for revolts. There is a push for revolutionary conflict. This might be the return of the uprisings early in the year, but on a new level. Nations might feel great pressure. Might be Middle East, Europe or another important country. At best, a revolution. At worse, a war. July might be well a month known in history for its riots.

As Mars transits Cancer in August 2011, there might be a new major natural disaster, comparable to the Chile and Japan earthquakes. Could be some events happening between July and August.

There might be more intensity around September and December 2011.

25 March to 15 April 2012. While there is again much cardinal energy, a long opposition of Mars to Neptune. This might be a time of natural disaster, or something that will impact strongly mankind. I am not sure, could be economic related, I even though about the flu pandemic returning again.

1-31 July 2012. Another month of GREAT cardinal energy. At least one or two big events are expected. A new sort of "global focus" on "some important major issue" will happen by this time. Watch out for this (whether a revolution, economic crises, or war) because this might be the trigger for the VERY BIG row of events due to happen by 2013 and 2014. I expect some quite of historical news in July (could be a revolt in some western country, an important moment of crises in the economy) and then again in late November 2012 (more likely a war at this time).

See here for more information

11 March 2011 - Uranus enters Aries and... Japan disaster

11 March 2011, the day Uranus entered Aries, was also the day of the Japan earthquake/ tsunami / nuclear disaster!

Could it be more perfect astrologically speaking?

The cardinal T-square of 2010-2011 happened with a lot of major events!!!
  • The Haiti and Chile earthquakes (January and February)
  • Eyjafjallajokull eruption and global disruption (April and May)
  • The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster (April and May)
  • The collapse of Greece economy (April and May)
  • The global scandal and disclosures of Wikileaks (July and November)
  • Earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption in Indonesia (October)
  • Major protests and revolts in Europe (October to December)
  • The collapse of Ireland economy, fears of a Euro collapse (November)
  • The attack of North Korea, threats of a nuclear war (November)
  • Wave of uprisings and civil war in Muslim countries (January to now)
  • The New Zealand earthquake (February)
  • The Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster (March)
  • The collapse of Portugal economy (March)
Such a big list!

Millions were affected by these events.
It was a year of impressive change.

2011 will be again full of historical events.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sun transiting 3rd or 9th house and big travels

Every April and October, the transiting Sun goes through my 3rd and 9th house.
This occurs always in the same month, and it depends on the rising sign we have.

Since I have Aquarius rising, in April, the Sun transits Aries (my natal 3rd house), and in October, Libra (my natal 9th house).

I noticed that travelling tends to happen a lot at these times of the year.

Below are the times when I traveled abroad (in recent years).
Transcontinental travel is also indicated:

February 2003 - moved abroad
April 2003 - traveled abroad - Sun transiting 3rd
October 2003 - travel abroad - Sun transiting 9th
November 2004 - almost traveled to Latin America - Mars transiting 9th, Jupiter transiting 9th
December 2004 - traveled abroad - Jupiter transiting 9th
April 2005 - travel abroad - Sun transiting 3rd, Jupiter transiting 9th
August 2005 - traveled to Brazil - Jupiter transiting 9th
October 2005 - travel abroad - Sun transiting 9th, Jupiter transiting 9th
March 2006 - moved abroad - Jupiter transiting end of 9th
April 2006 - travel abroad - Sun transiting 3rd, Jupiter transiting end of 9th
August 2006 - travel abroad - Jupiter still transiting 9th
October 2006 - travel abroad - Sun transiting 9th, Mars transiting 9th
April 2007- travel abroad - Sun transiting 3rd
October 2007- almost traveled to India - Sun transiting 9th
December 2007 - travel abroad
March 2008- moved abroad
April 2008- travel abroad - Sun transiting 3rd
October 2008 - travel abroad - Mars transiting 9th
February 2009 - travel abroad
June 2009 - travel abroad
February 2010- travel abroad
April 2010 - moved abroad - Sun transiting 3rd
September 2010 - travel by hitchhiking - Mars transiting 9th
January 2011 - moved abroad, Uranus and Jupiter transiting 3rd cusp, Saturn in 9th house

Almost all of the times I traveled, I had the Sun, Mars or Jupiter transiting either the 3rd or 9th house. This is more than a coincidence. Travel also happens often in April or October, at the times the Sun transits through my 3rd and 9th houses.

There seems to be more travels at the time the Sun transits the 3rd house rather than the 9th, maybe because of a more personal period, less focused on career matters.

Far away travel tends to occur more under the influence of 9th house transits, or when Jupiter transits both houses. Just look at how often I traveled, when Jupiter transited through my 9th house.

