Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Astrology predicts: More uprisings in April and July 2011 ! Then much larger events in later half of 2012 !

Mars in Aquarius 04/1988: illegal strikes start in Poland
Mars in Aries 08/1988: Much larger protests grow in Poland
Mars in Gemini 04/1989: Tienanmen protests attract world attention in China
Mars in Libra 10/1989: Free election in Eastern European countries, protests and fall of Berlin Wall
Mars in Capricorn 03/1990: Collapse of Soviet Union begins (free elections announced)

Mars in Aquarius 01/2011: protests in Tunis overthrow the dictator and spread to Egypt and other countries
Mars in Aries 04/2011: Much larger developments on the Middle East (Saudi Arabia revolt and oil crises?)
Mars in Gemini 07/2011: uprising begins in some large or important country (could be Italy or China?)
Mars in Libra 07/2012: much larger developments happen around the world (several many revolutions!!)
Mars in Capricorn 11/2012: collapse of something large (European Union? Western economy?)

Mars in Gemini-Leo 2008: mortgage and oil crises develop, the first signs of a larger crises
Mars in Libra 09/2008: global recession begins in large scale
Mars in Capricorn 01/2009: Obama becomes president; Greece riots (also around Europe)

Mars in Aquarius 02/2009: Protests in Iceland
Mars in Aries 04/2009: ----
Mars in Gemini-Leo 07/2009 and after: Greece bailout and mass protests
Mars in Libra 09/2010: much larger protests are occurring in Europe (France, UK...)
Mars in Capricorn 12/2010: Euro crises (and Wikileaks)

Mars in Aquarius: 01/2011: uprisings in Middle East begin

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accurate psychic readings said...

Scary things are ahead of us this coming 2012. Although we can see things that could happen, they are still subject to change.