In addition, travel can also be more appealing, when planets are transiting the 1st and 7th houses, due to the cardinal energy, and also during the 5th house, due to the pursuit of pleasure.

Our previous article focused on planets transiting our 2nd house and how I often changed place of residence at those times. Link for article here.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sun transiting 2nd house and changing apartments!

Every March, the transiting Sun goes through my second house.
This occurs always in the same month, and it depends on the rising sign we have.

Since I have Aquarius rising, in March, the Sun transits Pisces (my natal 2nd house).

Right now (17th March) I am preparing to move into a new apartment.
I noticed that changes of residence tends to happen a lot at this time of the year.

Below are the times when I moved into a new apartment (in last 10 years):
Feb 2000 - Mars transiting 2nd
Feb 2003 - Sun transiting 2nd
May 2003 -
Nov 2003 - Mars transiting 2nd
Mar 2004 - Sun transiting 2nd
Mar 2005 - Sun transiting 2nd
Mar 2006 - Sun transiting 2nd
Sep 2006
Mar 2008 - Sun transiting 2nd
Mar 2009 - Sun transiting 2nd, Mars transiting 2nd
Nov 2009
May 2010 - Jupiter transiting 2nd house
Jan 2011 - Jupiter still transiting 2nd house
Mar 2011 - Sun transiting 2nd, Mars transiting 2nd

Half of the times I moved apartment were in March, when the Sun transited my 2nd natal house. This is more than a coincidence. This time of the year usually represents "a new beginning", after the Sun transits the natal first house, and the second house represents the practical manifestation of that "new beginning". Often, Mercury and Mars are also transiting the 2nd house.

I often moved into new cities or countries at this time of the year (when the Sun transits Pisces, my 2nd natal house). Examples include February 2000, February 2003, March 2006, March 2008 and January 2011.

For those who question themselves, why not the 4th house, I tell you the following: in fact, counting from my Sagittarius natal Sun, Pisces would be my solar 4th house. Whether this is relevant, I don't know.

The fact is that often around February or March I start a new life somewhere else.

More examples of Sun transiting a specific natal house, and correlations with trivial mundane events, to follow in future articles. Go to the blog mainpage here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Accuracy of AstroTransits predictions in 2011: Arab protests and Japan disaster

Last year, I was already forecasting that there would be Islamic uprisings:
Written 20 Nov 2010 (before the Arab uprisings), link here: Pluto in Capricorn II- Uprisings against capitalism and religion, political extremism, economic proteccionism and abuses of power. The popular uprisings could be nationalistic, patriotic, anti-immigrant, or even arab intifadas, within Europe or the US. This will be large by 2016-2017, this will be a low point, not only economic trouble, but the large trouble now is large social unrest or even chaos, nuclear tensions or terrorist attacks, political extremism, etc. This tipping point will linger between now and 2022, either global peace is enforced or there will be large wars or regional uprisings against this global status quo when Pluto transits Pisces in 2040-2080. Think for instance of Islamic uprisings or wars continuing through the next decade.

The general "uprising" trend of the decade 2010-2020:
Written 29 Nov 2010, link here: Uranus in Aries is a time for rebels and unique movements, and as Uranus makes a long square to Pluto in Capricorn, this will be a long period of protests, scandals, clashes, conflicts and uprisings. For the good, and for the bad. Ultimately, there will be large scale revolutions when Pluto enters Aquarius, and a completely transformed world

Written, 11 Dec 2010, link here:
During the next months and years, there will be more individuals coming out with radical protest measures against the status quo!

On extreme natural disasters:
Written 25 Nov 2010, link here: Geological phenomena (like the Icelandic volcano, or the Chile earthquake) will also occur in next years. As the collective becomes aggitated, so the planet mirrors this, giving rise to some disasters. It could be that we will become more humble in face of our planet, maybe in a couple of decades, when Neptune transits Aries

And about the specific Japan earthquake/ tsunami / nuclear crisis. It occured exactly on the day Uranus was entering Aries (11 March), and the cardinal crisis was triggered, as predicted:
Written 23 Dec 2010, link here: In March, we find the start of more aggressive energies. If you have planets or angles in cardinal degrees, watch out for the next two periods: 10 March: Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Aries. 18-21 March: Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in 12º Aries, and opposes Saturn in 15º Libra (degree of many national charts); Full Moon in spring equinox. At least, we will see some DISRUPTIONS for large groups of people, this could be flights disruptions for example (as we observed now with snowstorms, and last April with the Icelandic volcano). This is the likely period for WIKILEAKS new revelations causing fears in the stock markets. Dates of more energy in 2011: 10 March, 18-21 March, 2-4 April, 18-22 April
In the months ahead, much change is expected to happen in April (due to Mars in Aries). I would follow closely the dates aforementioned. More protest energy is likely to occur in July, after the summer solstice (due to Mars in Gemini), and also by mid September (due to Mars in Cancer).

The Japanese disaster (which resulted on a global crisis) is occurring now as Mercury and Jupiter oppose Saturn in 13-15º Aries / Libra axis, which are degrees where most western nations have their angles, and most important natal planets. Therefore, the activation of this axis is at least, the spark of a large global crises.

The axis is going to be transited by Uranus and Pluto in the years ahead, 2013, 2014 and 2015, which could result in a further bigger global series of events. By 19 April 2011, the same degree is going to be triggered again (this might be another development of big events?). It is a preview of what the next years might bring.

It could be linked to what is happening now (endless economic crisis, crash of resources and energy, nuclear energy and radiation, population displacements, natural disasters, uprisings)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rulers in Astrology - an unconventional opinion

For me rulers make no sense. Astrologers are just linking planet similarities to signs (Jupiter for Sagittarius, Saturn to Capricorn, Uranus to Aquarius...). Just like they link houses to signs (e.g, second house to Taurus, third to Gemini).

Why does Mars rule Scorpio or Aries? You could argue for Pluto ruling Aries, or for Mercury ruling Aries, Neptune ruling Cancer, or for Neptune ruling Sagittarius. Or Moon ruling Pisces!

It's just affinities. I don't think there are rulerships.

Everything is a concept invented by humans. Let us go beyond the mental illusions of humans, reality is much more strange to understand!

Signs actually blend one another, there are no clear cut divisions. A person born in 25 June is somewhere in a spectrum between Gemini and Cancer, just like the musical note scale, the colors of the rainbow, or the electromagnetic spectrum.

Just like the scale goes in same energetic pattern, from spring equinox to spring equinox (Aries to Pisces), so goes the pattern of houses one next to the other, after the rising sign: fire, earth, air and water.

In reality, it's all about geometry, that relates to that sequence of four elements of inner and outer transformation. I am not 100% sure about this, nonetheless I guess this is possibly a pretty close understanding of the astrological reality.

Trines relate to same element. Sextile relate to same compatible energy. Square relates to same mode of operation (mutable, cardinal or fixed) but different energies. Opposition to complementary but contrasting energies. So, go the houses, like between 1st, 5th and 9th, or relationship between the angles and the following houses, 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th.

Planets do not seem to relate closely to this sequence. If I relate the Sun to first house, I cannot relate Mercury to the second house, or Venus to the 3rd house. If I relate Sun to the 5th house, I would have to relate Mars to the 8th house, Neptune to the 12th house, and how about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses?

Same thing goes to signs. If I relate the Sun to Leo, then I relate Mercury to Virgo, Venus to Libra, and until Neptune to Pisces, and how about between Aries and Cancer. Cancer could relate the Moon, and Pluto with Aries, but what about Taurus and Gemini?

As I said before, it is still very interesting to see these patterns between a sequence of signs and a sequence of planets in our solar system, but at a certain point the sequence does not seem very linear.

Comments are welcome.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Astrology predicts: More uprisings in April and July 2011 ! Then much larger events in later half of 2012 !

Mars in Aquarius 04/1988: illegal strikes start in Poland
Mars in Aries 08/1988: Much larger protests grow in Poland
Mars in Gemini 04/1989: Tienanmen protests attract world attention in China
Mars in Libra 10/1989: Free election in Eastern European countries, protests and fall of Berlin Wall
Mars in Capricorn 03/1990: Collapse of Soviet Union begins (free elections announced)

Mars in Aquarius 01/2011: protests in Tunis overthrow the dictator and spread to Egypt and other countries
Mars in Aries 04/2011: Much larger developments on the Middle East (Saudi Arabia revolt and oil crises?)
Mars in Gemini 07/2011: uprising begins in some large or important country (could be Italy or China?)
Mars in Libra 07/2012: much larger developments happen around the world (several many revolutions!!)
Mars in Capricorn 11/2012: collapse of something large (European Union? Western economy?)

Mars in Gemini-Leo 2008: mortgage and oil crises develop, the first signs of a larger crises
Mars in Libra 09/2008: global recession begins in large scale
Mars in Capricorn 01/2009: Obama becomes president; Greece riots (also around Europe)

Mars in Aquarius 02/2009: Protests in Iceland
Mars in Aries 04/2009: ----
Mars in Gemini-Leo 07/2009 and after: Greece bailout and mass protests
Mars in Libra 09/2010: much larger protests are occurring in Europe (France, UK...)
Mars in Capricorn 12/2010: Euro crises (and Wikileaks)

Mars in Aquarius: 01/2011: uprisings in Middle East begin